Greek Police drive closing TV station onto the internet

Well, well, well – we’re all used to seeing TEAR GAS used on the streets against protestors – but last night Greek riot police have cleared the headquarters of a TV channel using tear gas to gain entry and arresting TV-reporters! This is INSANE!

Police formed a cordon round the building in Athens, before going from room to room to evacuate protesters. Former employees have occupied the building since the government closed ERT and sacked its 2,600 staff in June.

Greece’s conservative-led coalition said the state broadcaster cost too much to run in an economic crisis…. But the TRUTH is deeper than that – it was an attempt to CENSOR any Public Criticism of the massive Greek Banking and Political Bribery Scandal!!!

The closure of the ERT TV-station prompted the journalists to go ON-LINE and continue broadcasting TV shows using the INTERNET… Following the announcement of ERT’s closure in June, hundreds of staff refused to leave the building and continued to broadcast on the www… The STUPID POLICE just do not realise that this brings MASSIVE ATTENTION to the ERT TV website and now even more people will understand the CORRUPTION!

Chris Everard
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2 Responses to “Greek Police drive closing TV station onto the internet”

  1. NPP says:

    Robots in uniform: police
    military, security guards….

    A friend told me of her recent experience with a group of girls and boys from a private school on a Duke of Edinburgh award course. In the woods camping style. The ex-military instructors used phrases:

    Pain is temporary. Glory is forever!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body.

    These brain dead police enforcing the closing down of a TV sation using gas – what if at some point the uniforms refuse the orders? It can happen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It has happned that the uniforms get so upset over what they are ordered to do to the people it reaches the point where the uniforms join the people, when Hitler learned of stalins plan to march into Germany, Hitler marched did if first, many Russians sick of stalin waved flags and welcomed Hitler, especially the Ukrainians who had suffered most under the jew communists, Stalin had to ask his pal Churchill t send out false reports through the Enigma signals
    saying Hitlers men must not trust the Ukrainians, had he done so there would have beena ready made army in place against Stalin.

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