China: ‘Baby box’ plan for unwanted newborns causes stir

A Chinese city’s plan for a “baby box” where parents can anonymously leave their unwanted infants is proving controversial, it’s reported.

Shenzhen has apparently applied to the Guangdong provincial authorities to pilot such a facility next year. Some social media users have warned that the box will encourage “irresponsible parents” to give away their unwanted children, the People’s Daily newspaper says.
But the head of Shenzhen’s social welfare centre, Tang Rongsheng, points out that nearly 100 abandoned infants have been handed over to his centre this year. “The shelter embodies the idea of prioritising the interest of the child,” he says.
Shenzhen is not the only Chinese city to consider such a system. Shijiazhuang apparently launched one in 2011 and has since received 170 infants. Other cities are expected to follow suit, the Jiangsu Province web portal reports. Baby boxes, common in medieval Europe, are making a comeback in countries such as Germany. But the boxes have been criticised by the UN for violating the rights of children.
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4 Responses to “China: ‘Baby box’ plan for unwanted newborns causes stir”

  1. Anonymous says:

    actually its not a bad idea, maybe we could have a big box in every town where criminals shirtlifters socialists jews and politicians could be dumped ? and maybe those informers and 5th columnists too ?
    hhhmmm got me thinking now…
    Colin Carfrey

  2. Anonymous says:

    But the thing is every person whistleblower or otherwise when they decide to let info out to the public knows there are people who will stab them in the back, its the nature of the game.
    If you dont want stones thrown at you dont stand with the crows.

  3. Anonymous says:

    But its not like that,
    How many m,en would have gone into W W II if they knew it was a pack of lies ? why should they go fight governments wars for them ?
    whats it to do with the people, christ they have their own problems.
    There has always been shits who will stab those who tell the truth in the back, its the way things are, and probaby always will be.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And these are the people who will be building our nuclear power stations?, the people being hailed as the new civilisation taking over the decadent west?

    It used to be aid that Asiatics didnt have the same sense of empathy or guilt that other races do, being more inclined to cruelty.

    Maybe its this that lies at the heart of our Khazar leaders who have no compassion at all to those who they rule over.

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