Earthquake and tsunami predicted to strike General Santos City in 2014

Phillippines and Indonesia highly populated areas are under attack once more from the earthquake/tsunami weapon.  No doubt to be followed up by military (humanitarian) invasion and mass vaccination (= mass sterilisation/cancer) programmes, as is now happening in Leyte and Samar, a few hundred miles north from here.

A magnitude 8 earthquake is predicted to hit this area with tsunami warning sometime between now and December 2014, the quake to take place in the Molucca Sea, at 4 21N, 126 26E, near the islands of Talaud and Sangihe.

2 million people are in the danger zone and likely to be directly affected.  The tsunami is the weapon of choice of the United Nations’ Depopulation Agenda, backed up by mass vaccination.  Tacloban has just been heavily hit and other places in the Visayas.  This prediction is warning Davao and General Santos City, and the southern shores of Mindanao.  Davao is a city of 4 million people.

International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center,
P.O.Box 607147
Orlando, Florida

They state – ‘This warning comes after the IEVPC has recently completed its highly successful test program predicting three important earthquake events with a high degree of accuracy.’

TAP – Nothing to do with HAARP, or other earthquake causing devices, I suppose??!!

Jim Stone, who studies these things in some detail, says that an artificially induced earthquake feels completely different, and looks very different on a seismograph.

Why are 35 volcanoes erupting all at once?

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