Savile. The Queen must have known.

Savile who was protecting him for decades and why?

By Justice Denied
When the Jimmy Savile scandal broke in late 2012, I wasn’t particularly interested. A sleazy old DJ and TV presenter groping young girls – highly unpleasant, but not exactly big news as far as I could see.

But then all the pictures and stories started to emerge involving Savile and members of the Royal Family, as well as various prime ministers, and even the top Catholic clergyman in Britain.

He had Christmas dinner with Mrs. Thatcher and her husband eleven years in a row, we learned. There was the obvious question of why royalty and prime ministers would want to spend their time with this man, who by all accounts seems to have been quite transparently a self-serving, sociopathic bastard, hiding behind an “eccentric, fun loving” image which he successfully projected in the media (with the media’s help!). No one who met him seems to have actually genuinely liked or befriended him, but we were fed this media line that he was some kind of selfless saint, so at the time of his death, his remarkable set of personal connections in royalty and politics seemed quite reasonable to most people. He did a lot of charity work, we all know about that… but these connections involved more than just a few promotional photo opportunities:

“Jimmy Savile – The Royal court jester” (Daily Express website, 30 October 2011)

Anyone who gets that close to royalty and prime ministers (as well as holding a high-profile position in the BBC for fifty years) is thorougly checked out by the security services (MI5, etc.). That’s exactly the kind of thing they’re there for – “protecting the realm” includes protecting the sovereign and his/her family from contact with serial child rapists!
And anyone knighted by The Queen (which Savile was, in 1990) is thoroughly vetted to minimise the chance that disreputable behaviour won’t come to light and embarrass the British monarchy by association.

So what happened? How much investigation, how much vetting went on? Did the British security services simply suffer from decades of incompetence? How did Savile get so close to the Royal Family? Were they not warned about him? If not, why? And if they were, why did they not shun him?

It now seems that any semi-competent detective could have learned that Savile was involved in some pretty sinister stuff – or at least could have established enough of a suspicion about him that he would have been kept at arms length rather than welcomed into the highest levels of the establishment. Consider:

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Lenny Harper on The People’s Voice:
Online users can’t have escaped the new Citizens Media outlet to hit the internet. The People’s Voice launched only 4 days ago and is making an impact with its hard hitting, well researched, and professional journalism, something lacking in mainstream media, not only in Jersey, but globally.

The People’s Voice, does what it says on the tin, and gives those who are voiceless an opportunity to tell the alternative to the mainstream media’s version of “news” facts and evidence. It is a much bigger, and more professional, version of the Jersey Blogs (Jersey’s only independent media) but covers much the same ground in that it provides its readers/viewers with the truth behind the lie of mainstream media.

Regular readers of this site will be aware that we pride ourselves on dealing with documented facts and evidence and leave the conspiracy theories to the local mainstream State Media. We have exposed the Jersey Child Abuse cover up with this documented facts and evidence while the State Media have peddled their conspiracy theories of tooth fairies, coconuts, disappearing cellars, collagen and baths.

The People’s Voice was naturally interested in, what has become known as “the worst cover up in history” or “Jersey’s dirty secrets” and made contact with those best placed to comment on Jersey’s so-called “Justice” System and inner workings of those in power on the Island.

Last night a number of justice campaigners, truth seekers, and victims of Jersey’s so-called “Justice” System were interviewed live on the Sonia Poulton show. To include former Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Rectangle (Jersey’s Child Abuse Investigation) Lenny Harper.

As The People’s Voice is still in its infancy it does not, as yet, have an archive or playback facility we have recorded last night’s Sonia Poulton Show and offer below an edited (due to technical difficulties) version of last night’s live interview with former Deputy Chief Police Officer and Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper.

Deputies Shona and Trevor Pitman were also interviewed live on the show and Deputy Trevor Pitman will be publishing his interview on his own BLOG tomorrow.

VFC credit, and thank, THE PEOPLE’S VOICE for this video recording.
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  1. NPP says:

    Lenny Harper on The People’s Voice: Jersey’s dirty secrets
    Voice for children:

    “He’s not the Chancellor, he’s George on all fours”
    The People’s Voice:
    Sonia Poulton talks with Natalie Rowe:

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was his masonic connection which saved him but one of the police officers who searched his homes after his death claimed that papers showed his freind the israeli Prime Minister Menachem Began puled strings to protect him
    but what shocks me is all the boys
    he abused whose testimony is being airbrushed out, even the class action by a large group of boys recently collapsed.
    why the difference between boys and girls ?
    david cameron hinted it was because the gay loby is very powerful in the UK

  3. Anonymous says:

    She has known all along…and so has Philip as they are his friend s as well as hers …as did all the fff rest of them know and said nothing ……so what are they all really …..jimmys guys&girls ….

  4. Anonymous says:

    She used to play games withhim and Philip …simply that …..Her Friend His Friend ..urrrr

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