I don’t remove Wasp’s links. Google does.

wasp said…
Hi Tap, Anon 5:41 pm states that Hitler, & Braun were married, this is Common Knowledge & is hardly a Revelation of any description, if this is the Extent of the knowledge of this Individual, I would suggest – Learn how to use a Search Engine, & Mouse Properly.

The Trolls always tried to appear Educated, they have obviously given up that Line of Approach, The Comments as Harbinger points out bear no Relationship to the Article. I proved this by Troll Baiting, by bothering to reply to one of These Brain Dead Morons. To see what the Response would be.

There are Links w/r/t Pdf’s that will give a far greater understanding as to who Controls America, that Scotty, & I have Provided. I would suggest that the Ill Informed would be advised to Reference these.

America is controlled through the CFR, from the Middle Temple of The City of London. The City of London is Part of Illuminati City State Control System – The Jews Front This System. The Illuminati are Not Jews. The Jews are Zionist Papal Coadjutors. Reference The Archive.

I have for instance told you on occasions that The Fed, & I.G. Farben were Conceived by, & Controlled by Jesuits, this is totally justified if you reference one of the Many Pdf’s I have given links to: viz. The Secrets of The Secrets of Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins Yet the “BRAIN DEAD” never see any Connection

Unfortunately, a lot of them get removed for some reason, unless Tap removes them by mistake then the mystery remains

I will put a Post together to summarise some of this stuff when I have time, as the majority of you don’t read the Links, or Pdf’s


With Regard to Irving, even for a well paid lecturer & Author, I would Having Last £2,000,000 Fighting a Court Case suggests a degree of affluence, when he was capable of renting a Kensington Home at £6,000 per month, one would not expect.

Even the home he shared with his girlfriend, Bente Hogh, and their daughter, Jessica, 12, before he went bankrupt, was a £1 million apartment in Mayfair.

I have always wondered about Irving, he was after all, trained by The Jesuits.

You will find The Fed & I.G.Farben are Closely Linked, & not surprisingly you should be able to spot The E.U. Rome Connection.

The Fed, I.G Farben & Nazis so The Elephant in The Room is Easy to Spot.

The Legal Architect of The Nazi/Cartel Europe became The First President of the ‘Brussels EU’

Many Lost Relatives & Friends in WW l, & WW ll so why were The War Criminals Reinstated in German Flagship Corporations? page 63.






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12 Responses to “I don’t remove Wasp’s links. Google does.”

  1. yes2truth says:

    Does Google remove my comments as well TAP?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wasps..thanks ..ya know you can take the horse to the well …but ya can’t make it drink the water ….Like you can’t flog a dead horse ….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tap please dont get rid of wasp, he gives us a damn good laugh, and BTW i am not anti semitic

  4. Tapestry says:

    I enjoy deleting comments that add nothing or detract from intelligent discussion. I don’t keep notes. They just go if I see them. Swear words usually go.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I read the yes2truth blog and its obvious hes a good and pius man.
    I suggest provided wasp keeps it sensible he can stay, but if he starts on with the same old same old stuff,
    e g tony blair is a jesuit stuff , he gets the boot
    thanks tap

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh what busy Bees……..Wasp …lol…

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    hes right it is doing to this blog what pervert sorry peter tatchell has done to david icke
    superb comment thanks

  9. Anonymous says:

    You may not be seeing your own comments because this site and the forum have been replicated as a holonet, that sits somewhere on an intelligence agency server. Comments are then deleted and censored to cause confusion, frustration and malice amongst users, combined with suspicion cast upon the site owner.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Strange as it may seem I quite like the WASP articles.
    If he could cover Freemasons a little more, this would mean more to us.
    Myself I don’t know any Jesuits, but I do know several Masons.
    When questioned, they say they go to meetings because to pick up the odd contract, and are only low degrees.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The trouble here is that few people can think outside the box. The above comments are self evident of that. So when someone like WASP comes along and rocks their mental boat, so to speak, they can’t handle it. There’s several reasons for this which I wont go into but the obvious to me is that they feel threatened and the only means of defence is to attack. “Question all things” was commanded by Jesus Christ but the answer is WHY! Doesn’t that tell you something of the fact that we are being fed lies from the cradle to the grave by those who lord it over us.
    I personally happen to like WASP’s articles which stir me to investigate what is written and so learn a little more, and that’s the difference. One that is willing to learn something and others more willing to slag-off than question all things and learn.

    God bless oor wee WASP.


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