Hinckley did not shoot Reagan

John Judge talks.

Reagan’s car inexplicably stopped forty feet down the kerb from the Hilton Hotel.  Hinckley’s six bullets were all accounted for.  None of them hit Reagan.

Reagan raised his hand to wave.  He had been advised there was no threat and wasn’t wearing his vest.

The bullet that his Reagan was a disc fired by CO2 gas, used by secret agents, making little noise.  They often contain poison and can cause cancers.

The disc missed his aorta by a quarter of an inch.

The nurses couldn’t find any bullets, although they found a slit in his skin.  The story that it was a ricochet hit was invented to cover the fact that the bullet came from the wrong direction, and made a slit wound.

Brady was hit by Hinckley.  He got to a public hospital three minutes before Reagan.  The agents tried to take Reagan to Bethesda, a naval hospital where the killing could be finished of.  A deal was then made that Reagan would be allowed to live, as long as he kept out of the way.  He was sent out to Camp David, and Bush ran The White House from hereon.

Reagan loyalists saved his life from the Bushes.

Judge describes awful weapons used against Iraqis, and Vietnamese.

A worldwide genocide is in process.  The New World Order.  There will be tight control over all resources of the world.  Social control.  Who gets support and why?  Who doesn’t get support and why?  The choice is do we die on our knees or do we die on our feet.

End silence.  Challenge the institutions we live under.  Get rid of class bias, racial prejudice and other prejudices which stop us from being human beings.  Human solidarity is beyond the wealthy elites.

The technology of control is television.  Subliminal messages are continually broadcast by satellites onto televisions all over the world.  Hundreds of unsolved assassinations are taking place all over the world to take out anyone who could stand in their way –

(TAP – people like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Robin Cook – hundreds of others, historians, teachers).

Own your own life.  Realise that you have worth as an individual.  Respect yourself.  Then respect others.  Form supportive bonds with others.  If you’re an opportunist, they’ll use you.  They track everyone.  Phones are listened into by machines that listen to 450,000 calls simultaneously.  They select from these those that go to human ear.

Anyone who walks into the White House is arrested and diagnosed as delusional.  It’s an armed camp.  DC cops.  Military Police.

There were numerous attempts to kill Kennedy.  There were Oswald-type plants all over the place (?).  Clones.  One Oswald went to Russia.  There were many many Oswalds.  Don Norton (another Oswald) was involved as a money courier for the mafia.

Nixon/Jack Ruby connection.  They plan the scenarios and the characters way in advance.

Mafia tradition – you kill the Don, then marry his wife.  Onassis.

All intelligence agencies work as one to control the world.  Norman Swarzkopf senior, father of General, trained Sabak, Iranian secret police.  He protected oil refinery in Saudi in 1943 with 30,000 US troops. He installed Nazi/fascist regime into Iran with Shah, to stop oil being nationalised.

His son was involved (Cuts)

Oliver North positioned all spy satellites around the world.  KL flight stayed on course.  Describes how the plane was bombed as part of covering up a covert operation of stealth technology.  Done to keep Cold War going.  The scenario was written two years before in a book.  Scoop Jackson.

Massive details.  BCCI.  Nicaragua.  Abu Nidal.

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