Pervert MP tried to get personal control of Knowl View school for easy access to victims Savile-style

Perverts of all kinds are welcome additions in political parties, which work on threatened exposure as their main method of control.  The pedophiles get easy victims, in return for towing the line.  Nothing’s any different today.  It’s called democracy, and the perverts are defended as gay.  Cameron typically says holding an investigation into what’s going on would be tantamount to staging ‘a homophobic witch hunt’.

There’s no help forthcoming for the poor kids from him or any others in the corridors of power. They’re all knee deep in filth of course, and aware of the terrible crimes being committed by themselves and their colleagues.   The anger in Cameron’s eyes when Phillip Schofield gave him the opportunity to answer questions about a paedophile ring operating from 10 Downing Street, tells you all you need to know.  Smith died in 2010, when at last the truth about him started to come out.  He had a clear run all of his life as do the current abusers, fully protected by the media and the Prime Molester.

Revealed: Cyril Smith hoped to help take direct control of school

Official papers outline plan to take troubled Knowl View out of local council’s oversight

Former Liberal MP Sir Cyril Smith was part of a group that planned to take control of a special school instead of the local authority.
A confidential cache of official documents detailed a shocking catalogue of child abuse at Knowl View special school in Rochdalein the years leading up to the bid for direct control.
And the evidence is that Smith, the late MP for Rochdale, was among the perpetrators.
Martin Digan, a care worker at Knowl View, tried to blow the whistle about the abuse. He had just become acting head of care at the residential school for boys with learning difficulties and behavioural problems.
He told Exaro: “It was Smith who was pushing for the school to be controlled by its governors – outside of the local council’s control.”
“It would have become nothing short of a sweetshop for paedophiles.”
Digan often complained, he said, that Smith kept using his own set of keys to access the school.
Diana Cavanagh, Rochdale metropolitan borough council’s then director of education, said in a confidential report that the governors were incapable of taking direct control of the school. She suggested that Knowl View be closed temporarily.
It was among confidential documents dating from 1991 and 1992 – unearthed by Exaro last month – that detail widespread sexual and physical abuse of boys at Knowl View special school since it opened in 1969.
For many years, Smith was a governor there. As a councillor and chairman of Rochdale’s education committee, he also helped to found the school. He was a governor until a bout of ill health led to his resignation in 1992.
Greater Manchester Police (GMP), which has covered Rochdale since a reorganisation in 1974, acknowledged last November that the MP was a paedophile. He died in 2010.
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7 Responses to “Pervert MP tried to get personal control of Knowl View school for easy access to victims Savile-style”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cyril was told by the senior member for his lodge to approach MI5 and make a full confession that he was homosexual, and was open to blackmail by a foreign power, which he did i saw the document.
    So how and why was he still able to abuse these boys ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    ”Greater Manchester Police (GMP), which has covered Rochdale since a reorganisation in 1974, acknowledged last November that the MP was a paedophile. He died in 2010.”

    As usual we find out about the high-ranking pedos after they have died rather than before. They are all covering each other backs whichever profession they work in.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I knew the lady who typed up his papers, she said he was a very hard working MP unlike most of them, she said he had a lonely hungry miserable childhood and the only love he ever got was from old gays looking to have him

  4. Anonymous says:

    So, i guess we just have to be patient, understanding and accept that derek laud, ken clarke, macalpine, leon britain and the rest, will have to snuff it before we are deemed “ready” to hear of heir sordid lifestyles and activities?????? shame on you cameron and the rest of you masonic, pedo’s……but be assured we are not always going to wait for you to achieve notoriety after death, for you WILL be brought before a peoples court in due course. reiverdave

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tom Driberg the labour party leader was with Sir Anthony Blunt
    and a chief of MI5 i must not name, used to visit boys homes
    in the 60s, the Daily Express wanted to expose their sordid rapes and murders of orphaned boys, Rothschild pulled strings through Lord Goodman and said his freinds would sue for defamation,
    it ended up with Tom Driberg a pedo jew being givena well paid column on the daily Express called “the william hickey column ” and nothing was said

  6. Anonymous says:

    What about Dr Shipman and Jimmy Savile …!!!!!! Think what JS was into …….Shipmans first victim age 4…..then older victims …..just sayin …….

  7. Anonymous says:

    It wasn’t just adults abusing young boys, boys were abusing boys I was abuse by other boys and also by a house master I’m still waiting to hear from the police after my interview

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