Chemtrails over Thailand

S.E.A.C.A.R.S. started operating out of Thailand in 2013.  Chemtrails are now a regular sight in Thailand where there none or very few before.  Weather operations are flown from Thailand over other nearby countries.  Photos sent in by Tap correspondent R.Zedinko (not a real name).
Thailand’s once clear blue skies are fogging up, under the weight of aluminium and barium aerosoled into the air, not to mention carefully selected bacteria and viruses.  The depopulation agenda is going global, and quickly.  Agenda 21 is getting harder to dodge wherever on our planet you happen to live.

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    You think this is bad they plan to spray us from space soon and over Northern Europe will be the trial area, read more from Bill Gates’ geoengineering company ‘Intellectual Ventures’

    This is his website

    For more detailed info and links

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    Heres another, this site gives you links to cloud seeding experiments, weather modification experiments etc and many others

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