I believe what is believable, not what I’m told is believable

slow start.  gets going after ten minutes.  not easy watching.  the main point is the role of the Catholic Church in mass murder of Serbs, gypsies and so on.  The priests were some of the most prolific cut throats.

wasp said…
Final One Sent
Previous ones didn’t Print Properly, so here is my last one. Revised Version,

Hi Tap, Julia posted the question:-

Are you living in a comfortable prison?

YEP{ THAT’S CORRECT, IT WAS A JESUIT, AUTHORISED HIT), as most People know The MAFIA is Just another Tentacle of The Octopus.

Remember “The Bay of Pigs”, but its not That Straight Forward Because Castro is also a Jesuit!

Well, Think Now Are You Are you living in a comfortable prison?. 

It appears many are but don’t yet realise it, so I dug this up to bring them up to Speed.

But Many Will Still Deny It, as They Are TOO SCARED TO FACE REALITY.

CAN YOU DEAL WITH REALITY :- Jasenovac – Cruelest Death Camp c.a. 600,000 to 700,000 Serbs Jews & Gypsies Perished in Genocidal Acts, at the Hands of The Ustashe, whilst imposing the same Racial Catholic Purification Laws of the Third Reich. Which was A Concordate State. The Truth Never came out STALIN was an Ordained Jesuit. Fr. Joseph Stalin, who was given Special Permission to Marry, Twice.
After Consolidating his Power Base, He Double Crossed The Vatican, jso they took him out. outt Like Hitler, but in Uncle Joes Case it was More Permanant, via ‘The Poison Cup’.

I have given you Baron Avro Manhattan’s Vatican Holocaust Links in previous Posts, & many didn’t believe it, so here are some Pictures you will never see on The BBC
The Nazi Croatia Death Camps. Jill Dando got mixed up in this stuff without knowing what I am telling you, I would guess.

I will give you my WASP Quote Again:

{I Believe, In What I Believe Is Beleivable, Not, What I Am Told Is Beleivable}.

Many would do well to apply this Dictum, in the same manner as a similar one many know well, & Follow, i.e. …. You Are What You Eat!

Instead of Regurgitating The Complete, & Absolute Brainless Nonsense We See.

N.B. I Do Not Give You Information I Can Not Substantiate.

ALL Intelligence Agencies, & Security Services Are Under Papal Control, whch are under The Control of The Jesuit General. Kolvenbach was “THE MAN”, Zionist Jews Were The Puppets!

Shaking Your Tree Again:



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7 Responses to “I believe what is believable, not what I’m told is believable”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a cloche of total cobblers
    it reads like a mossad disnfo piece
    the sort of stuff we get from wasp, ask anyone who was there
    i was there ina humanitarian medical capacity, fora voluntary organisation, and this is nonsense it really is

  2. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, tat puts Anon @8.27am c.a. 90+, Aid Worker in 1941, out there, & still Blogging:-
    He Must Have Had “BALLS of STEEL”


  3. Anonymous says:

    Not saying the insect is right or wrong, but nobody has come up with FACTS that prove him wrong. Insults don’t make for a good debate on the contrary just prove you’re an idiot. Ooops I’m an idiot.

  4. Anonymous says:

    stalin said “how many divisions has the pope ? “
    before murdering between 63 and 110 million christians.
    Coomunism was inveted to put the wealth of the masses into the hands of a few.
    Jews of course
    the jews killed kennedy
    the jews caused 9/11
    and the jews want us in W W III
    Thanks BIGMAC

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. sovereigntea says:

    What if both the Zios and the Jesuits are part of an enmeshed overarching heirachcial model ? Visible frontment for the real controllers. In public they feign idological opposition but behind closed doors they work together. Much as pols of all parties mix freely at a Bilderberg bash.

    What if there was a single ancient priesthood that spawned all later sub sects. The various religion based belief systems share many common facets.

    Jimmy Saville makes an interesting study as he seemed to cross borders as it were. Mixing with the Zios Catholics and the HRH’s and led a charmed existence.

    Kissinger is another anomoly a supposed Jew that helped Nazis escape ( paperclip ) note how he recently emerged from his coffin to appear between Kerry and Lavrov in the Syria showdown.

  7. sovereigntea says:

    This appears to confirm WASP’s opinion. Re Jasenovac

    Jasenovac – the cruelest death camp of all times 2/6

    By Sir Vojislav Milosevic, Director

    Center for Counter-terrorism

    The holy Catholic Church, headed by Archbishop Dr Alojzije Stepinac, congratulates to Pavelic the creation of “Independent State of Croatia”. Other Catholic priests chose to follow the Archbishop’s steps. In Udbina, a local priest is saying to the flock of his parish: “Until now, we practiced our Catholic faith prayer books and a cross. Today, the time has come, to practice it with rifles and guns. We shall oust and exterminate all the Serbs from Croatia.”

    Ustasha killers, the followers of the cult of knife and bloodshed, cross their killing daggers into a new emblem and swear to the cross and almighty God that they will take part in creating new history, contributing by sheer terror, and making preparations for the cult of blood to the sound of the organ. The tools are ready for lethal blow on the head.

    Robbing prisoners of their valuables

    The massacre of Serbs in Glina church expulsions and forced conversions to Catholicism become events performed on the horrifying scale.


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