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Dear Tap,

Just watched Gerald Celente Trends In The News for 07 Nov 2013. So often I watch this Mon-Friday TITN 10-20 mins analysis and wish it was publicly available to all.

I began making notes on the NY voting poll figures, but I kept typing… I have left out as much as I have included. He’s so good. Anyway, on this occasion he states only 24% of the eligible voting population voted in New York. The BBC coverage does not mention the low turn out:

“In his victory speech, Mr de Blasio said the poll showed that America’s largest city had chosen “a progressive path”, and he promised to make fighting income inequality his top priority. “

Fighting income inequality? As Celente’s red alert button on his counter top declares: Now that ain’t even bullshit. It’s horseshit!


New York: Voter Turnout Appears to Be Record Low
“Turnout in Tuesday’s election for New York City mayor appeared to have set a record low of 24 percent of registered voters.”
It is interesting to note:
“The highest turnout for a mayoral race since 1950 was in 1953 when, according to the city’s Board of Elections, 2.2 million or 93 percent of registered voters, turned out.
The last time turnout topped 50 percent in a mayoral general election was in 1993, when 57 percent voted. Mayor David N. Dinkins was defeated by Rudolph W. Giuliani that year, and Staten Island voters rallied behind a referendum on secession from the city.”

Celente’s observation about the low turn out:
“Not one word from the major media… the smart people know the game is rigged… they say the reason people didn’t go out to vote was because de Blasio had such a big lead it wouldn’t have made any difference… is the bullshit line they give if they talk about it… it means de Blasio secured about 16% of the registered voters’ vote… how’s that for democracy?!”

As for Fat Bot Christie, as Celenet describes him, he won the race for New Jersey Governor and is touted as a contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. This guy can’t even look after his own body, let alone take care of others. Given the opportunity, these bastards will kill, in the name of freedom, liberty and democracy. He’s more of the same, they are more of the same, just like those who have gone before them: liar after liar after liar; bought and paid for.

Celente goes on:

“They wanted to raise the school taxes in Colorado. Yeah, this is great. Raise the taxes on the people as the economy goes down, the jobs stink, income declines, let’s raise the taxes to build more shitty schools with an education system that sucks by any standard in the world. You know what? The education system is as fraudulent as and bullshit as Obambacare. And they keep sucking money out of us, draining our pockets, for teachers that aren’t worth a shit. Yeah, may be there are good teachers out there, but they are teaching bullshit from textbooks that suck that you have to be demented to understand the crap they keep pumping into them. More money for more arseholes to produce more arseholes after that. If the education system worked in this country, you think we’d have the problems that we have? Could you do the math? If it worked we would have the problems that we have today. And they keep raping us to keep pumping this crap up. The education system is Obamacare on steroids.”

Celente is on a roll… (remember, this is the guy who coined the phrase Presstitutes)

“And over there in Michigan they passed measure to legalise marijuana. Reefer madness I tell yer! Hey, this is gonna compete with those psychotropic drugs. How’s the drug companies gonna make money when people are smoking weed? Look at the people who have suffered over years for getting caught with a joint… Bill Clinton: I smoked, but I didn’t inhale… you scumbag! You’re not a man Clinton! Look at the people they prosecuted and persecuted for this, and now its legal. And, of course, over there in Colorado, they passed a ballot measure to approve regulatory taxes on marijuana, so they can make dough of it – you got it?! Just like alcohol and tobacco. Why you gotta pay tax when you buy booze? Who made up this bullshit? I’ll tell you who! The same arseholes that created the education system; the same arsholes that are running government and I’m glad people didn’t vote. Don’t vote. Stay home; till we have something new.

The Ketchup King, he’s over there in Israel…. From The Toilet Paper of Record (New York Times) Kerry considers the settlements to be illegitimate. 

Oh, isn’t that nice. Like an illegitimate kid eh! That’s like Miss Step, Miss Spoke, Miss Leading, Miss Sold (Celente’s references to banks that never go to jail, just pay fines). No! They are in violation of international law and if any other country did this, you’d call it criminal, but Israel’s doing it, so it’s OK. 
Illegitimate my arse! Why aren’t they taking action if it’s illegitimate? Why are they sending our money to Israel? Because they are the Democrats and Republicans; bought and paid for. Netanyahu says to Kerry, ‘I see the Palestinians continuing with incitement, continuing to create artificial crises, continuing to run away from the historic decisions that are necessary to make genuine peace.’
This guy is genuinely nuts, that’s why he’s Nuts Netanhanyu… the dispute over settlements, officials said – official arseholes – led to increasing expressions of outrage, particularly by the Palestinians, may be as much an effort to appease their constituents as a reflection of what is happening at the negotiating table. Effort to appease constituents? Oh yeah, we’re really not angry… we don’t mind losing our lives, living in a concentration camp, living in an apartheid state, having our homes demolished and our dignity robbed from us.

… as much an effort to appease constituents as a reflection of what is happening.
Who wrote this crap? Mark Landler and Jodi Rudoren of The New York Times.”

Hey Tap, may be we should initiate Presstitute Awards Of Dishonour.
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  1. NPP says:

    Typo error!
    Fat Boy Christie
    Fat Bot Christie
    … but, may be it’s better!
    My typo. Made me laugh.
    Just submitted to TITN
    “Gerald, as I listened I began making notes… and submitted to Tap Blog:

    It all helps.

  2. julie says:

    I have been trying for some time to get the overall turnout for the 2013 English local elections. The Government library has all sorts of statistics about this election, but not overall turnout. Last week they emailed me to say the figures would be available at the beginning of November. Funny that. A lot of councils were able to give the overall turnout a couple of days after the election. My guess it was the lowest turnout of elections since records began.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Press control the vote, by controlling the hype.
    The editor gets his instructions at Freemason meetings, and just fingers the articles he wants printing. They have done it for years.
    Then the outcome is a big surprise.

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