Facebook Removes Weather and HAARP Pages Totaling 1000,000 People, Forced To Start Over Again

Facebook removed TheWeatherSpace.com Network on November 12, 2013 without a solid reason as to why.  In fact all sites on the server were gone.  A chemtrail monitoring page, a HAARP Status Monitoring Page, a Southern California Weather Page, and the National Weather Page.  All pages totaled over 100,000 likes.

When arriving at Facebook the security team greeted me and told me to fill a card out.  I then gave my license as I thought this was the process to see someone there and get a visitor badge.  No big deal here … 2 minutes later 6 police cars came in and told me to leave.  I really did not know where this came from.  They didn’t really know either, however I left and drove the 6 hours back to Southern California empty handed.  I had no answers. 
I have since started over on the new Facebook Pages and have seen growth in them in only 10 days.
TheWeatherSpace.com Network Facebook Page –  Click Here – Had 63,000 people and was gaining 10,000 every 2-3 weeks and growing fast.  This page is a custom weather forecast and alert system that is not government controlled so try it out and trust your citizens to take care of the rest.
HAARP Status page – Click Here – Had 26,000 people on it and most noted for Detecting HURRICANE SANDY 10 days before hitting.  It’s under 1000 now but posts update frequency maps on what is being detected in the upper atmosphere.  It’s useful to some. 
Chemtrail Forecast Systems – Click Here – Had 6,000 people on it.  It’s under 1000.  It posts daily Chemtrail Forecasts out to four days judging on the previous day’s activity.  It’s useful to some as well.
Southern California Weather Authority – Click Here – Had 8,000 people on it … It’s now just over 1000.  It was the most unique and largest forecast project for 10 counties across Southern California.
TheWeatherSpace.com Main Page – Not Facebook, but is the home of the project.  Housing an alert system with thousands of people on it, receiving non-government issued tornado, winter and other forecast products.
Now why did Facebook do this?  It’s unkown to why and we may never known … however we will press on and continue informing people out there because our work is never going to be over.  The government has been all over our projects for awhile now and we will continue to press on and help out our fellow citizens and I hope you’ll join us.
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4 Responses to “Facebook Removes Weather and HAARP Pages Totaling 1000,000 People, Forced To Start Over Again”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The obvious solution is don’t protest against things on a site controlled by the people you’re protesting against! Would you expect someone who owned a shop to let you put posters in his window that were against his shop?

    Get your own site. It’s not hard, it’s not expensive (free even) and a lot smarter than using facebook! A bit like… this site!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Facebook is a household name and well known multinational network source for getting information out to many quick. That’s a problem for those that want to keep things secret.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Surely the men behind Facebook are in the same league as those who are doing the world so much harm such as The Vaccinator, Mr Gates and friends.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hech out Mr Gates’ website of innovation on vaccines, geoengineering etc


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