Peoples’ Voice. Picture of David Cameron alleged in possession of former call girl agency owner.

The Bullingdon boys ordered three girls from Natalie Rowe, and drugs.  The negotiator was George Osborne.  The story comes from the lady who ran the escort lady, Natalie Rowe.
The Chief Whip was also there.
Rowe describes the harassment she’s had to live with as the elites try to keep her quiet.  The Drug Squad raiding her house.  N.O.W. journalists.  The Police dressed as postmen!   She doesn’t deal drugs any more.
The Police asked her about her memoirs she was writing during the raid.  They brought twelve officers and no sniffer dogs.  They blamed government cuts for not having a dog.  They claimed they had a tip-off from the public about drugs.  She was worried they could plant something. 
Who is Joe in her memoirs? asks Sonia.  Joe is George Osborne.  There are bankers, politicians, heads of big companies.  Natalie (not real name) doesn’t want to out people individually.  She wants people to know what kind of people run the country and how they behave.
‘I’m a Black Yorkshire girl and had those kind of guys in her control – on all fours, being spanked’.  Many are gay, and she set them up with black boys. 
Max Clifford had a dispute with the News of the World.  They approached her direct, but she’d signed with Sunday Mirror.  The N.O.W. hacked her phone and wrote a self-written story before the Mirror could publish.  Osborne called her two days prior to the story coming out, and it was taped.  He’s been offered a right of reply by The People’s Voice. 
Osborne told her to lie and deny that he took cocaine and had girls.
She’s never met David Cameron.  There was a 1994 photo, since taken out of circulation, which was put up on E-Bay, which attracted £50,000 bids.  It was not shown.  It had David Cameron in it, she ‘believes’.  E-Bay took down the lot saying it was an inappropriate picture, a picture they’d never actually seen.  She won’t reveal the photo publicly except in her defence in court.  Sonia’s seen the photo.
The Sunday Mail and others are using dirty tactics to keep this under wraps.
She says if it had been Boris, he’d just admit it and say yes it was me.  By playing all these games with Natalie and trying to keep her under threat, Osborne is digging a big hole with me, she says.

Natalie Rowe and George Osborne in photo showing white powder on the table in front of them.  She knew him well.

Bullingdon Club held their events (orgies) at Waddesdon Manor, the Rothschild property.  She sent her girls there to entertain members, three prostitutes.  The media asked if she could call them strippers, not prostitutes.  Nat Rothschild is a friend of George Osborne.  It’s hypocrisy the way they try to hide who they are and what they do, and how they lie about their actions, and break loyalty with former friends.

George is slandering Natalie and lying, cheating and covering up.  Why doesn’t he open up?  What else is there in his past and what’s he doing to cover that up?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    He looks quite satanic in that photo doesnt he?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, So after all this information has been revealed, when will Osborne resign.
    The Elite families are drug dealers and have been for hundreds of years.
    When will the accept responsibility for all the drug taking on our streets, and all the lives of our children ruined.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is for real so why TF is GO still MP….Give him a boot up his….and give him his P45….

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is also a photo in circulation of a ginger bint astride a gentleman on a footbridge perhaps this is at At waddeston too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why is he still in the Job ………

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