Nov 22 1963. The day America was assassinated. Kerry Cassidy interviews James Fetzer.

Six teams of shooters covering Deeley Plaza.  Lansdale was coordinating the shooters.  Many silenced weapons were fired.  Three unsilenced shots.  Oswald wasn’t even a shooter.  He was identified in a doorway in a photograph.

Nothing about Jackie.

It was the assassination of America, after which a group of NAZIs, New World Order operatives took over America…or rather the chance to throw them off presented by the Kennedys was lost, and the path to the totalitarian corporate state we see today became wide open.

Very good summary of the background of the assassination – money, bankers, Israel, nuclear weapons, Vietnam.

One shooter was Frank Sturgess.

Secret space programme question.  He wanted a joint space programme with the Soviets, not a competitive one.

ETs?  no reply, but admitted others might know answers of ET involvement in the assassination.

Unless Kennedy was shot, all subsequent Presidents would not have made it otherwise, LBJ, Nixon, Bush, Reagan, Clinton.  There would have been a sequence of Kennedys otherwise.  They reversed all his policies, viz. not ending the CIA, Israel went nuclear, the FED was not ended.  The world we live in today became inevitable after JFK’s assassination.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    dont make e laugh, natzis again, look rothschild in the 1930s co-ordinated the cambridge homosexuals into a left wing fighting group to bring communism to the UK, rothschild built and supported the USSR since 1917
    it was communism, not natzim
    camelot is very suspect, be warned

  2. Anonymous says:
    links between the death of JFK and diana, jewish sacrifices to the moon god

  3. Steed EOW says:

    As the first anonymous said, anyone still harping on about ‘secret Nazi conspiracies for global domination’ is suspect. I believe it was the Tap that first directed me to the excellent article ‘The Hitler Test’ by John Kaminski –

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Both Nazism and Communism have connections to banking cabal finance which ultimately is whom the dogmatic militartstic regimes served. They are just differnet brands of the tyranical exploitation model. Man exploiting man. The illusion that they are /were competing opposing philosophies is just that a stageshow illusion to misdirect and control the ever gullible public.

    How much interest bearing debt was created in pitting the regimes together during WW2 and later in the “Commie” East vs the “free” West in the cold war.

    Feed the people bullshit to distract them whilst a select elite of insiders profit greatly and pursue their agenda.

  5. Anonymous says:

    never forget hitler fought the NWO and asked Neville Chanberlian to join him

  6. Tapestry says:

    Hitler was an NWO puppet, funded by the Bushes. Nothing has changed unfortunately.

  7. Anonymous says:

    TAP you always parrot this experts disagree with you
    hitler was destroyed along with his country by the jews of the NWO
    becuase he rejected them

  8. Anonymous says:

    there is a lot on the net about threats to whistleblowers just now
    but government harassment on this seems to have begun with Oswald Mosely back before W W II,
    The clive Potin cse has always interested me because i knew Karen Handley who ran the secret smear campaign against him.
    Karen said she wrote under “Mirror Staff reporter ” severa, smear articles against Pontin, and although promised money wa dissappointed to receive just 25 pounds. She said she had to say h was an alcoholic, mentally disturbed
    Walter Mitty kind of fake character
    and says that this practise is far more common today than it was back then

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