Rockefeller scenario-building says New York will be hit by typhoon/tsunami

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“Scenarios for the future of Technology & International Development”  by the Rockefeller Foundation May 2010.  
I have been re-reading this –  it’s all about one world Government and there are many correlations with
what is happening now.  There is no debate in the document about climate change, it states it as a fact.
Divided into four parts this is an extract from “Clever together!”.
A world in which highly coordinated and successful
strategies emerge for addressing both urgent and entrenched
worldwide issues
“The recession of 2008-10 did not turn into the
decades-long global economic slide that many
had feared. In fact, quite the opposite: strong
global growth returned in force, with the world
headed once again toward the demographic
and economic projections forecasted before the
downturn. India and China were on track to see
their middle classes explode to 1 billion by 2020.
Mega-cities like Sao Paulo and Jakarta expanded
at a blistering pace as millions poured in from
rural areas. Countries raced to industrialize
by whatever means necessary; the global
marketplace bustled.
But two big problems loomed. First, not all
people and places benefited equally from this
return to globalized growth: all boats were
rising, but some were clearly rising more.
Second, those hell-bent on development
and expansion largely ignored the very
real environmental consequences of their
unrestricted growth. Undeniably, the planet’s
climate was becoming increasingly unstable.
Sea levels were rising fast, even as countries
continued to build-out coastal mega-cities. In
2014, the Hudson River overflowed into New
York City during a storm surge, turning the
World Trade Center site into a three-foot-deep
The image of motorboats navigating
through lower Manhattan jarred the world’s
most powerful nations into realizing that climate
change was not just a developing-world problem.
That same year, new measurements showing that
atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were climbing
precipitously created new urgency and pressure

for governments (really, for everyone) to do something fast”.


Also look at “Hack Attack”.  I am sure at some stage the controllers will create a false
flag cyber attack. On Tuesday, there was a “drill” in the City of London for such an event.


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3 Responses to “Rockefeller scenario-building says New York will be hit by typhoon/tsunami”

  1. Have a look at Johnathan Kleck’s videos on the false flags on the money and specifically

    New $100 Bill – Do You See A Tidal Wave In Picture?? (Jonathan Kleck)

  2. julie says:

    Also have a look at the images of the Illuminati card game “Tidal Wave” disaster card. There is a statue next to the building – could this be a person with arms in the air – Jesus Christ! If you look at the bottom right hand corner there appears to be a scorpion. Doesn’t the scorpion symbolise Satan. Intriguing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The scorpion is also symbolic of Russia, which is just dealing with its jewish past, since 1917 the people have been programmed but it looks like Putin is setting them free, why cant out politicians do this for us ?

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