Jim Stone – mankind is earmarked for destruction by the rest of life in our galaxy

A mail from David Dees

On 2013-11-14 23:47, David Dees wrote:

Hi Jim,
Really am enjoying your new article on Fukushima, did you realize yourself that there was no quake damage, or did someone else alert you to it? I have going through the flood vids and cannot find a single crack in the buildings or roads, this is a hurt realization and right under our noses!!! of course you know this, but I just found out.
As you may know, I do the art for Rense.com, and when I showed him your article he went nuts when he saw your name, and I soon found out that it is more than you, it is the fact you are with Makow, his dark enemy from the netherworld. haha. So he is not listening, but I shure am, what is your background in research, how did you suddenly appear with such cool info like the Fukushima piece?
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My response
The Fukushima report took over 500 hours. I was able to work full time on it 16 hours a day because I had a business that could easily take care of things with minimal work. Those are the real seismograms (they took 5 days to hunt down), the real pictures of Fukushima released by engineers against the elite’s will, I really did get ahold of Ripley, the engineer who designed reactor 3 and when talking to him discovered I had studied the topic out on my own so well that I nailed it perfectly before even talking to him in his own words. The interview did not go to waste – he dropped another bombshell in the article BUSTED. I also made the earthquake discovery on my own. Originally the World Nuclear association agreed with the Fuku report 100 percent, and then got purged along with everything in the wayback machine.
I reached the conclusion of tsunami nuke on my own. My report was completed on May 11 2011 with only updates following.Rense published it on May 11 2011. Later I found out others had reached the same conclusion about the tsunami nukes on their own but no one else in the English speaking online community figured out the fake earthquake. (lots of Japanese people did and mailed me after finding my report)
Rense got severely pressured and had banned me long before Makow, It went like this – After Rense was told he would be taken off the air if he did not pull the Fukushima report (which he did, immediately) Farganne got ahold of Makow with a beatifully condensed version of the Fuku report that Makow wanted to publish. Rense told Makow that if he published it, it was the end of him with Rense. Makow was a Rense affiliate and Rense would get taken down over it. And Makow published the Fuku report anyway. You are playing with fire by touching the truth on this topic, Rense will waste you over this. If he is your primary exposure outlet I suggest you save yourself and clam up about the Fukushima issue.
Rense bowed to money. He was told that if he ever mentioned my Fukushima report again (he published it for two hours) that he would lose all broadcasting rights. Ben Fulford also got trashed by Rense over this issue for not shutting up, even though I doubt the Ninjas at least Fulford will take a HUGE hit for the truth. Makow has proven he will as well. Rense has opted for a lifestyle that includes a freaking model railroad that costs more than 10X the value of everything I have. No wonder why he pumps the B.S. ENE.
I appreciate your looking into this issue deep enough to find my web site, which is no doubt the most slandered on the web. It has to be slandered because if the word of what is in the Fuku report spreads, simply because it is completely irrefutable, Israel is toast toast toast. That report destroyed my life and I hope, in turn, it put an end to tsunami nukes, fake earthquakes, and stuxnet destroyed nuclear facilities. 
You can read about what happened with regard to my life on this site,
3/11 is definitely the worst crime in world history, far surpassing Hitler, 911 and all other crimes save perhaps what happened in Ukraine and it is the worst crime because it was completely unprovoked and punished the entire world with a nuclear monster along with being horrific beyond belief in and of itself. Initially I thought Israel did it only because Japan offered to help Iran with their nuclear program, but eventually it came to light that the Rothchilds ordered it done because Japan refused to pay out trillions of yen they never owed to the Rothchild banking dynasty. Now Japan is bending over and taking it the way the zionists want to “end world poverty”. Solid gold kippas for all bar mitzvots I guess. So much for Jewish civility.
Clearly if the aliens are watching us and think we have a chance of spreading throughout the galaxy they will send an asteroid our way before allowing the Jewish menace to infect the galaxy – with them at the reins of power practically everywhere.  Mankind no longer qualifies for galactic inclusion; we must be quarantined or destroyed.
Thank you very much for writing,
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  1. Anonymous says:

    STRANGE! I was considering the Fukushima strike earlier today and making mental comparisons with the latest Philippines strike.
    I believe both these strikes to be man-made. Japan for offering to process Iran’s uranium coupled with their refusal to pay back a massive debt to America (Rothschild’s) and the Philippines for sending US forces packing. Now after the Philippine strike the country is devastated and guess who’s first on hand to give aid, you guessed it, Saint Rothschild, piling in the relief that’s all got to be paid for by a country that is broke to which the end result will be the resumption of US bases and forever reminded that they are still owing US. A debt that will never be cleared.


  2. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I think the jews referred to are the court jews of the king and lords of the United Nations of the Brytish Empire .If there are aliens that are aware of us I hardly think they would be like children flinging stones in their galactic playground.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like David Dees is now getting targeted for crossing the line and showing interest in Stone’s Fukushima report:


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