NHS murdering patients with malice aforethought

Doctors murdered my mother, says son of woman ‘starved to death’ on Liverpool Care Pathway as he calls for police inquiry

  • Peter Tulloch claims his mother’s death was the result of ‘unlawful’ care
  • The 83-year-old died in March after going without food for up to 30 hours 
  • Her son is urging police to launch a murder inquiry following an independent report 
  • A Crown Office spokesman said they were ‘considering the facts’ of the controversial case
PUBLISHED: 10:39 GMT, 25 November 2013 | UPDATED: 11:11 GMT, 25 November 2013

The son of an elderly hospital patient who was ‘starved’ by doctors on the Liverpool Care Pathway has demanded a murder inquiry into his mother’s death. 
Peter Tulloch believes the death of his mother, Jean Tulloch, was the result of ‘negligent’ and ‘unlawful’ care at the hands of doctors at the Western General hospital in Edinburgh. 
The 56-year-old has urged police to take action after an independent medical report found Mrs Tulloch had gone without food or water for up to 30 hours in the weeks before her death. 
Jean Tulloch, 83, died in March after being placed on the Liverpool Care Pathway at Edinburgh's Western General hospital

Jean Tulloch, 83, died in March after being placed on the Liverpool Care Pathway at Edinburgh’s Western General hospital
The widow was left without food or water for up to 30 hours by doctors who provided 'unlawful' and 'negligent' care, according to the independent report

The widow was left without food or water for up to 30 hours by doctors who provided ‘unlawful’ and ‘negligent’ care, according to the independent report
The care-home resident died aged 83 in March after being admitted to hospital with a urinary tract infection. 
An investigation was launched into her death earlier this year by the Crown Office after her son raised concerns about the standard of care provided by doctors on the Liverpool Care Pathway. 
However an independent medical report found ‘the starvation diet’ implemented by doctors on what Mr Tulloch describes as ‘the death pathway’ directly contributed to his mother’s death. 
‘I have called for a murder inquiry to be opened into this now. 
Mrs Tulloch's son, Peter Tulloch, is urging police to launch a murder inquiry after claiming doctors at the hospital  'starved' his mother to death

It is claimed the 83-year-old went without food or water for up to 30 hours without her legal guardian’s permission
‘As far as I’m concerned this is proof that my mum was neglected in hospital,’ said Mr Tulloch, a London Underground systems engineer.
‘I was worried that my mother was not being fed at the time and raised the issue in formal complaints which were not treated properly.
‘No attempt to feed her was ever made. She was let down by the NHS and I want answers.
‘Doctors and nurses should face stiff penalties for neglect. A few prominent convictions would concentrate people’s minds and prevent a lot of the abuse that has been exposed recently.’
Mr Tulloch claims staff at the hospital put his ailing mother on the Liverpool Care Pathway without proper consent, and ignored his rights to make decisions on her behalf as her legally appointed welfare guardian. 
In the weeks before her death, it is alleged doctors detached a drip providing Mrs Tulloch with vital fluids without her son’s permission. 
The report comes as both the Scottish and UK Governments look to introduce harsher punishment for doctors found guilty of wilful neglect. 
Mrs Tulloch, a retired nurse, was admitted to hospital in March with a urinary tract infection. 
Though doctors were able to stabalise her condition, her family was told she had only three weeks to live. 
But Mr Tulloch claims when he visited his mother at the Edinburgh hospital she was ‘far from dying’.

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5 Responses to “NHS murdering patients with malice aforethought”

  1. Anonymous says:

    When some patients dies a nurse called Bervery Allet was sentenced toa long imprisonment
    But the government NHS kills thousands and nothing happens,
    thats like you killa person and you are in deep shit, but Tony Blair Churchill or one of the other mass murderers can kill millions and can laugh and walk away from it

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is my belief my 90 year old father was killed by the NHS.

    Dad was in a ward of about eight elderly men. One by one they went and had a feeding tube inserted into their gut. They all died within about three days. Prior to the operation many were walking around and appeared to be recovering.

    Following a stroke my Dad sometimes had problems swallowing. A therapist usually resolves the issue. There was one therapist covering three hospitals.

    I was told by the other patients the therapist simply picked up Dad’s notes, wrote something and walked away!

    The Doctor later told me some bovine excrement about the therapist and I quizzed him and started asking some uncomfortable questions.

    The very next day at 10:00am, my father was operated on without any consent It was NOT an emergency and the feeding tube was unnecessary. The hospital phoned me when he was in the operating theater having the feeding tube put in. I went ballistic!

    Sadly my best friend, Dad, passed away three days later. My father and I were like twins.

    For his age he was relatively fit (apart from the stroke) having never drunk nor smoked. He went through the full six years of front line hell during WWII so he was a survivor. I feel sure he was deliberately murdered by the hospital.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My father, in his 80’s, died recently in a Scottish hospital. It appears he had taken a stroke. I was not informed of the admission until he was too ill to communicate but that said my step mother did not give the hospital my name as next of kin but only her and her daughter. This needs to be changed to nearest living (blood) relations.

    His GP, a prominent figure in academic circles, persistently refused me access to his medical records, contrary to the Access to Health Records Act 1990.

    (Keep an eye on this one to see if it changes for the worse.)

    I suggest such would appear to see him engaged in criminal activity. He claims lawyers told him not to grant me said access. What was there to hide?

    At one point they were going to discharge him so things were clearly not that bad.

    The doctor on his ward granted me access to go through his hospital records but never provided me copies of documents which we agreed were to be released to me as I am entitled to by the said legislation.

    That said every level of administration I have had dealings with in Scotland has shown itself to operate as a crime syndicate.

    According to the records he would not eat and refused a feeding tube.

    If you have an elderly relative in hospital keep this issue in mind and visit at meal times wherever possible.

    Here’s similar story:



  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    So what are people going to do? Drs ..are a law to them self

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