Like I said, it was a tsunami that did the damage not a typhoon

Yet further evidence that the Philippines was attacked deliberately with weather and earthquake weapons in tandem comes from the opinion expressed by victims of the disaster that they were hit with a tsunami not a storm surge.  (No geological evidence has yet been offered for a tsunami)

Tsunami, not storm surge in Samar town?

By Rainier Allan Ronda (The Philippine Star) Updated November 16, 2013 – 12:00am
BASEY, Samar, Philippines – Last week at the height of monster howler Yolanda, the heavy rain suddenly stopped and the wind died down in this fishing town facing the Pacific Ocean.
In the eerie stillness, townsfolk saw the sea recede by about half a kilometer, living fish flopping on the seabed. There was an explosive boom, and then they saw a wall of water about 10 feet high, like a dark storm cloud, roaring toward shore.
The first powerful wave crashed into the fishing village, followed by three more, washing away people, houses, the town auditorium and plaza. As of yesterday, local officials reported that the confirmed death toll in the town stood at 190, with at least 39 missing.
Basey residents believe they were hit by a tsunami rather than a storm surge, which devastated Tacloban City when Yolanda
 battered the Visayas last week with wind speeds up to 315 kilometers per hour. There was no tsunami warning for Yolanda.
Townsfolk lament that Basey is not even on the map of disaster relief officials.
Edgar dela Cruz, 45, of Barangay Mercado, recounted to
Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

The STAR the sight of what looked like a tsunami. During the strange lull in the typhoon, he went out of his house. Jinamok Island was a kilometer across the sea from his village, he said. The sea receded about halfway to the island.
“There was a kind of low black cloud moving toward us,” Dela Cruz said. “We heard a loud boom, like an explosion. And then we saw the giant waves… four giant waves… it was horrible.”
Their house was destroyed. He said he and his family escaped “with only the clothes on our back.”
Councilor Mansueto Delovino, a former mayor of Basey, said many others told similar stories of the apparent tsunami.
“The destruction was caused not so much by the wind but by the wave,” said Delovino, whose two-story house near the beach and town plaza was also destroyed.
Councilor Honesto Zeta said Basey was in dire need of help and relief assistance.
Mayor Egmidio “Junji” Ponferrada said that of the town’s 51 barangays, 19 were severely affected by the typhoon and more than 7,000 households need immediate relief assistance.
He said the first relief aid from the national government arrived only yesterday morning, when the Department of Social Welfare and
Development (DSWD) distributed about 4,880 food packs.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Philippines devastation. Was it another tsunami?

It looks exactly the same as the Japanese tsunami.  The surge came in at 6 am a time most people are asleep – a time calculated to maximise loss of life.  As the event was  a HAARP weather weapon attack, it would make sense that the process was carefully worked out to achieve maximum loss of life. This is the United Nation depopulation agenda in action.  A tsunami can be added to a typhoon using the awesome power of HAARP technology.  I have never heard of a storm surge coming in as this wave does.  It looks exactly like the tsunami that struck Asia, and Japan.

These are one in a thousand year events, happening one after the other just a few years apart,  all in the same part of the world – as if someone was triggering them deliberately.  Funny that.

Rescue services are sent in but only after days have elapsed, with minimal equipment, ensuring the disaster is complete.  4 million people are affected – about 5% of the Filipino population.   They are targeting as many as they can.  No warning of any storm surge was made, only of high winds.  The tsunami was a deadly add-on ensuring 100,000 people died, and not the more usual 100 or so.  It was a surprise attack designed to kill, which sadly achieved its deadly objectives only too well.

In the Japanese tsunami attack, the nuclear facility at Fukushima was covertly hit with a nuclear explosion, from a device positioned in a CCTV housing by the Israeli operators.  Here the typhoon provided cover for a covert tsunami, triggered deliberately using a gravity cancellation device, causing large loss of life.  As the eye witnesses say, it wasn’t wind that killed so many, but wave.  Yet nothing is mentioned of this in the international media, which has its narrative new management sending in foreign assistance teams a week too late, hiding the fact that it was foreign powers that attacked the Philippines in the first place.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hi tap. The vid in this article is not from Haiyan. But I agree with you that the so-called storm surge was not what it was.

    It is good that more information about a possible tsunami that hit Central Philippines is coming out now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The CIA admit that the New Orleans attack was engineered.
    Conspiracy radio last night had an interesting guy on called kevin Fielding, hes been looking into these attacks on whistleblowers, he said they fall into 3 categories but in each case they rely on getting info from those close to the object to be destroyed.
    These collaborators are often paid
    for what they do ?
    who would do this ?
    He spoke of someone called Alice Tailor who did this recently.
    I find this just disgusting, sorry

  3. Anonymous says:

    I heard this broadcast from kevin Fielding, he is on there a lot.
    You misheard the name was not Alice tailor it was Eliis Taylor
    He went out with an old freind of mine and treated her badly, he thinks he is a ladies man and always saying he is hard up for cash, he wont work but calls himself an artist and author, my arse.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The thing is right, that there will always be people who think
    i can get a few bob by ratting on some one to the authorities, its always gone on right,
    it always has and always will i dare say, wherever there is people there will be snitches right ?

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