The war/debt system. Anyone who threatens it is assassinated.

Has anyone ever pointed out
that not only was John Kennedy
killed under LBJ-Hoover, so
were Martin Luther King and
Robert Kennedy?

The reason was the same:

They threatened to stop
the Vietnam gravy train.

The outcome was the same
too: The FBI determined
a “lone nut” did it.

– Brasscheck

TAP – Hoover and LBJ were the front men.  The real power lies higher up the tree.  In the UK we lost Robin Cook and John Smith, who were more subtly assassinated but assassinated nonetheless so Blair could get the Iraq and Afghanistan wars started.  911 was coming and they wanted a compliant regime in place.  Smith was eliminated as he was arguing against getting involved at Bilderberg level.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The last straw was JFK insistence that the israelis let in weapons inspectors like everyone else

  2. salty says:

    Youth ‘MISERY INDEX’ hits record high under Obama as kids face huge debt

    • 1/20/16 12:19 PM

    The “Youth Misery Index” has jumped to a record high under

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