My water meter saga…

Following on from earlier rambles, I have now examined the “scanpad” illegally installed on the outside of my home by Wessex Water. Behind it, an electric wire feeds into to my home through a hole that they illegally drilled through the wall. The wire is attached to the indoors smart meter, also illegally installed. The scanpad and meter are both labelled “Sensus”, like the Census that extracts information from us about our families. 

Or maybe it is censoring us, or sensing us. There are no numbers on the scanpad, but it can be read by a machine, so there must be an electronic chip sealed inside. I see no way to open the device without breaking the covering. Wessex Water were not willing to supply information on this. If it is all so good for us, why are they not telling us the truth?
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  1. Road_Hog says:

    What makes you think it was installed illegally?

    Yes, it is read by a hand scanner – it takes seconds, I’ve seen them do it at my house.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Maybe Lucy did NOT give them permission to install the device?
    Whatever her reasons for not wanting the device it is time we stopped large corporations/ utility companies riding rough shod over our wishes. I, like many, do NOT want ANY electronic device attached to my home just to make it quicker or easier for the utility company to read their meter. If you had as much knowledge as some do out there as to how easy it is to eavesdrop on and even watch people by masking the devices use you too would not want this intrusion. It is a long slippery road we are going down allowing ‘Smart’ meters. There is NOTHING smart and everything odious about those you do not know listening and maybe even seeing to all you get up to. Wake world-make a stand and DO NOT give in to these devices.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The utility companies seem to not mention the word “smart” we had a letter from Anglian Water offering a new meter, I couldn’t get any information from the letter so I searched online and found that the meter uses “Zigbee” named after Zbigniew Brzezinski who’s nick name is (I seem to recall)”Bee Zig”. I phoned the company and they denied that it was a smart meter at first, then they admitted it but argued that they were not out to harm their customers and that the company that produced them are a trustworthy company and that I should talk to them. I told them that companies lie etc.. and I did not want one. I printed a letter from the internet which stated that it would be a legal matter if they installed a surveillance device on my property without my consent.

    Everyone should question everything, there are usually dark reasons behind what is being pushed on us. Smart meters if deployed everywhere are going to cause misery & DEATH. I recommend the film “Take Back Your Power” & the website We can live in a beautiful world without money & control, I recommend watching Michael Tellinger’s videos on YouTube and his website:

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