Travel Channel Steps-Up with Must See ‘Denver Airport Under Underground’ Episode

Staff Writer | November 14, 2013

Intellihub’s founder Shepard Ambellas, will appear on “America Declassified” this Sunday at 10pm eastern/9c
DENVER (INTELLIHUB) — On an all new episode of the epic new Travel Channel series “America Declassified“, the founder and director of, Shepard Ambellas, will take you down a rabbit hole you might never recover from. And this one is deep.
In a 1 week-long investigation that took place on the grounds of the massive 53 square mile Denver Airport complex, Ambellas will deliver startling information never before released to the public. In fact, the information that Ambellas releases has been referred to as “the 64 million dollar question” on an 2010 episode of “Conspiracy Theory” hosted by former Governor and actor Jesse Ventura. 
Ambellas believes that a massive deep underground military facility exists under the airport which will serve as the new government if Continuity of Government (C.O.G.) plans are activated.
In a stunning visual display that’s packed with key information, this episode is a must watch.
The show “Denver Airport Underground” airs on the Travel Channel on this Sunday, Nov. 17th at 10pm EST/9pm C
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