Court Hearings in December illustrate how the UK’s ‘child protection’ system is an international scandal

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NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                                                    19 November 2013
3 Court Hearings in December illustrate how the UK’s ‘child protection’ system is an international scandal
US mother Melissa Laird[i] is listed for a hearing on 5 December 2013 in the High Court to address the ‘substance of her case’ and to ‘exercise her rights of appeal’. Due to torturous prison conditions in HMP Holloway including being beaten up[ii], she was seriously prevented from advancing her legal affairs. This included contact with her son from whom she was separated in December 2011, when he was 4 years-old. She was advised to plead ‘guilty’ to ‘abduction of a child’, her own, after having relocated from the UK to Spain; in May 2011 Barnet Council had issued a European Arrest Warrant. She was arrested when she took her son to hospital in Alicante in December. In March 2012, Family Judge Mayer ordered that contact was at the discretion of Barnet Council who deemed it best not to arrange for any contact at all, contrary to the Children’s Act 1989 and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Nigerian couple Gloria and Chiwar Musa[iii] were also imprisoned after their children had been forcefully removed by 8 Police Officers of Haringey Council. The goal is the same: keep the children for foster ‘care’, dispensing with the consent of the parents for forced adoption[iv] orpunishment without crime[v] and finally deport the parents. Their appeal hearing is listed on 6 December 2013
The secrecy of family courts[vi], gagging orders with threat of imprisonment and forced adoption are among what is unique in the UK,  what Christopher Booker describes in The Telegraph as aninternational scandal[vii]. But the current President of the Family Division of the Royal Courts of Justice Sir James Munby appeals to courts “to adapt to the realities of the internet and particularly social media” with the Baby J judgement[viii]reported widely.
Portuguese couple Carla and Jose Pedro[ix] whose 5 children were taken byLincolnshire County Council in April 2013 are not afraid of prison. Their hearing is listed for 9-10 December 2013. As with the Musas, their children were taken without paperwork. Afterwards, the oldest child was used to fabricate a false allegation against the mother, as in the Musa case and against the father as in the Pedro case. Subsequent lies, falsified ‘expert’ reports and faked allegations result in more and more documentation, while the children are screaming to be heard[x].
Latvian mother Laila Brice[xi] is another foreigner who is neither afraid nor intimidated. Her 5-year-old orthodox Russian speaking daughter was taken byMerton Council and put up for adoption without a court order. She names all social workers and other officials involved onKeep Calm and Challenge Britain: UK and Foreign Children Back for Christmas![xii]
Kellie Cottam’s[xiii] two children were taken by Flintshire Council on 13 December 2012. After rallying a lot of support for her hearing, her case was vacated. Hence she campaigns for her own and other Kids Home for Christmas[xiv].
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Notes and links for editors:
  1. The Association of McKenzie Friends[xv] is an unfunded network of individuals. It has come together to help parents whose children were taken and imprisoned, fending for themselves as Litigants in Person[xvi]. Our petition Children Placed in Foster Care[xvii] was put before the House of Commons on 3 September 2013 without any response so far.
  2. Foreigners among women[xviii]whose children are targeted have also been observed by Vicky Haigh[xix]. She was imprisoned for 3 years for supposedly having breached a ‘non-molestation order’ – by saying ‘hello’ when she saw her daughter accidentally at a petrol station. She has not seen her now 10-year old daughter since, after she was given to her abusive father. She was the first victim named by John Hemming MP in Parliament: Gag removed job done[xx].
  3. John Hemming is the only MP who reliably stands up for victims of family courts. He is Chairman ofJustice for Families[xxi] and has organised a meeting for foreign embassies that resulted in the Early Day Motion International Concerns about UK Law[xxii].
  4. Christopher Booker’s column in The Telegraph addresses the issue regularly. He wrote 14 articles[xxiii]about the Musas and 2 about Melissa Laird.
  5. The publisher of Forced Adoption as a book and website is Ian Josephs who has a law degree from Oxford and runs a language school in Monaco. He advises up to 10 parents a day by phone.
  6. Abolish Adoption without Parental Consent[xxiv] is an online petition before the EU Parliament which is supported by a 10-page Dossier of Evidence[xxv].

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fred Meyer jewish spokesman admits Mossad killed Gareth Williams, spy in the suitcase

  2. Anonymous says:

    The child-stealing situation in the UK is indeed terrible and supporting parents is the best of work. However, to work WITH and WITHIN a corrupt system of Law perpetuates it and its wrongdoings.

    Why is it a virtue that parents “are not afraid of prison”?! Are innocent people supposed to accept serving time, having been stitched up? For the many who have committed no crime (whether from the UK or abroad), there should never have been any intervention in the first place, never mind prison!!!

    It is ACTIVE NON COMPLIANCE that the UK now needs, NOT kow-towing to a corrupt system, which leaves decent parents rotting in prison while their children are abused in foster care.

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