How the Jesuits operate. Stunning. Vatican assassins.

Fear causing events never seem to fit together.  All groups you are meant to hate seem to be getting their orders or their direction from somewhere else.  One group they tell you to hate is the Jews.  Yet there are many good Jews.

The vatican hierarchy include ‘levels above the Pope’.   Kohlenbach is the Jesuit controller of the day.
The counter reformation was started to head off Luther’s Reformation.

They don’t want us to know true history or we’d understand who controls the world today.  President Lincoln was killed by the Jesuits, and people knew.  The history that explained the Jesuit control of world events was got rid of from the US public education system.

The Archbishop of NY is called the archbishop of the world.  Jo Kennedy caused the 1929 stock market crash by selling short.  Jo Kennedy was controlled by the archbishop of New York.

JFK was a Catholic.

The Jesuits always wanted to put a Catholic King on the throne of England and tried to assassinate Elizabeth many times.  They wanted Catholics on all thrones of Europe.

Roman catholic people have no idea of the power of the hierarchy and the Jesuit Order.  In 756 AD The Pope was given temple (political) power 150 years after he was given spiritual power in 606 AD.  The two keys on the Pope’s flag represent spiritual power and temple power.  The Pope’s aim is to have temple power over every nation in the world.

The Buddhists were under the control of the Pope.  The Emperor of Japan expelled the Jesuits in the 18th century, allowing them back in in 1913.  In Vietnam Diem was the creature of Cardinal Spelman, persecuting Buddhists in Vietnam.  Kennedy executed Diem, and was not forgiven by the Jesuits.

After 1870 the Pope was considered infallible.

The corporate government of the USA, the Federal Reserve is the tool of the Jesuits.  The Constitution of the US is incompatible with the absolute control of the Pope.  The Archbishop of NY controls the Council of Foreign Relations.  The CFR controls all the bureaucracy of the Federal Government.

In Europe the Jesuits were expelled by every country in Europe by the 19th century.  The mass firebombing of Germany and Japan was payback time for expelling the Jesuits.  Every military invasion can be explained as payback for rejecting the Jesuits.

In 1648 the Dark Ages ended.  Art, inventions began.  Music flourished.  The Treaty of Westphalia.  The Protestant Reformation ended the Dark Ages.  The Bill of Rights included the right to bear arms, which protects the right to use your own mind and talk directly to God.  If we lose the right to bear arms, we will lose the right to our own individual existence.

This provides a key to understanding history.

In 1886 ’50 years in the church of rome’ explained the Jesuits assassinated Lincoln.   You can understand all the US foreign policy of the last hundred years as the attempt to re-establish the temple power of the Pope.  England and America were captured by the Jesuits, and were used to destroy Germany and Russia.

To understand world events, you need to work out which countries are in the control of the Jesuits, and how they are being used.

At the top, they are Luciferians.  They worship Lucifer.  If good people start fighting back in this spiritual war, they can drive them out.  They’re now firing up the red Chinese, the Russians, and the Moslems to attack the US.

Council of Trent rejected freedom of speech.  Virginia was destroyed as being totally contrary to the Council Of Trent producing the Constitution and other freedom doctrines like the Monroe Doctrine.  The greatest crime to a Jesuit is to think for yourself.

The only way they can stop us is physical violence.  Don’t attack one group in particular, like Jews, or Catholics.  Realise that the secret society of the Jesuit Order can be exposed – the murder of kings who don’t submit to the temple power of the Pope.  Don’t hate the Jesuit Order.  Hate their deeds and their doctrines.

We’re all victims, being robbed by taxes, to fight their wars.  The Kennedy’s have been victimised.  Teddy Kennedy knew who killed his brothers, but he couldn’t say anything.  JFK’s son was going to start talking and his plane went down.  The men in power who are under their control have sworn oaths not to talk.  Only people who have not sworn oaths to be on the inside can talk and tell the world.  People like WASP who takes a lot of flak on this blog for doing so.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing again !!!!

  2. Tapestry says:

    I’ve added a link to take you direct.

    sorry what else can I do?

    check recommended video within recommended books.

    Check out Eric Phelps Vatican Assassins on Youtube.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Lots here early Jesuit history unearths the Jewish connection – are they still linked !

    Zionism and the Jesuits Brothers in arms ?

    Has anyone counted the Jewish + the Jesuit educated pols in the EU or the States ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Phelps is a Zionist shill, an Israeli diamond merchant. He’s Vice President and Chief of Sales for the Israeli affiliated company,,
    He offers no evidence for his absurd and wild claims that the Jesuits are behind everything.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The classic book “”the protocols of the learned elders of zion””
    tells jews to put the blame on christins vatican and jesuits.
    This is a hate post and Henry Curteis should be more responsible in his attitude of what is allowed to go up
    * PS each month 1000 iraquis are kiled in bombs left by Israeli IDF forces in iraq, they want the land cleared asap

  6. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Will the jews or the catholics win the world cup? Whoever does it’s bad news for the rest of us.Then there’s the muslims but they’re split between sunni and shia,who will win the local derby?No,no it’s the capitalists versus the communists in the big league.Me?I’m with the eskimos against the pigmies,they’re the real foe.Alright that’s enough heavy handed irony,anyone heard about the dialectic?divide and conquer?How about just thinking for yourself and not joining a gang?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 10:59. Maybe phelps is a shill but that does not alter the FACT that many whistleblowers out there are making exactly the same disclosures. Let the Jesuits deny/disprove it!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Anon @9;12 Surely the whole point of an open internet forum is precisely that! i.e. OPEN!
    Once you start to remove posts with which you do not agree or think may cause offense then you might just as well close the whole forum thing and go back to burning books! Censorship/Isolation is not the route to freedom and/or problem solving but rather openness, debate and defending the rights of those who wish to speak even when we are uncomfortable or dislike the things being said. reiverdave

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wrong the point of blogs like this is to etsblish and maintain truth this can only be done by educaton.
    And this is why whistleblowers have been coming in for so much hate by shills such as wasp etc
    who want to muddy the aters for us

  10. Anonymous says:

    Phelps exposes Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones, so he is more credible.
    They are gatekeepers for the Jesuits. Charlie has changed his name so is an actor.

  11. Tapestry says:

    Are people asking us not to consider the possibility of Jesuit control of America? Why? If a thought is expressly forbidden by others, it tends to make it seem more true, not less.

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