The million mask march

Boston proved that NSA spying is not about terrorism – Anonymous

Anonymous is calling for a massive turnout for the Million Mask March in Washington DC on November 5th.The protest will publicise the extent of NSA surveillance programs and that they must be held accountable for their actions. While the NSA chose to ignore Russian warnings about terrorist threats prior to the Boston bombing, they are deeply implicated in the drone attacks that are killing innocent people in several countries around the world. The revelations of Edward Snowden could be seen as a heroic action in raising awareness about NSA spying, but the underlying reasons for all this surveillance may be more sinister: that the US Government is planning a Surveillance State to prevent future rebellion by its own citizens.

A member of the Hactivist group Anonymous spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and more. The speaker is a member of Anonymous and is not speaking for the entire collective. He/she is merely exercising his/her right of freedom of speech. The individual’s voice has been digitized to protect his/her identity.
Robles: What would you like to tell our listeners about Anonymous and about the upcoming Million Mask events? 
Anon: It is, like I said before; just spread the word, that’s the main thing. Without anyone backing anything nothing will happen, and it is not really that difficult. A lot of people make excuses, but people can make time. A lot of people work full time jobs, even two full time jobs, they have kids, and they still manage to make time to go out and protest, even for a couple of hours. 
Robles: What can people do to show support for … on November 5th. Say you can’t go to a demonstration. Are there other things people can do to support the idea? 
Anon: Well, there are events going on all over the country, so you can always go to the Million Mask and click on locations and you will see. You will definitely find an event near you. If you are not able to join or do anything to support the march, you can watch it live. 
Robles: What can people here in Moscow do? 
Anon: Ah yes. If you are somewhere out there, outside of the United States, it is really hard for you to do a lot. Because you cannot just go out into the street and tell people, “hey the NSA is spying on you”. 
If you are thousands of miles away you cannot really do anything about it. What you can really do is just tell people on line. 
Robles: Yeah, I would say about 98% of Russians know about NSA spying. It’s something most Russians have suspected from the very beginning so it wasn’t really a big surprise. 
Anon: Definitely, a lot of people knew about it. It was a conspiracy theory back then but it is not a theory any more. So yes,spread the word or share information. Tell people about it.


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    The Rich…Are at it again ….real people have a face …they don’t hide behind masks …..fact ………

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