Police arrest 4 demonstrators at Barton Moss fracking site. No mention in media. Support please.

Hi Tap
The fracking company who are preparing to drill is IGAS.  Corporate media are not paying much attention
to this at the moment.  Would you give it some exposure please. 
A protester lets her feelings known (Jon Super)
The Salfordonline video shows a police offficer using “pain compliance” techniques to a
protestor who is pinned to the ground.   Link below
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3 Responses to “Police arrest 4 demonstrators at Barton Moss fracking site. No mention in media. Support please.”

  1. That copper using those techniques are doing this purely for pleasure as the man is already restrained and completely uncalled for, what a nasty piece of work, i know most think that the police are nice people, believe me they are not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I remember a time not so long ago when pple were restrained but remained on their feet. It is obvious this practice of throwing ppl face down on the ground no matter about the dirt levels is purely to demonstrate absolute power, and remember……absolute power corrupts

  3. sov says:

    Welcome to Palestine … Britain is an occupied nation. Who trained those cowardly cops to act this way and abuse members of the public ?

    As the chap was outnumbered posed no risk and was already thrown to the ground by the cops. It clearly was not necessary to torture him. If I were him I’d sue the buggers.

    Finally when was the last time any of those goons arrested a drug money laundering banker or a bent politician ?

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