My parents sold me into child pornography

For those that still disbelieve the human animal does not exist you must listen to this:-

Raven Kaliana – My parents sold me into child pornography
Raven Kaliana and her puppets
Raven Kaliana was made to work in the child porn industry for many years by her parents. 

The money she earned paid the mortgage. The years of constant sexual abuse was dehumanising but when she witnessed another young child being killed as part of a movie she realised her life was in danger as her father was making similar plans for her. 

Eventually she escaped to San Francisco and got a job with a puppeteer. She devised a puppet show “Hooray for Hollywood” about her life, which has helped her deal with her traumatic past, and educate others about child abuse.

Hooray For Hollywood


This video came up next – really harrowing to watch, but it tells you what kind of government we have.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can listen to a very recent interview here (Nov 5th 2103):-



  2. NPP says:

    The BBC covering this: Raven Kaliana – My parents sold me into child pornography – wow, that seems a positive step. I’ll listen out for it. Thanks HETT.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi NPP

    Hope you listen again but usually only available for 7 days so please don’t miss out.

    Was on bbc WOMANS HOUR 10 to 11am


    listen again:-


    real heavy stuff?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is this valid folks?


    This world stinks

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. NPP says:

    should you retrun to this post, just to say I have listened to Raven Kaliana on BBC R4 Woman’s Hour:
    Thank you. I frequently follow the BBC radio as I work and am frequently appalled by the poor standards. However, this was a gem and I would have missed it. Why this is not big big news… well, we can guess why it is not.
    This is a rare example of the BBC doing a proper job, though I’ve heard nothing since about the issue on the BBC.
    Here is a clear speaking, calm yet emotional woman giving evidence that ‘conspiracy theory’ is not just theory. She is talking about child abuse to the point of murder. Where are the police, the mainsream media and follow up? At least this 10 minutes did happen on the BBC.
    Let us hope The People’s Voice will cover such material and make such a noise there has to be follow up.

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