Paedotrial author charged with malicious communications

Hi Tap,
You have an article on your website concerning a book I wrote called The Paedotrial. To give you an update I have been charged with malicious communications. You can get more info here:

4th October 2013
On the 4th October 2013 I was arrested & taken to the Southampton police station and charged with “Conveying False Information”. I was bailed to appear at Southampton Magistrates on Friday 15th November.
THE FALSE INFORMATION: The false information relates to me accusing Gilbart-Smith of being a paedophile after he was acquitted (bribed the jury) in the 2010 Reading paedotrial.
THE INFORMATION WHICH WAS FALSE: The false information referred to in the charge is THE PAEDOTRIAL book for sale on this website and the videos on this website. The charge relates to NOTHING outside of the information contained on this website.
The book and DVD’s were sent to members of the Gilbart-Smith family. Interestingly not one of the Gilbart-Smith family have made a complaint to myself or the police. 

See rest of story on link above.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lets know if you need help …maybe we can all go to court with you …..maybe BM..from pie and mash could film it all….

  2. Anonymous says:

    you cannot beat the shirtlifters, they are too firmly embeded into the fabric of society, its how it is.

  3. FallingWater says:


    I found your site while researching how this idiotic law came into effect.

    I am from Traverse City, Michigan in the US. I am a victim of this hideous law also. I was arrested in July 2013, for leaving a not so nice voice mail in May to a worker with the Department of Human Services in Traverse City MI.(Should everyone be arrested for telling people off?) I spent 4 hours in jail, then at the court hearing in August I was given a 500 dollar fine, probation for 6 months with all kinds of stipulations (for a freaking phone message!!!!) and now just the other day I was taken to jail again for having drinks in my own home as the cops can stop by anytime they want when you are on probation here. Now, I am faced with longer probation, more fines, possible another 3 days in jail, etc…. I have no money for a private attorney, so the judges, court appointed lawyers, and everyone in between, down to the clerk who takes your money for fines are all in this together to make MONEY off of US the POOR customers!

    Is there any way to challenge this nonsense, I want to leave the state, but am in school. Also, they may enforce 2x a day blow tests, PBT at $3 a pop. Then random urine screening at $15.00. This is OUT OF CONTROL! All for a voicemail to someone who deserved what I said and then some!!

    This is very frightening to me, POLICE STATE is very real here. I wish I could leave, but not so easy when you have all this and more to worry about.

    Thank you for your site and if anyone wants, please feel free to e-mail me back.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The thing is, that the authorities dont want to stamp out child abuse, because THEY ARE the shirtlifters.
    If you look at David cameron or Tony Blir, do they seem right or normal to you ?
    cos they damn well dont to me

  5. Anonymous says:

    I dont think shirtlifting wil ever be stamped out, there are too many laws now promoting it in schools etc
    all you can do is lock up your boys until they are old enough to fight them off

  6. Nixon Scraypes says:

    No anonymous 6.29,they damn well don’t to me either!It’s always amazed me how anyone votes for people who are so blatantly dodgy.Really the whole thing is ridiculous,how can you know anything about people you have never met?And of course the candidates know this.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well they all know about Margaret Hodge .MP …and didn’t give a dam..still went and put there X to her name …knowing what she is …….if they ff children then they will also Ff you..derrr ..voters …..

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