we’re under attack by a malevolence so sinister it threatens every life form on the face of our planet

Friends of Tap we’re under attack by a malevolence  so sinister it threatens every life form on the face of our planet. Yet we were forewarned by our Creator millenniums ago “that if these days were not shortened – by His direct intervention – there would be no flesh saved.” In other words the complete annihilation of all life on Earth. The malevolence I here talk of is our governments whom have morphed to become a one world government through the United Nations. Here then lies the basest of men who govern our planet.  Here then lies the principle cause of the extermination of everything know and love. 
This article is translated from Russian via Google’s Translator. It’s not the best translation but gives the reader a pretty good idea as to what is going on over our skies, the reasons why and its effect on our echo and environmental systems.
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Распыляя смерть – Spraying death

Let us remember as the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Armada Nazi troops invaded the territory of Russia, almost without opposition, and most importantly where to begin Nazis – is the extermination of the civilian population. The first thing you saw Russian women and children in the June days of 1941 – this dive bombers Junkers-87 dropped bombs on houses. Every war is reduced to the seizure of foreign territory, so try to free her from the civilian population by any means.When the Nazis did not have enough bombs – were shot wrong, or burned in the ovens of concentration camps. Now, there is another equally brutal war. We were attacked by an invisible enemy secretly, without a declaration of war, moreover, have betrayed us and our rulers, vysluzhivayas the enemy, helping him to destroy us.
The programs of the World Government, one of which is called Agenda 21, it is planned to destroy up to 2011 more than two billion people, using tools such as hunger, natural disasters, and epidemics. An official document of the United States House of Representatives – the bill HR 2977, which is still Kucinich called the Law states to ban the use of space weapons (at altitudes above 60 km). It lists the “exotic weapons of mass destruction,” which in addition to “Chemtrails” is ranked system of “mind control” and “psychotronic” weapons.

Here’s an excerpt: The term exotic weapons system includes tools designed to damage space or natural ecosystems or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of damaging or destroying a target population or region, both on the ground and in space ( not that we see everywhere today in Haiti and Russia in particular? – approx. ImpCommiss ). Those tools include: 1) Electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons 2) Chem.sprayers (Chemtrails) 3) Due to low frequency radiation at high altitudes (HAARP) 4) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic and ultrasonic weapons systems 5) Laser weapon system 6) Strategic, fictional, tactical space or types of weapons 7) tectonic, biological and natural remedies

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 Thus, according to this document, spraying in the atmosphere himtreylov is a weapon of mass destruction on the civilian population , so – the U.S. Army has been fighting, not against one state, but against the many that are classified as World War II.
Government of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and other countries have entered into with the U.S. Government criminal agreement, allowing free passage of NATO military aircraft over their territory under the pretext of “maintaining peace and security,” ostensibly to deliver supplies to Iraq and Afghanistan. These military aircraft and spray dangerous to life and health of people biochemical substances in the atmosphere.

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The first evidence of spraying chemicals recorded in 1997 in the United States. Since then, for 13 years around the world disinfection of the planet is not against pests and parasites and from innocent people, most of whom do not even realize anything. Over the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, NATO planes sprayed chemicals since 2009.

U.S. Military programs associated with spraying chemicals in the atmosphere.

1) The American researcher Mike Blair in his conclusions about the nature and purpose chemtrail (Chemtrails) in the official report of 11 June 2001, calls the main culprits of this phenomenon and its causes. The basis of the chemtrail are barium salts. Spraying the chemical is a part of the military program testing the newest radar system (RFMP). Based on the effect of the reflection of radio waves, it allows observation of objects in three dimensions. To obtain three-dimensional images are also used by satellites orbiting the Earth and a network of powerful computers and the Reducing processing incoming signals. For this purpose, we developed a special computer program (VTPRE).
Originally a three-dimensional radar tracking system could be observed only for objects on the water. Experiments with objects on the surface of the earth did not work, as required special atmospheric conditions that will improve the conductivity of the atmosphere in the direction of signal transmission (slang for the military – to create a “pipeline” – ducting). The problem was solved after the over the United States started to spray an aerosol mixture of barium salts. Thus, the atmosphere becomes suitable for high frequency signals. Research physicist from Brookhaven explained this effect as follows: chemical and electrical features of the mixture does not allow moisture to dissipate in the atmosphere, concentrating it around the aerosol cloud. This state of the atmosphere is favorable for the signals of the military system RFMP / VTPRE. 
” If you spray a mixture of barium in the form of a linear structure from point A to point B – it will best support the link between strategic points, despite the curvature of the earth . – He added. – It also provides better control of high frequency signals the enemy . “
However, this is not the only use of chemtrail. 2) The other project is also based on the use of barium salts and is designed to control the weather. This project is supervised by the U.S. Air Force. It is based on patterns, scientists first discovered by Nikola Tesla. This project is also known as HAARP, which is based on the manipulation of natural processes. About this project is little known ( although it is said about him already abound – approx. ImpCommis ), despite the fact that work on it began in the mid 50s. According to the statement of some independent researchers successfully tested the climate control settings for the project HAARP were held in 1998. It is clear that the ability to control the weather – heavy rains, hurricanes, squall winds, dust storms, droughts – can put any opponent on his knees without firing a shot. 3) Another project, which was associated with the emergence of chemtrail, is funded by the Office of Advanced Research of the Ministry of Defense ( DARPA), is aimed at the detection and suppression of possible biological attack. This program also uses as the basis of the aerosol mixture of barium salts, along with special polymer fibers. This special combination allows detection of biological agents. In order to test the effectiveness of the program in the atmosphere sprayed some biological agents in the last few years we have witnessed a global hysteria about possible new pandemics, epidemics of dangerous diseases, “bird”, “swine” flu, etc. Moreover, the structures of the New World Government in including World Health Organization (WHO), are given strict instructions to the countries of the world for the compulsory vaccination and embracing people from these diseases. However, as it became known, not so much now afraid to human health, these diseases as a vaccine used against them. In fact, the WHO infects humans severe illness and weakens their immune system, provoking exactly those same pandemic. But not only infect humans through vaccination, but spraying from the air specially equipped Boeing, which leave in the sky called “Himtreyly” (chemtrails), a previously unknown biological and bacteriological weapons. Moreover, it is done all over the world, including and in the U.S., which, incidentally, was launched this bioterrorist attack on humanity. President, government and public services responsible for all public inquiries on this store deathly silence. But not only are silent about what is sprayed all over the world from air to people, but also that the completely new, previously unknown diseases, from who have no means of treatment. Furthermore, these diseases can not even researchers classified as their symptoms and manifestations are not amenable to scientific explanation.

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One such disease is the so-called Morgellons disease, which in the last few years, the U.S. has struck on different data from several hundred thousand to several million. Already there have been cases of deaths from this mysterious disease. Nevertheless, the WHO and U.S. health civil service remain silent and are not interested in these facts. Only in January 2008 to study Morgellons disease was isolated first, and so far the only one grant. Morgellons disease resembles a scene from a horror movie. In humans the whole body itches. It feels like someone is constantly under the skin crawls. then blisters appear . When they break, they start to come out of different colored threads and like dark sand grains. Partially wound heal, leaving scars, but soon appear elsewhere.

In the pictures you can see the nanoparticles contained in the propellant . first scientist who began to seriously investigate a mysterious illness, was Professor Randy Vaymor, head of the research program of Morgellons Research Foundation. He said: ” This is not textile fibers, not worms, no insects, no fragments of human skin or hair. In general, these threads do not appear from the outside – they materialize within the body . ” They consist of a substance that is produced in an organism may result in unintelligible infection. yarns presented forensics.

The pictures people infected with Morgellons disease

In the laboratory, they are first subjected to spectroscopic analysis, but with none of the 800 fibers that were in the database, the similarities were found. Then made ​​a chromatographic analysis. The result was the same. In the base there were about 90,000 (!) Organic substances, but neither one of them is not like filaments. was also found that fibers from different patients are very similar to each other, but nevertheless they are not similar to any of the fibers known to science or organisms. Another study Vitali Tsitovsky, professor of biochemistry and cell biology from New York University, found that the fibers contain genus of gram-negative bacteria capable of genetically transforming not only plants, but also human cells ! According to Professor Tsitovsky, this by no means implies that Morgellons disease is caused by the bacteria, or that it is an infectious disease. We should also collect statistics. Elkan Daniel in New Science magazine described one of the patients, who for years discovers ” fiber-like flexible plastic, some twists zigzag. They are thin as gossamer silk, but strong enough to break through the skin, even if for them to pull . ” The exact number of patients to date unknown. On the website of the Center for the Study of Morgellons Disease (Morgellons – English-speaking) registered more than 14,000 people. But this, of course, only the tip of the iceberg. Someone do not have computers, one does not know about the existence of the Centre, while others simply waved his hand at all, considering that he has nothing to help, and intends to end his life. Patients not only in all 50 U.S. states but also in the UK, Australia, the Netherlands . How to treat a mysterious illness, doctors do not know. Patients treated try yourself – burned furniture, clothing and carpets, move house and other houses, but a strange ailment does not retreat. Versions are many causes of the disease, but none of them is definitive. Now there is another version – that that Morgellons disease arises from the so-called Chemical traces left in the sky by some mysterious aircraft, which stated above. People caught by spraying aerosols are suffering from headaches, nausea, fever, skin rashes, asthma, etc. Someone intentionally sprays some “chemicals” which may represent a new kind of weapon. But there is also such a nightmarish version: sky sprayed with tiny, made ​​on the principle of nanotechnology sensors that enter the air, water and food, and with them – in the human body. Researchers believe that a mixture of barium salts of polymeric fibers and other chemicals in the atmosphere can cause sudden and unexplained nosebleeds, asthma, various allergies, pneumonia, upper respiratory diseases, arthritis, and diabetes.

Chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere, air and soil result in a condition that is dangerous to human health, while fostering the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Barium salt is very well absorbed in the intestinal tract and muscle tissue. In this case, there is no clinical data that would describe the long-term influence on the human body small doses of barium salts. ” The program is kept secret, because the Committee on the Environment does not have to know about its side effects on the human body . – Said one researcher. – The negative factors – the main reason for the secrecy . ” Symptoms of acute poisoning with barium salts :
Salivation, burning in the mouth and esophagus. Stomach pain, cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat solid, convulsions, and possible later paralysis, cyanosis of the face and extremities (cold extremities), copious cold sweat, muscle weakness, especially in the extremities, reaching up to that the poison can not nod his head. Gait disorder, and speech due to paralysis of the muscles of the pharynx and tongue. Shortness of breath, dizziness, tinnitus, visual disturbances. And these are the symptoms of influenza A/H1N1 : The children of these symptoms, the presence of which requires urgent medical treatment may include the following: – Fast breathing or trouble breathing. – Cyanosis of the skin. – Failure to drink enough. – Severe or persistent vomiting. – Slow response. – So excited state that the child resists, when he takes on his hands. – Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough. In adults, symptoms of, the presence of which requires urgent medical treatment may include the following: – Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. – Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen. – Sudden dizziness. – Confusion. – Severe or persistent vomiting. – Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough. Many of the infected patients also complained of diarrhea and vomiting.
Information and terminology
Contrails (short for “condensation trails”-contrails) – traces of condensation of steam or traces (vapour trails) – is visible traces of condensed water vapor formed by the exhaust of aircraft engines. The faster the hot exhaust gases cool in the surrounding air is cold all the more swiftly formed a cloudy trail of microscopic water droplets and tiny ice crystals.
Chemtrail – a chemical trail in the form of aerosol sprays, after emerging chemical and biological warfare aircraft.
The condensation trail from an aircraft flying at high altitude disappears before our eyes, and can be seen for long. Chemical traces of the same hang in the air for several hours and spread out into wide strips, and then cover the entire sky pale misty haze. Recently three scientists collected samples of both fibers (himtreylov and victims of Morgellons disease), and sent them for examination in four different laboratories . The result was stunning. It turned out that himtreyly over Texas and, say, over Italy are almost identical in composition.

Photo Boeing interior equipment, 
spraying an unknown himbaktonanooruzhie

In the photo – set to spray biochemical weapons 
the tail of the aircraft
 In the photo – Containers of toxic substances and equipment, spray control, installed on board a passenger plane

Under the guise of a passenger flight made ​​biological weapons attack . By spraying on top can be secretly implanted in the human biological Nanosensors “thinner than a human hair.” And so what you can do with “labeled” any clear. Do not just read the thoughts, intentions, emotions, but also to remote psychotropic treatment population. Microscopic sensors can penetrate anywhere, it’s called “smart dust” ( about her, by the way, a lot is said on television channel Discovery – approx. ImpCommiss ), and it is chemically programmed – for example, the introduction of only a specific substance to self-replication, for attachment to the clothing, etc. Now experts are already developing sensors that track down a specific person in his individual scent. In other words, the emphasis shifts to Nanosensors that can hear, smell and touch. Unmanned aerial vehicles for the collection of data with the “ground-based sensors” (including those that are found in the human body) can be very diverse – from space platforms and satellites spy devices to tiny land. Morgellons disease – more precisely, a nanotechnology epidemic spread by using himtreylov is undeniable nightmarish reality of our days . manufacture of such chips is made ​​for several years and in Russia itself in Zelenograd on the basis of enterprise “Mikron” . There are produced chips c design rules from 180 to 90 nanometers. For comparison, 100 nanometers of 10 thousand times less than a millimeter. (!) That is produced today in Russia and the world of microchips (nanochips), can be seen only with a microscope. So, the important thing is not loyalty to a particular hypothesis, but the fact that it is – a terrible reality of our days ! appearance of visible signs of an aircraft may only occur under certain atmospheric conditions: altitude: above 8 km, ambient temperature: below -40 ° C, humidity of air: 70%.

Description of the process of condensation

The main products of hydrocarbon fuel combustion – carbon dioxide and water vapor. Condensate from the aircraft mark is a short loop cloud condensed mainly from atmospheric moisture, and to a lesser degree of moisture contained in the exhaust of an aircraft engine. In the upper atmosphere, no dust particles, even when a temperature below the dew point, the atmospheric moisture remains in the gaseous state, that is, transparent and non-scattering light. The span of the aircraft in the upper atmosphere causes a huge amount of condensation nuclei, which serve as the particles ejected from the engine’s combustion chamber, in which an instantaneous steam condensation and deposition of moisture from the surrounding air in the form of droplets and ice crystals. These tiny water droplets and ice crystals and form a cloud trail from an airplane. Due to this, the trajectory of the aircraft becomes visible for a very short time and then disappear. Chemtrails (short for “chemical trails”) – traces of the chemical aerosol sprays . Chemical spray contains: toxic metals (barium and aluminum oxides), toxic gases (ethylene dibromide ), viruses and bacteria made ​​in military laboratories through genetic engineering; aggressive molds; Morgellons – synthetic fibers based on nano technology acting as parasites, and man-made touch sensors are capable of receiving external signals. Biological and chemical weapons, sprayed from airplanes ” democratic “(slave) countries, resulting in the destruction of fertile land, the poisoning of groundwater in the death of bees and other insects, birds and animals. The treated area are gradually turning into dead desert. All this is done to reduce the mass of the population of the planet. Oxides of toxic metals such as barium and aluminum, the chemical form in a misty veil of white mist that covers the sky above the clouds. This chemical fog can repeatedly increase the effects of electromagnetic energy transmitted from the system HAARP – high frequency transmitter and a powerful beam of ionospheric heater, which is a climatic and psychotronic weapons. The elements of the combat system HAARP is located in Norway, Greenland and Alaska, and interact with the space, air and sea-based.Using this system as climate weapons, the effects on the affected area will manifest in the form of super-storms and hurricanes, tornadoes and tornadoes, tsunamis and floods of unprecedented power. When you apply it as a psychotronic weapons can be controlled and manipulated mood human behavior. But if it is applied directly to the defeat of the population is emitting extremely low frequency radio waves, taking into account the chemical misty layer, which increases the electrical conductivity of the upper layers of the atmosphere, you can destroy all life on the irradiated area. viruses made ​​in military labs, sprayed over cities and cause symptoms similar to the flu, severe respiratory complications and outbreaks of unknown diseases … But the U.S. government and other countries blamed the epidemic on the so-called “swine flu” to mislead people and start killing mechanism (finishing) of the people through the deadly vaccination, which has recently time it became mandatory in most countries of the world also in December 2009. Obama said that ” Citizens of the United States, seen in the dissidents should “effectively disappear “because of the threat of civil war “that can start as a result of the expected economic collapse of the country. The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously declared that the military arrest may be made ​​in respect of any person at the discretion of Obama and his people without charge or trial, but merely on suspicion. before the U.S. today seriously faced the problem of hunger and people began to give out food stamps . The number of those who do not have enough money even for food is increasing rapidly. The queue lists, coupons, products, … The number of Americans receiving food assistance today, puts a record on record – more than 35 (!) Million, or a little more than 10 percent of the country. in the United States for U.S. citizens built a concentration camp, surrounded by fences and barbed wire, are willing to accept a large number of people. They felled in the event of an emergency, namely the imposition of martial law, when there will be food riots. Hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins are in these camps. The experience that was in Nazi Germany with a lot of dead bodies, the Americans do not want.They prepared a plastic coffins, which will add up to for 4 persons. And they will be there for as long as the vast industrial furnace will not be able to burn all their necessary number. So you can be disposed of millions of bodies.

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Thus, today on U.S. citizens in mortal danger. Yeah, now not bomb our cities, almost 70 years ago, but in that time has become more monstrous weapons and more sophisticated. If the Nazis killed people directly, Masons, Zionists are now ruling the World kill people gradually, just as a person does not give poison lethal dose, and weakened so much that he did not die immediately, and in a month or a year. Because it is difficult to prove and bring to justice those people who order for the mass extermination of the population bacteriological weapons in slow motion. All cases dyavolskie happening, as we know, in secret, so here conspiracy and betrayal are shrouded in mystery.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Question is, how do the Elite get away with not catching the disease, or suffering from the effects.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are errors in this, when Hitlers troops pre-empted the Russians and marched into Rusia the russian peasants welcomed him as a saviour from stalinism, especially the Ukranians, this is why Stalin had so many murderous reprisals on his own people.
    See Katyn forest murders

  3. Anonymous says:

    The jews believe only when they can destroy the earth, and take down the population by half, will they be able to build a huge Temple in Palestine and usher ina new age for jews to rule the world, they say as gods favourite people this is their destiny, but they cant say which god this is

  4. Anonymous says:

    Re: 4:36 pm
    Can it be said that they worship a God of love?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I keep reading reports like this but never any ideas on how to rid the body or protect ourselves from these toxins. Has anybody any idea on how to detox them from our bodies or avoid breathing them in?
    The midlands UK is chemtrailed everyday throughout the year. Not a day goes by they don’t chemtrail.

  6. shirlz007 says:

    Does anyone know what the effects on the brain/ human behaviour are? I recall an episode of the x files, where individuals where driven to homocidal rages because of government chem spraying.

    Surely the elites must have developed a vaccination against the effects of aerosol spraying?

  7. Anonymous says:

    A thought on Chemtrailling:

    Photosynthesis is where plants and some algae absorb CO2 and give out O2. To do this they need sunlight. Block out the sun with chemtrailling and voila we have more CO2. They call it climate change when in reality it is as a result of military made climate modification: Just another Hegelian Dialectic.


  8. salubritas says:

    some elites plan the events and some predict the events and the rest population realize after the events got performed and earth got punished by some numbered elites. People don’t do anything even after knowing the people and agenda behind the phenomenon.

    Btw I liked our content. Keep posting such content. Thank you from http://salubritas.co.uk/

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