Tacloban. Where’s the US in the Philippines’ time of need?

The USA treats the Philippines like a colony,  running it as a cartel economy, accessing cheap labour and natural resources.

Within a few hours of the country 1,000,000 US personnel are located, yet not one has been deployed to help its ‘ally’ in her time of need.

It’s just more evidence of who lies behind the sending of these deadly weather attacks.


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10 Responses to “Tacloban. Where’s the US in the Philippines’ time of need?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    david Icke TV station now running, first guest is child abuser and veteran boy nobber Peter Tatchell
    sick bastards.
    Tatchell was outed by several people including my hero Bill Maloney, this proves icke is a fake and an establishment croney

  2. Did wonder why he has that guy on his show, and his championing of BRAND( the so obvious shill).

  3. Anonymous says:

    david cameron has pledged a mere 6mil pounds to the PI as aid while the uk sent 150mil to somalia a little while ago and then the govt admitted they didn’t know where the money went!! Yet another reason that “We the People” should be making such decisions and not the same inbreds everytime. reiverdave

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like what reiverdave says
    he gets my vote, and tachell and Brand on Icke, shows Icke suports abuse of bots and jewish anti NWO activists
    Brian P

  5. Anonymous says:

    Icke and henry Makow Alex jones and one or two others have been outed several times as collaborators but havinga child molester on his first night was sick i agree

  6. NPP says:

    TPV was great. Icke responded to the criticisms of Tatchell’s appearance during the programme. It is a massive breakthrough. Did you see CNN’s first ever broadcast? It was chaos. Congratulations TPV. They addressed more issues in 5 hours than the mainstream ever do. I for one am very much looking forward more from TPV. It can be a game changer.

    Mike Adams The Health Ranger has posted a video update on his big research project at the Natural News Forensic Food Labs:
    During this impromtu address, Mike mentions TPV.

    This morning the BBC report on John Major’s talk at my nearby South Norfolk constituency:
    ‘Truly shocking’ that the private-school educated and affluent middle class still run Britain, says Sir John Major…
    Hey John. Cut the crap. What about The Carlyle Group? Anyone for making money out of war?!

    Just been to the Post Office. BBC 5 Live on the car radio. They are rattling on about 11/11 Remembrance. It is such one sided banal stuff. What did soldiers die for? Our freedom and Liberty? Again, this is why TPV will be a game changer, to address history and the bigger picture so better perspective is attained.

    Tap, how are you? Thinking of you. Graham Hancock’s newsletter on the Philippines: Sadness

    Filled with sadness for the terrible loss of precious human life in the Philippines following the devastation of super typhoon Haiyan. It’s time to remember that we are all one family and that the divisions between nations and peoples are meaningless distractions from the recognition of our fundamental unity.
    Each life that has passed over is a light that has gone out, a person with hopes and dreams just like ourselves, a person who loved and was loved within a network of family, a person whose actions might have changed the world for the better in the fullness of time if not so cruelly interrupted. Haiyan is estimated to have been triple the strength of hurricane Katrina but the Philippines is a developing country with only a fraction of the capacity of the wealthier nations to react to a natural disaster on this scale. What happens in the days ahead will define our humanity.

    Man Utd 1 Arsenal 0. Bollocks.

  7. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Perhaps they’re lucky not to have American aid.When they went to Haiti they didn’t do much,apart from keeping Venezuela out,and charged for their services,probably out of the cash the poor of the world kindly donated.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If these soldiers died for our liberty where is it ?
    story of last week on the blogs was of people being paid to hunt whistleblowers ! christ.
    and people now saying you have to move with the times and Peter tatchell and his nobbing small boys is no longer a crime, its now ok
    what planet is this remind me someone brian P

  9. Anonymous says:

    Icke made a grave mistake having tachel on his prog, he now realises that.
    We must not judge him on that one mistake and lets hope for better quality of people in the days to come

  10. Anonymous says:

    NPP, open your eyes.
    Icke never made any mistake, it was planned.
    Of all the people Icke could have got, he got a bum bandit.
    Be real NPP, that could not have happened by chance !!

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