Indonesian tsunami was a nuke and meant to be bigger than it was

By Jim Stone

Indonesian tsunami tidbit

Have an acquaintance who was one of the first American boots on the ground visiting a couple islands hardest hit by the tsunami (within less than 24hrs of the event). The natives reported that the sea actually got hot shortly after the event. This observation lines up with your nuclear tsunami theory. I can’t think of any other heat source that could add sufficient btu’s to the ocean to create the observed phenomenon.
My response:
Vialls actually nailed that one and opened my eyes to see the Japan tsunami for what it was.
If that be the case we are looking at the use of a poorly implemented tsar bomba, the Indonesian tsunami was supposed to be worse. And there is no volcanic activity that will do this to a region, volcanoes produce only localized heating. It had to be nuclear and a near failure. A small nuke would not heat the ocean significantly, we are looking at double digit megatons with that observation. They wanted the Indonesian tsunami to exceed Japan’s.

Typhoon coincidences.  Deliberately started with magnetic pulses that started the rotation, the question in my mind still about the latest Philippine, Haiyan is was it also a tsunami?  Some victims say it was.  The timing was also a coincidence – or rather neatly designed to become part of the climate change script, as well as being a highly convenient way to remilitarise the Philippines for the USA.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the Japan nuclear disaster is/was designed to blanket hide all other bombs radiation foot prints?

    so sneaky?


  2. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of dynamite fishing.

    usually in lakes though?

    was there a massive amount of dead floating fish documented, noted & pics? after?


  3. What!!! Is it possible to hide all other bombs radiation foot prints??? Everyone is aware with it.

    Komatsu Parts

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