No poppy for me. Don’t die for Freemasonry.

I won’t be watching the Cenotaph, and struggling with mixed emotions watching the victims of war parading past.  Now we know what war is – a deception of all sides, all being made to think they are right, thinking they’re fighting to save their country, a deception by a hidden cabal, by bankers operating behind the scenes, with a one world totalitarian agenda…I can’t wear the emblem of national mourning for a sacrifice that was a total deception.

Ending the war at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month gave the insignia of Freemasonry – number 33.  The secret societies planned and orchestrated the war, even ending it on a moment that assures all who know who was really behind the event.  What of the people killed in the dying days of the war, like the cowman’s son on my father’s farm, who died in the last week of the war.  He died for Freemasonry, like the millions of others who were sacrificed for Satan, and the greater power of the secret Satanist cabals.

The poppy is black and red, the colours of the devil.  Don’t wear it.   Look to a new meaning for our history, one that denies the Satanists.  This week they’re deploying new weather weaponry in their war against humanity.  The typhoon that’s killing tens of thousands of poor people in Asia was created using the weather weapon.  Like Fukushima which used the tsunami-causing earthquake weapon.  Whole new ways of killing people are being devised, with mass deception the underlying method of humanity’s demise, while Satan’s march makes progress all around us.

RabbiT comments –  The thought occurs here for someone with the technology to produce an alternative poppy perhaps in white depicting some relevant statement such as Not in My Name, or Fought For Profit.

TAP – White is a good idea, but don’t wear it for the Freemasons at 11:11:11.  Refuse to have anything to do with the control of our country by these evil people who seek war for profit from every generation.   Wear a white poppy bearing the words – ‘Don’t die for Freemasonry’.

Satan Ruling Victims of Hell
Robert Fisk –

….as the years passed, old Bill Fisk became very ruminative about the Great War. He learned that Haig had lied, that he himself had fought for a world that betrayed him, that 20,000 British dead on the first day of the Somme – which he mercifully avoided because his first regiment, the Cheshires, sent him to Dublin and Cork to deal with another 1916 “problem” – was a trashing of human life. In hospital and recovering from cancer, I asked him once why the Great War was fought. “All I can tell you, fellah,” he said, “was that it was a great waste.” And he swept his hand from left to right. Then he stopped wearing his poppy. I asked him why, and he said that he didn’t want to see “so many damn fools” wearing it – he was a provocative man and, sadly, I fell out with him in his old age. What he meant was that all kinds of people who had no idea of the suffering of the Great War – or the Second, for that matter – were now ostentatiously wearing a poppy for social or work-related reasons, to look patriotic and British when it suited them, to keep in with their friends and betters and employers. These people, he said to me once, had no idea what the trenches of France were like, what it felt like to have your friends die beside you and then to confront their brothers and wives and lovers and parents. At home, I still have a box of photographs of his mates, all of them killed in 1918.
So like my Dad, I stopped wearing the poppy on the week before Remembrance Day, 11 November, when on the 11th hour of the 11 month of 1918, the armistice ended the war called Great. I didn’t feel I deserved to wear it and I didn’t think it represented my thoughts. The original idea came, of course, from the Toronto military surgeon and poet John McCrae and was inspired by the death of his friend Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, killed on 3 May 1915. “In Flanders fields the poppies blow/Between the crosses, row on row.” But it’s a propaganda poem, urging readers to “take up the quarrel with the foe”. Bill Fisk eventually understood this and turned against it. He was right.

Rev Nick Bromfield warned his congregation that ‘dark forces’ were on the rise in Gloucestershire. 
A vicar has warned his congregation of an increase in “satanic activity” after he found a severed sheep’s head mounted on a pole outside a church in his Gloucestershire parish.
The Rev Nick Bromfield warned that “dark forces” were on the rise in the area and revealed a series of mutilated animal carcasses had been found.
The “offerings” had been ritualistically laid out in circles or around stones in his three Forest of Dean parishes – Drybrook, Lydbrook and Ruardean.

Vicar warns of Satanic rituals in Gloucestershire

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14 Responses to “No poppy for me. Don’t die for Freemasonry.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I shall pay my respects tomorrow for the poor souls who were lied to, not on the 11-11-11 ritual!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our whole family including children have just been to the Church and the Town Cenotaph.
    We went to remember those who died, they never knew why they were fighting, they just fought and died, for us.
    Only now do we know they fought on the Bankers game plan.
    It’s now our duty to explain that plan to people who will listen.
    Never Again, should be our plan.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Similar sentiments to those expressed in an excellent article by Robert Frisk last week in The Independent, titled ‘Do those who flaunt the poppy on their lapels know that they mock the war dead?’

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this it needed to be said.
    I regret my war service and i am ashamed of what i did, on judgement day i shall ask forgivess from those i hurt.
    The gods of freemasonry are the same gods of the old testament worshipped by the jews. i realised some while back that masons are duped by jews.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Excellent find! In my research on the 11th hour and masonry I observed the Sears Tower in Toronto Canada has 1776 steps to the top so the figure is not being used to commemorate US independence.

    I may be wrong but I was left with the impression Weishaupt infiltrated the existing Masonic Lodges through the creation of the Grand Lodge of the Orient as the Supreme authority in Masonic circles whereby the Rothschild dynasty assumed control of Freemasonry.

    If anyone has more info I’m sure it would be of interest.

    The thought occurs here for someone with the technology to produce an alternative poppy perhaps in white depicting some relevant statement such as Not in My Name, or Fought For Profit.

    Glad to hear some don’t think animal mutilation is evidence of alien life forms.


  6. Fred says:

    “I can’t wear the emblem of national mourning for a sacrifice that was a total deception.”+++++++++++++++++++++++
    It was not a sacrifice for most it was conscripted murder. Our friends the bankers and their glove puppet paedos in Westminster were responsible and assured of survival.
    I regularly visit my father’s grave in France but out of sorrow not pride.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tap. With your having now revamped this story with a masonic theme it is clear my comment about the number 11 freemasonry and Jachin and Boaz has been deleted. Why?

    It is a shame as I thought replacing the Twin Towers with the 1776 ft high One World Trade Centre was significant and came as news to me following my researching 11 and freemasonry as a result of your earlier post.

    Are you censoring valid comment?
    Or are you cashing in on readers comments to sex up your own posts?


  8. Anonymous says:

    come on rabbit we all try to share our knowledge, we all know that the lower masons are mostly good men but like in the military and politics, the upper reaches show the rot which is hidden from the masses

  9. Jason H. Smith says:

    Has anyone noticed how deeply ironic, it is, that the poppy has the colour arrangement of the Nazi flag!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The nazis were forced intoa war they did not want, see hitlers speches, we bombed them for months before they retaliated, and that was only to take the heat of rothchilds russia, thats why Britisn was sacrificed

  11. Tapestry says:

    RabbiT – your comments at 10.04 is still there on my screen.

  12. Nixon Scraypes says:

    For an oiginal take on poppy day I reccomend “Swinging on the Gates of Hades” by Matthew Delooze at One Ball Media.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Regards Tap. I see the comment is back. Someone messing with the system perhaps.


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