The Astonishing Testimony of Dr. Don Easterbrook

Arctic ice is expanding.  The globe is not warming.  Snowfall is not below normal.  CO2 cannot possibly cause global warming as there is so little if it.  Hurricanes are not more extreme.  Extreme events are actually declining.  The oceans are not acid, and are not acidifying.  They are alkaline as normal.  Sea level is not rising.

Coal power generation information is described as to its costs, and its suitability.  Global warming has been going on for thousands of years and at much higher rates than we experienced during the rise in CO2 gases in the atmosphere (1945 to now).  Much more data to explain the real environment not the politically correct one.

Podcast 039 : Guest Episode : The Astonishing Testimony of Dr. Don Easterbrook

Published on Friday, 30 August 2013 20:00
DonEasterbrookFor the short summer break, we take the opportunity to
present the astonishing testimony of Dr. Don Easterbrook to
the Washington State Senate Energy, Environment and
Telecommunications Committee on the 26th of March 2013. In no
ordinary presentation, Dr. Easterbrook (Professor Emeritus
of Geology at Western Washington University) bombards the
committee with an overwhelming arsenal of data and
observations contrary to the theory of anthropogenic global
warming. As the Internet jargon goes, this is a “must listen.”
(The recording featured in this podcast is copyright ©, and is used here with kind
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levels, ocean acidification, glaciers, polar bears, hurricanes, storms, temperature records, data 
manipulation, NASA, CRU, IPCC]
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    just received:

    Graham Hancock at the National Arts Club: Exploring Consciousness

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    Well worth listening to, absolutely fascinating

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