Unravelling Sandy Hook. No one died. It was a fake event.

Unravelling Sandy Hook Video. Puts all the information together and Shows it was a Drill – No was murdered and it was a Psych-Ops Experiment

All of us don’t like seeing videos that are long in duration. But many of them are the most informative and enlightening videos we will watch about a subject. This lady (Sofia Smallstorm) really pieces everything together on how Sandy Hook was a fake event and a drill which was then reported as ‘live’.

 I highly recommend watching this video in full it is well worth your time! She covers everything and is able to pick it apart. I had never been able to decide if children were murdered or not murdered that day. After watching this video and understanding it all much better now, I fully understand NO ONE WAS MURDERED THAT DAY AT ALL!  It was a complete psycho-ops drill to gauge everyone’s reaction and to get gun control and if not that then the medical field being able to ‘police’ people, their mental health and create gun control through them.

 When even a ‘star’ of the whole Sandy Hook play Lt Vance, could not answer “Who cleaned up the blood?” and he said “What blood?” right there proves no one was shot. The school classrooms would have been filled with blood from 26 people being shot 11 times each.

 This video is the best of all Sandy Hook information. Watch it and then pass it on.. FOR TRUTH!

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