Corporations target kids. Parents need to understand how to defend them.

Corporate behaviour is similar to that of a psychopath.  No concern for others.  Trouble obeying the law and convention.  A corporation is a person under the law.  A corporation has no authority to serve the interests of anything other than itself.  It has no internal or other moral constraints.  That’s what makes them dangerous.

Governments have withdrawn all regulation.  In 1958 all marketers had was the comic book.  Now the internet gives corporations total access to their minds.  They design the content to be ‘sticky’ – to keep them glued to the screen.  They ramp up violence, entice them with sexuality, make them feel older than they really are.  They are designed to get kids addicted.

They inflict emotional pain on the kids if they leave.  They get them attached with pets that get sick if they don’t stay online, or come back to the site all the time.  They sell food, habitat for the pet.

Honesty Box on facebook allows kids to make anonymous comments on their friends, and many kids get addicted.  This is also monetised to pay cash to be able to bribe the other kids to reveal who they are.

Many kids live their lives on a marketing platform, such as Facebook.  Ten hours a day is what kids spend on electronic media.  College age kids are not reading any more.  They only follow the world in shallow ways on Twitter, excessive consumerism, less authority of parents, weakens the bond between parent and child and makes the parental role more difficult.

Add this to the effects of pharmaceutical drugs, the chemicals pouring out into the environment.  Joel advocates a precautionary approach.  Corporations always argue that the damage alleged hasn’t been proved scientifically.  Proof is usually very hard to achieve such as smoking causes cancer.  We should ash how bad is the harm that is happening.

There’s an explosion of child mental health problems, even two year old kids.  In 1980 very few kids had mental illnesses.  Now kids suffer compulsive disorders, depression.  There is overdiagnosis, over medication.  Medical practitioners are too heavily dependent on the pharmaceutical industry.  Corruption.  Former cheer leaders are heavily represented as medical reps.  Sexual favours.  Free meals.  Gifts.  The studies manipulate the grey areas in medical science.  Studies find what the corporations need them to find out.

Doctors are allowed to prescribe any drug to anybody.  Even a drug that hasn’t been tested on children at all can be prescribed for children.  Medical books are systemically biased.

Parents need to be aware to make better decisions.  You can’t control your kids’ exposure to the things going on in the world.  These are societal problems.  To be a good parent you have to become activist in controlling the societal environment.

TAP – Joel Bakan is a lawyer and still believes he’s living in a democracy.  Heaven help him!  He doesn’t realise how far gone our freedoms are.  He still thinks things can be repaired with a bit more effort from the lawyers.  He looks for explanations such as profit for the actions of the corporations.  He doesn’t realise there is a depopulation and mind control objective behind the assault on our kids’ minds and bodies.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe this maybe a ploy to stop the internet, i suggest parrents suppervise there children, don’t let them have computer in there bedrooms, so you can see what they are looking at, there are things you would,nt want your child to watch, peace of mind really,Im a parent and i don.t allow tv or computer in there rooms,

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree this definately has a feel of controlling the internet about it and it won’t be in the peoples best interest I’m sure

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