Gareth Williams. After year long investigation, Police believe corpse can lock itself inside holdall.

Police unable to explain death of codebreaker who was found in holdall

  • Gareth Williams found dead in his Central London flat in August 2010
  • 31-year-old’s death was ruled to be ‘probably’ foul play by a coroner
  • But Scotland Yard announced that he seems to have locked himself in bag
  • Police admitted that they could not reach a conclusion ‘beyond doubt’
  • Family believe he was killed and refuse to accept result of investigation
Police today admitted that they are unable to explain the death of an MI6 spy whose body was found locked in a holdall bag.
Gareth Williams’ mysterious death has been the subject of fierce speculation since he was found dead in his Central London flat three years ago.
Following a year-long investigation by Scotland Yard, officers today announced that they believe his death was accidental and that no one else was involved, although they concluded that it is impossible to reach a definite verdict on the case.
The finding contravenes the verdict of a coroner who last year ruled that Mr Williams had ‘probably’ been killed by someone else.
Scotland Yard detectives said that since it was possible for the codebreaker to climb in to the bag and lock it unaided, it is not necessary to posit any outside involvement.
They added that there was no evidence of anyone else in his flat at the time of his death, and no sign that the home had undergone a ‘deep clean’ to avoid incriminating a third party.

However, the review also found traces of DNA in the flat from 10 to 15 different people, none of whom they were able to identify.

Spy Gareth Wyn Williams: 10 unanswered questions about the spy’s mysterious death

MirrorOnline poses ten questions which are still unanswered more than three years after Gareth’s death:
1. Why did MI6 fail to raise the alarm about his disappearance for more than a week? Gareth failed to turn up for work onAugust 16. Police were not alerted by colleagues until Monday August 23. When turned up to check at his flat they found his body. Gareth’s family have hit out at MI6 claiming they failed to make “basic inquiries concerning Gareth’s welfare”.
2. What was Gareth doing for the intelligence services? The 31-year-old was considered a maths genius – having gained O levels aged ten before graduating from university seven years later. He had been working for GCHQ in Cheltenham since 2001 but had been seconded to MI6 shortly before his death. However, according to his family, Gareth did not enjoy London and was about to be moved back to Cheltenham when he died.
3. How did his body come to be in a bag padlocked from the outside? Despite asserting that Gareth died as a result of an accident – police have been able to satisfactorily explain how he was able to lock himself inside the holdall. Some reports suggested that an escapologist of similar build was able to get in the bag and lock it from the inside, but these have since been dismissed.
4. Why were there no fingerprints around the bath? If Gareth got into the bag voluntarily, it begs the question why no fingerprints were found in the immediate area. Some reports have suggested the scene had been “deep cleaned” to destroy any possible forensic evidence, but police have dismissed this possibility.
5. What is the truth of Gareth’s personal life? The spy’s family and friends had known him to be a cyclist, fitness enthusiast and private individual. But during the investigation, another side of Gareth’s personality emerged which shocked and surprised them. Around £20,000 of women’s clothing and shoes were found in his flat. However, most were left untouched and an inquest found no evidence to suggest he was a cross-dresser. There was also evidence Gareth had visited bondage and festish sites – but again, this was infrequent and a coroner did not consider it significant in his death.
6. Was someone trying to smear Gareth? For a period of time, stories frequently appeared, attributed to unnamed sources, which pushed the theory that Gareth was gay, interested in S&M and may have been murdered by a gay lover. Such assertions were angrily denied by both police and his family – were they prompted by genuine evidence or was it an attempt to cover-up the real story behind his death?
7. Why was one of Gareth’s phones returned to a factory setting before he died? The coroner was particularly concerned by this piece of evidence. When police first entered Gareth’s flat, two iPhones, some sim cards and an Apple notebook were laid out neatly on the table.
8. Why was the heating left on? When officer’s found Gareth’s body, the contorted position of his arms and legs led them to believe they had been chopped up. The heating was also on, which increased the speed of decomposition giving investigators very little clue as to his true cause of death.
9. Why was his front door locked from the outside? This is regarded as further proof that someone else was certainly present when Gareth died.
10. Why did the Met’s Counter Terrorism officers fail to tell the inquest about nine memory sticks found at his SIS office?This led the coroner to conclude that the involvement of SIS colleague’s in Gareth’s death was a legitimate line of enquiry.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hang on, I just saw a pig fly by the window.

  2. Chris Jones says:

    it just flew past mine too – how strange

  3. Anonymous says:

    According to T Stokes,Gareth Williams broke coded signals for an intended Israeli false flag bombing campaign on the British mainland with fingers pointing to Iran for which Iran and British based radical Muslims would be blamed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My brother workd near to where gareth was killed, he said authorities came round almost straight after to take away all video camera footage.
    But we say in the back room and watched the fottage first.
    The police did not like this, and in the conversation witha detective he said it was mossad but he could not say why ???

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dont mention that guy Stokes to me
    When he was on the Soviet desk i wrote 3 times to him asking for his help for the people suffering in the Soviet Gulags,
    all he did was relay the mesage to the Soviet embassy and asking for a report, in other wrds he did NOTHING.
    Oleg kowalski

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is this the same Stokes guy who has given us some of the most fabulous info we have on the NWO people ? i think it was this same blog who did a hate attack on him if i remember right ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great work by Scotland yard detectives…..the best in the world !!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Next they’ll be telling us Building 7 came down on it’s own, oh wait….

  9. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Hang on Oleg,I was with him at the time.I saw him put on his superman suit and fly off to Russia but he was foiled by a nuclear bombardment and had to retreat.Obviously this would have been bad for morale so I kept a lid on it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Those flying pigs are well known to wasp i’ll bet !!!
    that stokes guy had a kinda fan club with the old timers lol !!!
    Did you see some one smashed his gravestone witha hammer and painteda star of david on it !!
    No rest for the wicked eh ? !!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love this analogy with the flying pigs, maybe thats why the jews dont like pigs, they remind them too much of themselves ha ha
    sorry wasp

  12. Anonymous says:

    It was a camera made in Israel that was guarding Gareth Williams, it did not work as usual.
    It was a firm based in Israel that supplied and fitted the cameras.
    Is anything beginning to stand out now.

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