Save the world with HEMP!

Top 9 Benefits of Hempseed: The Future Superfood

Hempseed can save the world with all its benefits and the elements it can be used for, such as:
  • Body Care: Hemp is exploding in the personal hygiene industry every day, because of its nourishing and great healing results. This powerful plant has its own shampoos, soaps, lotions, bath oils, lubricants, lip balms and even more. Hemp can be used all over your body from your face until your toes and no allergic reactions or rashes will occur. Actually, it will heal your skin from any damage.
  • Clothing and Fabrics: This super useful gift of nature contains the strongest natural fibre that planet earth has ever provided! Hemp was the first crop harvested to produce fabric, which they made clothes from. Hemp is also four times warmer and stronger than cotton as well as more water absorbent. Clothing that’s made from this great super plant breathes well. This means that it moves moisture away from the body better than cotton. Hemp clothing also protects your body from over exposure to UV rays; it’s more durable, insulated and mould resistant. This is definitely the best fabric to wear and to use!
  • Hemp Paper: Did you know that China was the first paper inventor in the whole world and that they used hemp to make this new creation we still use today? Yes, it’s true! Hemp can produce 3-8 tons of fibre per acre, which is 4 times more than what an average forest can produce. This means that hemp can save our forest from destruction and ruining properties, because wood fibre can be replace by hemp. This super plant also improves the soil and mature in 4 months, where the average forest tree only matures in 20 years. By producing this world saver plant, forest will be saved which provides you fresh water, wildlife habitats, oxygen, carbon traps and natural beauty. You can even go green and recycle hemp paper for as much as ten times, while wood paper can only be recycled twice! Hemp paper is excellent quality and can even last up to 15 years.
  • Hemp Plastic: Hemp is eco-friendly and can replace nearly all the toxic polluted products that you face every day. It can be used for the production of cellophane, oil paints, varnishes, putty, coatings, biodegradable plastic, inks and more. Hemp is even used for the doors, roof racks, dashboard and other composite parts of your car. Now you can have a look at your car through new eyes!
  • Hemp Rope: For more then 10000 years, hemp has been used to make cloths and rope. These ropes are known for it’s strength and durability that makes the best quality products you can ever purchase. This amazing rope was the first element that made sailing possible, because without any rope, you won’t be able to sail. Until today, hemp rope is used for sailing, home work and for different building and hardware industries.
  • Hemp Building Materials: The stalk of this super plant is used to create fibreboard, concrete, carpets, insulation, fibreglass, cements and mortar. Now, this is a lot of building materials from a plant stalk! This super plant building materials is MDF (Medium Density Fibre) and its composite boards has been tested and proven to be two and a half times stronger as well as three times more elastic than any other MDF wooden compounds. This explains the great quality of this super plant building materials that will leave you satisfied and stress-free.
  • Hemp Fuel: The price of fuel is going up nearly every month and it’s getting more and more expensive. Are you tired of digging deep in your pocket just to get to work and back? Well, let me tell you something that will make the burden lighter. Any diesel engine can run on hemp oil or refined biodiesel made from hemp oil, because the original diesel engine was created to run on plant oils such as hempseed oil. Does hemp fuel also take part of polluting the world? The answer is NO! When hemp fuel is burned, carbon dioxide gets released from it, which matches the same carbon dioxide that this plant originally taken from the environment during its life time. This means that the process of burning hemp fuel creates a closed carbon cycle that slows down the effects of pollution in the atmosphere. So, it’s much better and economic to use hemp fuel than any other available fuel that’s filled with toxic gas and causing pollution problems all over the world.
  • Hemp Vehicles: Henry Ford created a car as an experiment with hemp waxed body that consists of 70% cellulose fibres of hemp. This experiment indicated that the framing was much lighter than any other auto frame, which makes the care much lighter on fuel as well. This car could absorb blows that were ten times as strong as steel, leaving it dent-free. This car was never mass-produced, because of the petroleum-backed smear campaigns and the stoppage on alcohol and hemp.
Saving the World with Super Plant: HEMP!

Hemp is definitely the legend power and life saver plant that Mother Nature has provides us with. What more can we ask for? Hemp is the most eco-friendly and popular source among the ecologically orientated people and entrepreneurs that’s involved in the environmental friendly industry. It is proven than through incorporating hemp into the layout and manufacturing process of all products, the ecological harm that you’re faced with every day will be decreased and environmental friendly! So you can be sure of the fact that you and your children will be healthy and not faced with pollution problems every day.
Discover the Top 9 Health Benefits of Hempseed:

Hemp carries a great fruit called hempseed, which is a world known superfood! It’s not only made for environmental use, but for you to consume and use on your body to provide you with natural healing properties. It’s filled with 37% pure protein and contains all the original life-force energy and enzymes that will heal your body and provide you with a new fresh feeling every day. Let me show you the great benefits of this life saving superfood!
  1. Ensure Healthy Muscles, Bones and Organs:  This great superfood is very high in protein, which build strong muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, nails, hair, glands and body fluids. This means that protein is a MUST for your body to operate healthy and strong as it should. Hempseed is a pure protein in its raw form and it never needs to be cooked to kill any bacteria. This raw source of protein will digest much faster through your body than any animal protein, because it blends easier in beverages, salad dressings and doesn’t need heat at all.  When you consume protein your blood sugar level will also balance and your cravings will run away! You can consume hempseed without any allergy worries, leaving your body healthy and strong.
  2. Improves Immune System: Hempseed consists of edestin that are small round shaped protein that’s made entirely of amino acids. This means that new tissues will be built in your body and the broken tissues will be replaced. Globulins are divided into three groups: Alpha, beta and gamma globulins. The alpha and beta globulins are strong agents that carry the protein and all information from the one part of your body to another through your blood. Like little messengers! Gamma globulins are focused to work on you immune system and consists of antibodies that combat all cells that wants to invade your body. They stand in the first line of defence to protect your body from any infections around you. See it as little soldiers in your body that’s lined up in the first road to protect you immune system. This is so amazing! These antibodies also destroy microbes such as Nano-bacteria, toxic fungi, cancer cells, dead tissues, toxins and bacteria. This means that you are protected from all sicknesses and that you immune system will remain strong and fighting against the bacteria you’re faced with every day.
  3. Provides Your Body with Essential Fatty Acids: Your body cannot provide essential fatty acids on its own, but it’s a great need for overall health. This great superfood contains powerful amounts of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. This means that you will burn excess fat, because your body will rather use the available fat for energy and this will then remove toxins from your skin, kidneys, lungs and intestines. Essential fatty acids also ensure that your brain and eyes stays healthy. These fatty acids protect your skin from the sun exposure you are faced with every day, to ensure a healthy and clean skin. Essential fatty acids are very important for your body and overall health. It doesn’t contain any bad fats that will make you gain weight just because it’s a fatty acid.
  4. Provides Healthy Growth for Children: Hempseed delivers a great amount of eighteen amino acids, which ensures high contents of arginine and histidine which are very important proteins. These two main proteins are very important for your children’s health and growth and ensure healthy enzyme growth through sulphur bearing amino acids. These sulphur bearing amino acids helps your nervous system to detoxify all poisons and to improve physical strength, flexibility, hairluster, healing speed and normal functionality of the liver and pancreas. Your child definitely needs these great amino acids every day as part of their lifestyle.
  5. Improves Your Brain and Cardiovascular System: This high protein superfood also contains high amounts of Vitamin E, which is very important for your brain and cardiovascular health. This means that if your body is without Vitamin E your brain function will suffer and your muscle control can be lost. This can be a huge problem! This superfood supports your cardiovascular system through important antioxidants which protects the essential fatty acids in your body from oxidation.
  6. Ensure Weight Loss: Hempseed is filled with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which will burn your excess fat through using it for sustained energy. This abundant superfood is a natural appetite suppressant, which helps you to stay fuller for longer. This will keep you from running to your cupboard packed with sweets and all kinds of bad fats and carbs, just to satisfy your cravings. You will also have loads of energy which you can spend on some activities or exercise to lose weight and maintain your health.
  7. Promotes Healthy Skin: Hemp oil is often used for in today’s most natural cosmetic purposes in products you can use every day, such as lip balms, soaps and skin lotions. This miracle oil helps to enter into the layers of your skin to increase the growth of new cells for a softer, smoother and younger skin. This will prevent and cure skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and acne.
  8. Improves Your Digestive System: Are you tired of using laxatives and all kinds of remedies to have regular bowel movements? Well, this great superfood is filled with a high content of fibre, which will help your digestive system and ensure regular bowel movement. This will prevent and help constipation, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), bloated stomach cramps, fullness and uncomfortable bowel movement.
  9. Decrease Diabetes Symptoms: If you are diabetes or at the risk of becoming diabetes, hemp seed is a necessity for you, because they help to balance and control your blood sugar levels. The reason is that they are filled with healthy fats, which helps your body to absorb glucose from your bloodstream and then turns it into energy. This will improve your energy levels and decrease your craving levels.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just another example of how the Elite take things off us and lie to us.
    They could make more money out of plastic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great article – thanks !

    It’s been called ‘the God Plant’ and now you can see why.

    The criminalisation of hemp in it’s marijuana form can be traced almost directly to Du Pont’s patenting of petroleum based plastics in the 1930’s. And so it goes.

    Time to be free. Peace.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whenever someone describes anything as “superfood” my BS detector starts going wild.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The dampener put on hemp was also caused by randolph hearst who had acquired huge tracts of forested land and stood to lose big time if his trees were not converted into pulp to fuel his newspaper production. Thankfully the results of some determined people over many years and the incredible broad spectrum of benefits derived from this plant are just too powerful to suppress any longer. reiverdave

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rastafari lead the way. don’t work for the CIA ……Its God given ..blessed for us all ….wake up and live ..don’t give up the fight ..onelove ….

  6. Anonymous says:

    hi Tap you and your readers should watch “Run from the cure” its all about hemp as a cure for cancer amongst other ails, it is a very good documentary

  7. Tapestry says:

    Everything’s a cure for cancer. Just stick to B17, laetrile – and things like guyabano leaves that are well proven to work as cancer cures/prevention. Apricot kernels. Plum kernels. Sprouts. Spinach. Read World Without Cancer. It tells the complete story as well as why the known cures are hidden from view by the media.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tx Tap….my son has Cancer and iv been sayin this to drs ect ..they really are unhelpful so thank you …..iv always known about hemp…and other things …but people think Drs know best….And they don’t ..onelove ..

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