Cameron reneged on vow of ‘greenest government ever’

“David Cameron promised the greenest Government ever. Using the Government’s own 
promises as a yardstick, today’s findings show he’s failed to stick to his plan. 
“Our survey shows that the majority of people want politicians to do more to protect nature 
and the countryside. The message from the public is clear – they want healthy seas and 
landscapes providing rich habitats for thriving wildlife. But sadly, most species in this 
country are in decline. 
“We’re told an economy in crisis is a higher priority than nature in crisis. Yet the Government 
is missing a huge opportunity – a healthy environment helps the economy and enhances 
people’s health and well-being. 
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I might add that the government has failed miserably in protecting our skies, citizens and wildlife regarding geoengineering – better known as chemtrails – which blocks out sunlight depriving us of vitamin D, contaminates of the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat.
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