‘I am looking forward to The Peoples’ Voice’ NPP

Thanks for the all the advise mates and matesses…

Think outside the box? What box as Gerald Celente says:
Part 1
Part 2

Tap, you are a medium and as much a source as I might be, if not much more. I would have thought you have much to contribute – if you were asked yet not inclined, fine, so be it. It was just a thought.

That’s it then, no more Max Keiser, Stacy, Russel Brand… what about Henry Makow? Is he allowed? Oh, but he slated Jeff Rense. Icke sided with Rense. William Cooper outed Alex Jones years ago. Jones slated Icke. Then they made up. Rense slates Jones. Icke has slated Ventura. Tyrel Ventura slated Rachel Maddow (I would too). Then Stone Jnr., who was part of the Ventura team that Icke slated, had Icke on BuzzSaw… WASP, you sure you’re not a disinfo Jesuit? Hey, just kidding!

I am looking forward to The People’s Voice. I’ve sent cash, not Bitcoin, in the post to TPV. No receipt though, for my tax returns. Will I be disappointed with TPV? Good old human linear time conception will tell.

Artists. I have a fellow sculptor artist friend from Pakistan who once said ‘you are what you say you are’. Probably often apt.
I read through the first 17 pages or so of Kerry Cassidy’s Revelations of an EU official
… and came across a quote:

As a wag once said,
‘The artist must go very far, so that the ordinary man will go far enough.’
Nice idea for the ego-artist, of which I must have been guilty at least occasionally in my time; I titled my first protrait Ego I Go.

The times I have been told not to worry about things or why focus on negative stuff… so many times. The debate just on Tap Blog is robust. I such forums as this disagree so easily, I often conclude e.g. Israel-Palestinian peace? No chance.
I hear vox-pops on BBC 5 Live about how the public feel about being NSA-ed on. They don’t care. “If you got nothing to hide, why worry about being spied on?” they say.
Oh dear I think, we are buggered.

Who are we? Where do we come from? The meaning of life? Infinite consciousness having an earthly experience remains about the best ‘answer’ so far, from that old arthritic ex goalie alleged Mason, Ickey himself.

Then I often think of…
mc² = e
mc²r = er
mc²r² = err
mc²r³ = errr
mc²r³0 = err0r
… just because it makes me smile. I’ve posted that before on Tap and received sarcastic slating. Life!

“Why does Einstein’s theory not allow for any torque?
If atoms are just mostly space, what’s beneath me when I walk? “

Right, after I’ve planned my next painting, I plan to check out ‘Another survivor of Satanic ritual human sacrifice speaks out’ which seems to link to Icke’s best mate Makow. Hmmm. Reliability? I’ll try to think for myself until utter confusion takes over.

Any thoughts on Gambacinni, the BBC driver suicide the day before the trial and the 6 year + affair of Brooks and Coulson? Gambacinni’s recent interview with Smokey Robinson was lovely.

I promise you all, as far as I can recall, I am me and probably still as naive as the day I was conceived. If I am an agent, where’s me bleedin’ cheque?

Oi, c’mon, that foot dragging that box behind me!

Cheers all. X

TAP – I’ve hardly got time to keep this little blog ticking over, NPP.  When I’ve got involved in main media or politics, I find my ideas get used and I’m got rid of!  It’s not a great motivational start point for further involvement.  I like being an observer anyway.  Others like the limelight.  

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

8 Responses to “‘I am looking forward to The Peoples’ Voice’ NPP”

  1. NPP says:

    Tap, you’re doing just fine as you are! If, for some bizarre reason I ever initiate a public media platform, I’ll make you an offer! You might refuse, but at least you’ll be offered.

    Time!! I have work to do!!! But, this looks interesting…
    LEAKED: The Internet Must Go

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whe savile was first outed as a megga-perv, one of the first to shout against him and go queens evidence was paul Gambacini.
    He claims the police promised him immunity for naming savile, now the police say the weight of evidence against Gamabacini
    from what at the time were young boys makes it essental for a conviction.
    The gold standard where experts tell if a conspiracy website is a true one or not, rests on one principle, how does it view the holocaust ? legit ones follow the truth and say no 6 million were gassed
    but Henry Makow still says they were
    result ? makow is false flag

  3. yes2truth says:

    @ NPP

    Celente is another disso of dissos!!

    Makow is a Jewish Jesuit gatekeeper.

    Rense is just weird, make of him what you will.

    The Box is full of lies and The Truth is outside The Box.

    If you’re rating Icke then you are definitely only half way outside The Box.

    In ain’t rocket science. It’s more like a sixth sense or a blood hound’s nose. I would call it spiritual discernment.

    You either have it or you don’t.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I knew rense and ok his personal life is a box of monkeys spanners,
    but what he says is right and he accepts the experts view that the holocaust did not happen…
    VERDICT… rense info is ok

  5. yes2truth says:

    @ Anon

    “and go queens evidence was paul Gambacini.”

    Sounds about right for Gambacini. LOL

  6. NPP says:

    I like Rense.

    Alex Jones was fab on Andrew Neil (fat tosser Neil – calm down NPP!) and a breath of fresh air on the dire BBC. I live in hope that one day the BBC will meet my requirements, one day, may be. I’m being optimistic!

    6 million Jews? Tap and I have been there… though not literally as My Friend Witold:

    Henry Makow? His slating of Rense put me off him. Rense and

    Gambacinni? We must acknowledge the difference between consensual actions and really really unconsensual actions. I worked in Soho night clubs for several years and saw and heard lots. Times have changed. But, raping small boys and girls is not consensual and I would like to think Gambaccini did not entertain such activity. Mind you, Stewart Hall seems to have been far worse than I ever imagined. I keep thinking of poor Steve Meesham and how he has been totally side lined and forgotten. Yet again I ask on Tap, why didn’t McAlpine’s lawyer take Icke to court about Icke’s Twittering? Icke speaks loud and clear, yet McAlpine chased Sally Berkow. Something’s not right there.

    Gerald Celente I adore and subscribe to. Just his story about his ex wife and illness and dumb doctors and surgeons is enough for me. It led to his strong convictions about his whole food lifestyle. His daily Trends In The News is priceless and he is so beautifully rude and angry toward the official arseholes. He is frequently being accused of being anti-Semitic as he calls out Israel for what it is. If he’s ‘disinfo’, I’m the Queen of Sheba. Plus, Celente will do interviews with anyone however big or small, so long as they want to take a serious look at stuff.

    Tap blog seems remarkably open to just about anything plus give me entertaining surprises – who else would post the half naked native woman with an elephant searching for love online?!

    Shrill name calling? I’m tempted to suggest we focus on the obvious crap – the mainstream media incompetence; the hypocrisy of church, state and monarchy, the constant on-going war policy of the UK/US/EU… Jones, Rense, Icke & co are just so much more engaging and perhaps better for my health than the BBC. The BBC should be a standard bearer since it takes the taxpayers’ money. Yet, too many do not recognise it’s inadequacies and more still, say or do nothing to complain and hold account.
    As I type, a scientist is talking about the speed of light and why aliens have not shown themselves… this woman gets paid and appears on the BBC. For F— Sake. She is a serious talking head and I’m sitting here shaking my head.
    David Frost, that late great interviewer is on – pity the late great interviewer didn’t follow up Bhutto when she told him Bin Laden was long dead!

    I wish you’d all send an e-mail to your MPs and BBC complaints for every complaint to me or Tap. Numbers would make a difference.

    Unconditional love to you all… yeah, I’m on the red wine and feeling warm and soft. X

    Even a stop clock is right twice a day. Apparently a Turkish proverb according to David Frost. See, the tosser just made me warm to him since Turkey is so close to my heart. Smooth talking bastard even from the grave!

  7. NPP says:

    Whoah, copied the wrong link… should have been TPV:
    Elizabeth Seninde – The People’s Health:

    This reference is about Elvis not covering/recording Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You because of copyright:

    Silly. Ideas should be shared, not owned. It is a profound issue. I’d copied this link for my own reference re Intellectual Property Right To Become Redundant, but seems I’m sharing it with you now:

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