How The Police State is ruining my life


I found your site while researching how this idiotic law came into effect.

I am from Traverse City, Michigan in the US. I am a victim of this hideous law also. I was arrested in July 2013, for leaving a not so nice voice mail in May to a worker with the Department of Human Services in Traverse City MI.

(Should everyone be arrested for telling people off?) 

I spent 4 hours in jail, then at the court hearing in August I was given a 500 dollar fine, probation for 6 months with all kinds of stipulations (for a freaking phone message!!!!) and now just the other day I was taken to jail again for having drinks in my own home as the cops can stop by anytime they want when you are on probation here. 

Now, I am faced with longer probation, more fines, possible another 3 days in jail, etc…. I have no money for a private attorney, so the judges, court appointed lawyers, and everyone in between, down to the clerk who takes your money for fines are all in this together to make MONEY off of US the POOR customers!

Is there any way to challenge this nonsense, I want to leave the state, but am in school. Also, they may enforce 2x a day blow tests, PBT at $3 a pop. Then random urine screening at $15.00. This is OUT OF CONTROL! 

All for a voicemail to someone who deserved what I said and then some!!

This is very frightening to me, POLICE STATE is very real here. I wish I could leave, but not so easy when you have all this and more to worry about.

Thank you for your site and if anyone wants, please feel free to e-mail me back.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Judge David Wynn Miller watch his videos and study, study, study.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was talking about this very topic with my brother in law who is a career criminal.
    he told us that he was in the prison that held mass murderer Harold Shipman, he said the prison warders were talking about Shipman and said he could have killed 550 old women, and that not all of it wa spublished, such as he would rob their rings and jewelry and as they were dying raped several of them.

    The newspapers said he was a plymouth brethren or a methodist or evangelical, but he and primrose were actually jews.
    The guards turned a blind eye when a bunch of prison gays entered his cell and gang raped him, havinga quiet laugh and ignoring the screams.
    He hung himself 2 days later

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