Sheeple – people who don’t care to know

Sheeple: Why You Should Feel Sorry For Them

Brandon Smith
It is often said there only two kinds of people in this world: those who know, and those who don’t. I would expand on this and say that there are actually three kinds of people: those who know, those who don’t know, and those who don’t care to know. Members of the last group are the kind of people I would characterize as “sheeple.”
Sheeple are members of a culture or society who are not necessarily oblivious to the reality of their surroundings; they may have been exposed to valuable truths on numerous occasions. However, when confronted with facts contrary to their conditioned viewpoint, they become aggressive and antagonistic in their behavior, seeking to dismiss and attack the truth by attacking the messenger and denying reason.  
Sheeple exist on both sides of America’s false political paradigm, and they exist in all social “classes”.  In fact, the “professional class” and the hierarchy of academia are rampant breeding grounds for sheeple; who I sometimes refer to as “intellectual idiots”.  Doctors and lawyers, scientists and politicians are all just as prone to the sheeple plague as anyone else; the only difference is that they have a bureaucratic apparatus behind them which gives them a false sense of importance.  All they have to do is tow the establishment line, and promote the establishment view.
Of course the common argument made by sheeple is that EVERYONE thinks everyone else is blind to the truth, which in their minds, somehow vindicates their behavior.  However, the characteristic that absolutely defines a sheeple is not necessarily a lack of knowledge, but an unwillingness to consider or embrace obvious logic or truth in order to protect their egos and biases from harm.  A sheeple’s mindset is driven by self centered motives.
So-called mainstream media outlets go out of their way to reinforce this aggressive mindset by establishing the illusion that sheeple are the “majority” and that the majority perception (which has been constructed by the MSM) is the only correct perception.
Many liberty movement activists have noted recently that there has been a surge in media propaganda aimed at painting the survival, preparedness and liberty cultures as “fringe,” “reactionary,” “extremist,” “conspiracy-minded,” etc. National Geographic’s television show “Doomsday Preppers” appears to have been designed specifically to seek out the worst possible representatives of the movement and parade their failings like a carnival sideshow. Rarely do they give focus to the logical arguments regarding why their subjects become preppers, nor do they normally choose subjects who can explain as much in a coherent manner. This is a very similar tactic used by the establishment media at large-scale protests; they generally attempt to interview the least-eloquent and easiest-to-ridicule person present and make that person a momentary mascot for the entire group and the philosophy they hold dear.
The goal is to give sheeple comfort that they are “normal” and that anyone who steps outside the bounds of the mainstream is “abnormal” and a welcome target for the collective.
It would appear that the life of a sheeple is a life of relative bliss. The whole of the establishment machine seems engineered to make them happy and the rest of us miserable. But is a sheeple’s existence the ideal? Are they actually happy in their ignorance? Are they truly safe within the confines of the system? Here a just a few reasons why you should feel sorry for them.
TAP – I feel sorry for people that don’t know, that trust doctors and get their children vaccinated, only to suffer terrible allergic reactions for years, causing endless worry.  The sooner people can stop trusting, the sooner they can protect themselves…from things like this.

Did the MMR kill 13 month old Amy or was she shaken to death by her mother’s jealous boyfriend? You decide but if you agree with me and feel that Darryl, who is serving a life sentence for her murder, is innocent, then please like and share this article.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou from all of us Tap readers for this splendid article Brenden, there is another class
    people like james Randi who are paid shills to disprove anything the establishment tells him too, similarly those paid to attack whistleblowers like digger4truth
    maud dib etc
    thanks Brenden

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was pondering on these very issues yesterday and having spent many years in government, I came to a conclusion as to why government and judiciary are now endemically corrupt. The answer comes down to money.

    Once in the system you do as you are told.

    Presumably it starts somewhere like Tavistock.

    The policy is passed to the cabinet. The cabinet disseminates such down the ladder and each level passes the instruction on. Some things move up the ladder and the decision comes to break the law, it then moves back down the ladder and the individual becomes victimised, a victim of illegal or criminal activity by the state. Indeed the lawmakers make good laws but those who are supposed to implement such have been advised – they are the law whereby decision making becomes mere window-dressing.

    I am convinced the word came down during the Blair era for government and judiciary to do as they please, in other words to apply expediency and be assured they will be protected. The offices of public complaint will not act in the interests of the public but will be used to grind the public down and protect those public employees engaged in illegal or criminal activity. This is supposed to create demoralisation and in effect breaks down the old order in part that a new might eventually be implemented.

    Thus good people become victimised and evil is rewarded in preparation for a Satanic system of governance. If employees don’t tow the establishment line they will not be promoted or forced out of a job.

    Those who do as they are told and engage in unlawful, illegal or criminal activity in public office can enjoy the rewards of a generous salary and potential promotion. Soon unlawful, illegal and criminal activity in public office becomes the day to day norm and no one will do anything about it except that is whistle-blowers. As Brian Gerrish points out, nothing works any more.


  3. NPP says:


    A fellow subscriber at Gerald Celente’s Trends In The News posted this:
    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the Bin Laden raid etc…

    It’s from a ‘new’ UK based website: The Mind Renewed

    e.g. I intend to listen to:
    Podcast 041 : Interview : Dr. Stanley Monteith : The Population Control Agenda

    Julian Charles, a Christian thinker, preacher and podcaster based in the UK, has a ‘Christian’ thing going on (Thinking Christianly in a New World Order) while seemingly addressing stuff the BBC avoids. A useful source of material and worthy of a Tap plug?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well said Tap, sometimes you are sensible when you listen to us.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The training of teachers and social workers was always extreme lefy wing in origins and dogma
    But this was increased in the Blairite era, such things as comon purpose Tavistock etc
    were deeply communist, its only when you have retireda while do you see through it, but yes its brainwashing alright

  6. Anonymous says:

    No one has mentioned this but on July 18 2013 Dane Wiggington the whistleblower on Chemtrails
    was murdered.
    before the murder was a host of insidious attacks, such as faked emailed supposedly from him to another person, hate emails and threats were ignored and then his life was taken.
    Must of what we know on the topic was given by him>

  7. Anonymous says:

    In my experience of life I have found the so called intellectuals of this world to be actually the most ignorant. Outwith their profession most are oblivious to what’s going on in the real world and have no idea how to hit a nail on the head with a hammer. On the other hand I have had the pleasure to converse with a couple of independent reporters whom I would describe as being encyclopaedic.
    If only people would get off their lazy backsides to read and question all things they would all the happier for it. Well, perhaps not, but at least they would be in the process of learning and gaining more knowledge.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I did not know Sane Wiggington had been killed, i was quite a follower with the news about chemtrails and toxic air sprays from this man
    how many more will be attacked ?
    its horrific

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, 50 Chemtrails over Doncaster UK today Saturday.
    They started at 8am and are still at it now to the West.
    They have blotted out the Sunrise and Sunset for the last few weeks.
    Just where is ISON now ??

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