Threat of prosecution forces an apology from Peaches Geldof after exposing baby abusers

Peaches Geldof apologises for tweeting names in Ian Watkins case

Peaches Geldof said ‘lesson learned’

Peaches Geldof has apologised for tweeting the names of the two mothers whose babies were abused by rock star Ian Watkins.

Lostprophets frontman Watkins admitted attempted rape of a baby on Tuesday.The daughter of Band Aid founder Bob Geldof posted a series of tweets explaining she had assumed the names were already “public knowledge”.
South Wales Police said it was discussing the tweeting issue with the Crown Prosecution Service.
Peaches Geldof is understood to have tweeted the women’s names to her 160,000 followers after reportedly reading them on a US-based website.
“I deleted my tweets, however, and apologise for any offence caused,” she said.
Geldof said at the time of tweeting she had “assumed” the names she saw on tweets were also published on news websites.

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