Hollywood’s Jews and Israeli nukes

Israeli film producer Aaron Milchan in a recent interview with Israeli investigative journalist IIana Dayan, has claimed that in the 1970s he acted as a Mossad agent behind his career at the Hollywood film industry. Hana Dayan is very popular TV personality for her Channel 2 current affairs show, Uvda. The interview is to be aired tonight.
Milchan has claimed that he convinced several other Jewish bigwigs including Hollywood director Sydney Pollock to join his espionage network. He boasted that he did all that covert operations for “my country and I’m proud of it”. Robert De Niro, an Israel-Firster Zionist Jew admits he knew Milchan was working for Israeli Mossad.
Milchan’s next film is Noah. It’s based on Biblical story of prophet Noah, but an effort to depict him as a “Jewish leader”.
In interviews with both “60 Minutes” and Los Angeles magazine in the past, Milchan was less circumspect. In Los Angeles magazine, he said: “Let’s assume that there’s nothing that Israel and the United States do separately. I’ll say it in my own words. I love Israel, and any way I can help Israel, I will. I’ll do it again and againIf you say I am an arms dealer, that’s your problem. In Israel, there is practically no business that does not have something to do with defense.”
Meir Doron in his book, ‘Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycon – Aaron Milchan’, tells the story of Milchan as Israeli Mossad top double agent, who was involved in Israel’s nuclear bomb program in procuring American bomb-producing nuclear equipment and technology while producing some of Hollywood blockbusters like JFKPretty Woman,  LA Confidential, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Christopher Bollyn has exposed Milchan’s secret relation with Shimon Peres, Netanyahu, Barak and Murdoch, the Zionist Jews behind Israel’s nuclear bomb program and cover-up of Israeli involvment in the 9/11 false flag operation.
While millions of Americans have watched his films, such as Pretty Woman and JFK, very few know that Arnon Milchan is a “best friend” of Shimon Peres (born Szymon Perski in Wiszniewo, Poland) the Israeli president and godfather of Israel’s nuclear arsenal,” writes Bollyn.
Milchan’s 40-year friendship with Peres, the man who oversaw the illegal development of Israel’s nuclear weapon program, is key to understanding Milchan’s career as an undercover operative, weapons procurer, and film producer. The fact that Milchan, the Hollywood producer, has been Israel’s “foremost weapons procurer” for decades, brokering deals for “everything from nuclear triggers to rocket fuel to guidance systems,” is seldom mentioned in the US news media,” adds Bollyn.

One of American Jews involved in the development of Israeli nukes, Dr. Zalman Shapiro is seldom mentioned in the Jewish-controlled American press, for stealing 741 pounds of highly enriched uranium suitable for weapons production from NUMEC. Shapiro was president of NUMEC laboratory and was involved in diverting the enriched uranium to Israel for later’s nuclear weapons program.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is a fabulous article but just a small piece in the jew Hollywood/propaganda jigsaw.
    Christopher Bollyn has whistleblown us some wonderful info,
    please google him, and this at great cost to himself.
    Chrios Cooper the ex- NSA whistleblower said on radio recently the Christopher Bollyn was top of the list for israeli assassination, Cooper also was the one who let the cat out of the bag that the NSA were tapping Tony Blairs phones and knew he was sexually dallying with Rupert Murdochs lovely wife

    • This place, is Satanist luciferian. That’s fair enough. At least its in plain sight
      Whats unnerving. Until Spiritual forces have come together on Tapblog, to fight this.
      Tne very people running Tel Aviv and the Vatican, lets not forget them please.
      Have the ability to look and sound just like us, normal everyday people. Like a Virus
      And appear normal. And they have all the media soundbites, and know how to pitch their voices, and look at the camera. That’s the scary part. That Satanists, whether in Hampsterad, St Johns Wood, Woolongong, [that sick looking mayor with no soul], or Paris, or Washingto DC. etc etc.

      Thankgod Abi Tapblogs fiercely on the case, positive spiritual forces coming together.Working tirelessly.
      – to comment
      – to postulate and hammer out conclusions and new realisations
      – to provide a social forum of support
      – to act as a spiritual beachhead
      – to act as a hub where awakening people can come, and hopefully find truth
      – to shine sunlight on the Dracula Satanists that exist in thecolemanexperience
      – to share health tips
      – to explore Antarctica
      the lists so long ill leave it there xxx

    • A beautiful, intelligent partner, where id have no desire to look elsewhere, would come in handy. This I can sense, would be a wonderfulstep forward. Though ive known this since since 16 seeing yuyu. Although I think all my years, of being single, and having time to think on various matters, have all been for a Divine Plan. Had I got married in my twenties and had kids and got totally distracted, and overworked, no time to spare. I wouldn’t be thinking and reflecting and coming out with humble conclusions about life and reality like I am now.

      Maybe ive had a small part of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle job to do? To help humanity in 2015 understand. Maybe Interdimensional forces have been giving me prompts? matthew mcconaughey in Interstellar got prompts, and clues.

      And as well, being in my 40s, I will appreciate many things about the whole process, I probably would have taken for granted, wonderful as they are, if theyd happened in my twenties, and didn’t know what was happening

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