Philippine Army tells Tacloban people to defend themselves

Agenda 21 requires the world’s population to be reduced by 90%, weather 

weapons, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear contamination, chemtrails and on it goes. 

Yet it must never be admitted on news channels that people are being left to starve 

to death deliberately.

Yet how else can you explain the fact that six days have gone by and no concerted

 attempt has been made by anyone to take control on the ground in Tacloban, and 

ensure people are fed and supplied with water.

The latest first hand report from Tacloban: “the military went around, and using a

 bullhorn, told the people -yung mga may baril dyan, ihanda nyo na” and basically

 encouraged the men to group themselves by sitio to defend themselves from

 lawless elements. now as we know, when the military is forced to encourage 

paramilitary “volunteerism,” you know they’re short – really short, on personnel”.

One country after another announces the sending of a ship, or money, day after 

day, but nothing is done to help the people who are starving.

This is Agenda 21 of the United Nations at work.  The world’s population is to be

 reduced by 80-90%.  Maybe 4 million people are affected by Typhoon Yolanda. 

 The people would do better to go and seek fruits from the trees – especially 

coconuts rather wait for a government that is playing out a deception on the 


The world’s governments are not coming to your aid, Pinoys.  They are trying to kill 

you with their weather weapons, earthquakes, nuclear contamination, and

 finally to starve you.  There are millions of coconuts in the trees above your heads.  

That is the way to survive.  Drink the juice and eat the flesh.  

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3 Responses to “Philippine Army tells Tacloban people to defend themselves”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You wrote: “There are millions of coconuts in the trees above your heads.

    That is the way to survive. Drink the juice and eat the flesh. “

    Did you not notice there are barely any trees left standing in the affected area? Those trees that are still there are stripped bare. I’ve looked at quite a few pictures of the areas hit by the storm, I did not see one coconut. Please provide pics of these millions of coconuts in Tacloban, thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well spotted, Anon 9:35.
    Waiting for the reply.

  3. cnubluray says:

    @Anonymous The trees on the ground will make it easier to gather the coconuts. How ever I did see a picture of a man climbing a tree to get coconuts. The point Tap is making is one must be prepared to care for oneself.

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