Royal relatives of The Gods

This is an anatomically correct statue of PRINCESS ARMANA, the sister of TUTANKHAMUN. Their father was AKHENATEN who was depicted in statues and carvings as having womanly breasts and very wide female-style hips. The traditional Egyptology community say that her skull was formed in this way by binding it with rags and planks of wood. Not a single piece of physical evidence supports this theory. At the time when this statue was carved, she was about 13 years old. That is not a long enough time frame for the skull to have attained such a pronounced shape. Furthermore, there are depictions of Princess Armana and her 5 brothers/sisters all with these elongated skulls aged at around 5 years old (or younger) – again, it is an impossibility that such a pronounced and amazing deformity could have been artificially created in just a few short years. I have personally filmed the mummy of King Tut and he too has an elongated skull. The evidence is very clear; that this was somehow a manifestation of the royal bloodline in ancient Egypt.

Chris Everard

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ancient skeletons dug up from several places across the world including the USA show this same deformity, many say there is nothing before this or even after so where did it come from ?
    many say from UFOs ?
    but who really knows

  2. Tapestry says:

    The writings of Zechariah Sitchin offer some answers. Also Michael Tellinger.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looking at it from a different perspective, i found this interesting –

    “What Gooch describes as Neanderthal is very close to the description of psychopathy and that may very well be at the root of one of society’s pressing problem: psychopathy may be a consequence of interbreeding between Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal. The dull-witted, un-creative, animal-like (sexually depraved and cannibalistic) Neanderthal, mixed with a genetic strain of superior intellect, creativity, and certain instinctual urges, could have made a very deadly mixture. Unfortunately, when Cro Magnon women had been raped by Neanderthal, their natural, instinctive care for their infants would have induced them to protect the half-breed children with the resulting spread of psychopathy genes in the modern population. It’s interesting that the Neanderthal DNA is said to exist in the modern European population at about the same rate as genetic psychopaths”

    This is a quote taken from Amazon at someone not too happy about his (Stan Gooch’s) books.

    Stan Gooch had some interesting theories. Not really related to Outer Space hybrids etc but it relates to bloodlines 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does the author of this mean Princess Ankhesenamun?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe in the God created man and women rhetoric. If Adam and Eve were the first man and woman then why does every picture of them show them having a belly-button? Whose umbilical cord were *THEY* attached to?

    I think there’s a lot of truth in the opening scene of the film Prometheus. There’s been other races from other dimensions/planets which have been here far, far longer than us humans and there’s strong evidence to suggest we are hybrid off-shoots of various other races. Alex Collier in his various YouTube videos mentions this. Us humans are a combination of at least 22 different other-world races when you look at our DNA structure or so theory goes.

    Might sound far-fetched, but we are constrained by limitations such as ‘education’ which is controlled by an elite few who have the knowledge but don’t want to share it with people/humans they arrogantly deem inferior to them. The same elite who constrain our belief, freedom of thought, natural curiosity with other control-mechanisms such as ‘religion’.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would like to disagree with what is said previous. studies show neanderthals hada bigger skull and were actually 13% more inteligent that we are, they were also more muscular between
    2 and 4% of people are high cariers of neanderthal markers
    experts have radically changed their views in recent times

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Anon 1:48 pm

    ”experts have radically changed their views in recent times”

    Funny how ‘experts’ change their ‘view’ when it suits them.

    Ex = an unknown factor
    [S]pert = a brief flash of imagination

    And all along, the MSM gives us this pipe-dream of ‘experts’ know best.

    ‘Studies’ is another one. Usually sponsored by rich corporations who keep the best bits for themselves and let the MSM publish the scraps/BS that Joe Public will happily consume as the so-called ‘truth’. ‘Climate Change/Global Warming’ being a very good example.

    Thank God for alternative media. :sigh:


  8. For insights & info about elongated skills (and the Armana mini-dynasty) see

  9. Tapestry says:

    Re belly buttons, the Adamu was created by genetic modification, but Annunaki mothers were used. It’s in Sitchin’s books.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tap, how do you find time to read so many books ?

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