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  1. Anonymous says:

    my god shes lovely,
    i woud give up Tony Blairs arse for her
    david lambert

  2. Anonymous says:

    please dont make sick comments
    if only it were true to not recognise something, would nullify it

  3. Chris Jones says:

    This woman is talking hippy new age nonsense. Ignoring reality won’t make it go away.

    Yes try and think in a positive way but don’t be confused by mumbo jumbo. You won’t stop sociopathic criminals spraying the skies with toxic materials by eating more lettuce – if only..

  4. Tapestry says:

    It’s mentally a tough thing to be able to cope with the fact that we are being sprayed most days with toxic materials. Different strategies will appeal to different people. This will work for some but not all. The important thing is that more people get to know until politicians are no longer able to waffle their way around the topic.

  5. NPP says:

    I do not interpret her as ignoring it. Quite the opposite, she’s tackling chemtrails head on, the clue is in the title.
    She’s talking cutting edge ‘scientific’ (labels!) quantum theory; a refreshing take, love>fear; but as ever, each to their own. Makes sense to me.
    Indeed Tap, she is addressing an issue most have not even considered. Well done for highlighting… she’s one of the good guys!

    Great stuff on JFK. It is fascinating how the mainstream continue to pretend there is no further evidence to explore while the alternative internet media just keep asking and exploring.

  6. Her decision to go for the option of burying her head in the sand and going la la la isn’t helping anyone…apart from the chemtrailers who will be happy with that.
    Hopefully people will go for option 3 and highlight chemtrails to people they meet.

    NW England under heavy spraying today..


  7. Anonymous says:

    There are a couple of things which she says which are valid:

    1. Take responsibility for your actions.

    2. Avoid eating junk.

    The clear message here is to promote the NWO New Age repackaging of mysticism including T.M.

    Sorry Tap but this is reading scale 10 on my BS detector.

    I would be delighted if her mental energy could bring an end to these “airplanes” or should we say airliners which leave “markings” or rather trails.

    If I have this right, the solution to empower myself with my vibrational energy regarding chemtrails by asking if can I move to another country.

    Avoid this disinfo agent and those like her – like the plague.

    Saw a red chemtrail today.


  8. Anonymous says:

    She’s not talking hippy new age nonsense nor burying her head in the sand nor is it disinfo. This is exactly what NPP said.. ‘quantum Physics’ also known as ‘The law of Attraction’ and it works.
    The mind is far more powerful than most humans are aware and when you understand this and explore the power you hold within thoughts alone the results are phenomenal.
    I live every day of my life using power of thought and have done for years. I have shared it with many others who also have made it part of their daily thought patterns.
    When a person is in a negative frame of mind every thing goes wrong because they are thinking negative they attract negative response, and the same goes for positive thinking attracts positive response.
    The collective power of mind is stronger than individual hence the reason there are many groups who work together to attain changes on a large scale.
    Mother Teresa knew about this power long ago hence her famous phrase when asked to join a protest against war…’When there’s a protest for peace I’ll come along’. Protesting against war is focusing on war hence attracting more war. A protest for peace attracts peace.
    What this girl is talking about has been tried and tested time and time again. It’s been in use by the few since time in memorial.
    It’s even spoke about in the Bible.. Before Jesus healed anyone the first thing he asked them was ‘Do you believe?’ If they didn’t believe they were never healed because they expected the healing not to work so it didn’t.
    How many times have you heard the words…’You can do it just believe in yourself?’
    How many times have you told yourself.. ‘I can do this if I put my MIND to it?’
    If you visualise the thought as if it’s happened ie.. believe in your heart you’ll wake up to clear blue skys and don’t visualise chemtrails, instead of fretting over them and expecting them don’t expect them. It takes time but it eventually manifests just as you visualised it but if you don’t really ‘believe’, then it won’t happen.

  9. Sounds like a keep calm and carry on(even though there are bombs being dropped), don’t let it affect you, how the fuck can we not let it affect us, it is controlling the weather, for what reason i do not know but i can see with my own eyes that the shit that comes out of certain planes leave a stream of exhaust gases that turn into clouds, but e hey as this girl says you can just mentally block it out by thinking one can remain positive in the face of such adversity, which can be described as nothing other than complete denial of the situation.

  10. Anonymous says:

    CHEMTRAILS for Decades Admission by NASA Scientist


  11. Anonymous says:

    The mind Body Spirit combination
    only works if you know how to enter the fray and tackle it at source.
    Chemtrails is a physical attack
    so you cannot deal with it only in the spirito.mental dimension.
    It must be dealt with from source e g primarily the physical.
    What we need to do is educate the public and build on that, get people working together to stop our government constantly making war on us

  12. Anonymous says:

    A very interesting video, and some good comments.
    On a very practical note you may wish to look at this excellent video and radio interview.

    Healing with Turpentine by Tony Pantalleresco.

    He covers a huge range of topics including Chemtrails, detoxing , morgellons with his bath formula, how saturated fat can kill cancer cells, the dangers of smart meters and more, a must watch in my opinion.


    Regards JimUK

  13. NPP says:

    Wow. Evita sure stirs up a reaction. Some interesting comments. Morning Tap!

    ‘Chemtrails is a physical attack’… no more or less physical than anything else. ‘If atoms are just mostly space, what’s beneath me I walk?’
    Quantum seems to be the verbal word here. Oh for telepathy, those were the days… but talking came along to divide and rule and we argue the toss accordingly….

    01 write to your MP, alert all near and far, but how many of you knocking Evita will approach your MP? Dare I suggest this makes any gas chamber theory look petty? This is gassing everyone, not just a selected group. How do those who know avoid chemtrail infection? Probably through good diet, immune system build up and thought.

    02 Try approaching the ‘physical’ from a holographic universe approach. Avoid taking on board the fear. As Bruce Lipton says, certain religious order members will invite potentially deadly snake bites to test their resolve and survive. Biology of belief. I recommend Evita’s interviews with physicist Tom Campbell to better understand her here.

    Yes, lobby for awareness of chemtrails – and do it, not just talk about it – and fortify your mind; your belief system. We can talk to our cells, as wishy washy as that may seem to some.
    Evita is addressing, acknowledging something most do not even notice. Give her credit and support. How many letters has Tap published from MPs who do not even acknowledge chemtrails? Keep writing to the bastards, but avoid being in fear. I guess radiation from Fukushima is a similar issue. Eat well. Raw food. I’ve just discovered someone else diagnosed with cancer. I want to go see him, talk to him about raw food diets, biology of belief, Louise Hay, alternatives to cut and chemo… it ain’t easy. I risk being accused of being mad and contradicting the doctor. There are family and friends who may deem me interfering with wishy washy nonsense.

    Hey Tap. Last I looked there were few or no comments regarding Dr. Don Easterbrook. I would love to have heard the Senate committee ask him about ‘man made’ weather and chemtrails. He must have heard of them. Why did he not mention them?
    Co2? It’s the bloody chemtrails we should be addressing. Please check out Dr. Don Easterbrook’s testimony if you have not already. He suggests the IPCC, NOAA and NASA are manipulating the data – bullshitting us in layman terms. Tell your MP. It’s better than not telling your MP.

    The People’s Voice starts tomorrow. Support them. They will address chemtrails and most everything else covered on Tap.

    Chemtrails? My father still thinks Kellogg’s cereal is harmless and even nutritious. Evita could tell him a thing or two. Oh well.

    Interesting. Thanks everyone. Tell Jordan Maxwell Arsenal won yesterday so everything’s OK. And remember your sense of humour.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Mentioned on another article Saturday, Doncaster had 50 Chemtrails.
    I noticed one of the trails was light brown, did they slip in a little extra something.
    As far as the eye can see 90% cloud cover.
    The reason I mention our Chemtrails on a regular basis, is because we are not on any flight path. We got a 60 degree matrix, and not the usual 90 degree yesterday.

  15. Chris Jones says:

    Surely the point is all aspects should be addressed, not one chosen over the other in a two party paradigm. The ‘mind/spiritual’aspect should aimed to be covered as well as the physical aspect i.e writing to MP’s, the press, lobbying etc. Being good and worthy alone will not address the problem

  16. Anonymous says:

    alot of BS here—tons of HS the idea of not giving something focus when something is killing you is basically sticking your head in the sand—she is scared shitless and this is her avoidance factor is kicking in—we will see what happens when the first mark is on her body and these things replicate in her then we will see how this BS works–been dealing with this direct and I never thought about this either way and still got afflicted –and the people who are afflicted that see me—she needs a real reality check —mind over matter and discoverying who you are is not going to do a fiddlers fart in dealing with this
    a guy gave this a BS scale —more like 100— choose to find a solution not getting into a euphoric pile of BS

  17. Anonymous says:

    Synchronistic….hearing her message over and over from so many places and people
    Personality-wise I’ve been obsessing and completely stressing about Fukushima and Chemtrails. Her words spoke deeply to me….it is cutting edge science and it feels like the truth because its helping. I have been an insomniac and ready to move….had been coming from a scared place….if we’re truly spirit, Are we coming from fear or love is a good question to ask ourselves
    thank you!

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