Philipines Typhoon ENMOD: a crushing reminder of the “Pivot to Asia” LiIly-Pad plan and the involvement of Australia

By thirteenthmonkey

The recent Typhoon in The Philippines was the worst on record.This is no co incidence or global warming incidence. It is something much more sinister and highly organized. It is part of the strategy of coercion, of subliminal power and control, over a country, a whole region.

This is the work of the global elite, with their military industrial, scientific complex, to “persuade” thePhillipines that we own you, and we will use your country and your bases as ours.

This is the plan of the “pivot to Asia” strategy as well as the NAFTA-esque“Trans Pacific Partnership”
This “participation strategy” encompasses the whole indo pacific region.

Also….In October 2013 there were “WAR Games” in the south China Sea..what another coincidence..

What do they say? there are NO coincedences.(SEE THIS!) 

“The Australian Government is providing a Php17 million (A$455,500) grant to enhance weather forecasting in the Philippines and help the country better prepare for natural disasters.

The funds, to be provided through the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), will be used to improve the weather forecasting capacity of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA”

Problem, reaction, solution.

The reason for this pivot is China, and it’s ambitious growing economic and military power, which is obviously a threat to USA( and cohorts) hegemony, in the region and then, throughout the world.

The Philippines has had a very checkered past with the USA and it’s history of bases and activities within the Philippine archipelago “A decades-long antimilitary movement culminated in the 1991 closure of American bases and the ousting of U.S. troops. Yet American forces have nevertheless maintained a limited but continuous presence in the country, where they conduct regular joint training exercises and have, in recent years, extended antiterrorism efforts. Dubbed “the second front of the war on terror” in 2002, western Mindanao has played host to 600-strong U.S. troop rotations as they pursue two al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups. Though officially base-less, barracks, ports and communications infrastructure emerged within and near the Philippine military camps that host American soldiers. This year, the Aquino administration granted the U.S. Navy permission to use the former U.S. base in Subic Bay for the service of U.S. warships.” Reluctantly…of course…
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2 Responses to “Philipines Typhoon ENMOD: a crushing reminder of the “Pivot to Asia” LiIly-Pad plan and the involvement of Australia”

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    The RIIA decided in the thirties that China would rule the Pacific theatre at a meeting in Melbourne,so I’m told.Looks like they were right again!

  2. Anonymous says:

    9/11, 4/11, 3/11 and now 8/11 seems Novembers a special month for TPTB.

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