Boris Johnson tried to bury the hacking enquiry to win favours from Murdoch

Boris Johnson tried to stop the Met Police phone hacking investigation saying it was codswallop and a waste of police resources. He did this at a time when he knew that there were serious allegations to be investigated ,including revelations in the New York Times which the Deputy Mayor for Policing was aware of 5 days BEFORE the Mayor made a statement to the London Assembly dismissing the phone hacking as ‘Codswallop’.

His Deputy Mayor for Policing tried to persuade the Met Commissioner (Sir Paul Stephenson) to not investigatewho also said in evidence to the Leveson Inquiry that he was summoned for a frank meeting for an hour and half with the Mayor.

It is also documented that Murdoch has admitted in evidence at the Leveson Inquiry that News International were offering Boris Johnson £2m for his academy project and funding (£36m?) for his cable car. This was at the very time Boris Johnson was trying to stop the police investigation into phone hacking .

In further evidence from the Leveson Inquiry meetings are documented between Rebekah Brooks and Sir Paul Stephenson and Boris Johnson openly admits that many meetings took place between himself (and Kit Malthouse)and Sir Paul Stephenson in relation to phone hacking.

Boris Johnson also had many meetings with Rebekah Brooks (and James Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch), some of which he deliberately tried to hide by failing to record them in the proper way. This was later exposed by the Information Commissioner.

Rebekah Brooks also listed her appointments with senior politicians in her evidence to the Leveson Inquiry but did not list any meetings whatsoever with Boris Johnson.

What were they trying to hide? (see link below of Rebekah Brooks and Boris Johnson holding hands?)

In addition at the time all of this was taking place Boris Johnson was acting Chair of The Metropolitan Police Authority. His Deputy Kit Malthouse made a statement in article below stating that he and the Mayor were now in control of the Met Police and had ‘ a electorate mandate to influence what it does’.

During this time Neil Wallis, a former editor of the News of the World was appointed as Head of the Metropolitan Police Service Directorate of Public Affairs.

He was subsequently arrested in relation to phone hacking and Sir Paul Stephenson resigned partly due to this situation. Why is it that such an improper appointment took place while Boris Johnson was Chair of The Metropolitan Police Authority and yet he has no accountability?

 Why has there not been a full and proper police investigation into the improper conduct of Boris Johnson and his involvement in trying to cover up the phone hacking investigation into News International?


What exactly was the relationship between Boris Johnson and Rebekah Brooks?

The pictures and text came in from a ***** ****** (name withheld on request of submitter).

TAP – the photos don’t show them holding hands.  If it did, is it relevant?  The top stallion and the number one trolley girl being seen together is bound to cause gossip!  The allegations that Boris tried to bury the hacking enquiry looks potentially more serious for him.  Like all senior politicians, he knows there’s the public story and the real story.  The inner party and the outer party.  That the real story has to be hidden from public view.  It doesn’t hold out much hope that he’d be any different from Cameron.  He’s another insider, and a particularly clever one, able to make you think he’s on the public’s side, when the truth is that he’ll do Murdoch’s bidding to further his ambitions.

The Brooks/Coulson affair non-story hardly ruffled any feathers.  There are some other rumours doing the rounds relating to Boris, and not with Rebekah.  Then again, there would be, wouldn’t there.
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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Boris is from the same background and school/system/beliefs as the rest of the scum who rule our country.
    What does anyone expect? That fact that he’s a smooth talker does not make him any less than the snake oil salesman he really is. reiverdave

  3. Anonymous says:

    Blood is thicker than water. Boris & Cameron are related. Cosy eh!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can tell you that Boris was suported by the jews, they wanted Livingstone out and tried every trick in their arsenal from calling him a secret commie ( red ken ) to trying to entice him with small boys, ( its only the kincora home that brought the IRA to the peace table ) to getting a well known jewish actres to seduce him and have it splashed over the murdoch press, the only thing that worked was to say he played in the bath with newts and frogs, hence ken the newt
    Boris is a toerag who stopped the pro-family and christian marches across the capital but let gay days gay marches and homosexual events go ahead.
    He even went to court to have pro family slogans removed from buses

  5. Chris Jones says:

    Of more importance is that Cameron admitted there were British soldiers on the ground in the illegal Libya attack and invasion-which Russia openly stated makes Cameron an arrestable war criminal

  6. Anonymous says:

    When the singer “boy-george” rent boys scandal broke, Rupert Murdock
    was tapping thousands of phones
    and Murdock wanted to link Ken Livingstone with the rent boys story, but a row broke out between conservative central office and the jewish lobby and the homosexual loby which are pretty well the same … and the story watered down at the last minute, it was said it had conservative fingerprints all over it and they backed down
    PS i would value Charles Drakes opinion on this as he knows a lot

  7. Anonymous says:

    Beggars belief why people keep voting these people in through [s]elections. That age old myth of ‘democracy’ and ‘change’ is the usual cause.

    They are all part of the same ‘club’ taking it in turns to be the next prime-minister and various other titles they deem fit to satisfy their egocentric natures (and pay-packets/benefits).

    Parasites on society:

    Lib-Lab-Con: welcome to controlled opposition.


  8. Anonymous says:

    But they dont vote them in, voting rigging scandals are a regular fature, we have already been told Ed Milipede is the next New Labour prime minister, and people feel sick when they see him or see his name.
    Its all rigged
    Screaming Lord Sutch told us that
    and made fun of it all

  9. Anonymous says:

    @ Anon 3:23pm

    Imagine if nobody voted. The MSM would spin it and say ‘X’ won the votes. That’s how the government puppets spin the MSM and voting system and Joe Public buy it. Meanwhile everybody who is not awake goes back into the trance of their daily lives.

    People need to get through a few stages of realization first.

    We’ve got a massive benefits culture where single mums, dossers, immigrants et al get money, housing, health care, winter fuel allowance, and the list goes on.

    These Lib-Lab-Con promise this and that and NEVER keep to their promises because they rely on peoples’ stupidity/poor memory/dumbed-downness/political correctness… etc.

    Bottom line: people are waking up en mass now to who is controlling them.

    ”Why should we all pay to live on a planet we were *ALL* born on”… think about that. ; )

  10. Anonymous says:

    Boris Johnson bums Auzzi mirror Beelzebub (Matthew 12:24).


    Boris to win favours from Murdoch.

    Boris and with Rebekah x x x Ha



    VOTE 4 boris NOT

  11. Anonymous says:

    Rebekah Brooks is a jewish jzebel, she is a temptress, and a beautiful one, that wavy natural flaming red hair would turn many men on, but she would destroy them all for Murdoch

  12. Anonymous says:

    RE No1 above:-

    Anonymous said…


    8:06 am


    lya Zhitomirskiy, Diaspora Founder, Murdered(?)
    On January 25, 2012, in News, by The Big Bad Bank

    Ilya Zhitomirskiy, Diaspora Founder, Murdered(?)
    From: George W. Hunt, January 25, 2012, Longmont Colorado
    Who caused the death of Ilya Zhitomirskiy, the founder of the “Diaspora” social site? The silence of the San Francisco Coroner’s Office suggests to me that foul play may have been the cause of his sudden death at 22 years of age. The facts of his alleged “suicide” are being suppressed for some reason. It has been 48 days since his death. The San Francisco Coroner’s Office announced on November 12, 2011, that the autopsy results would be ready in about 21 days (“three weeks”). I called the San Francisco Coroner on January 22, 2012 for the autopsy results and the examiner’s assistant replied that no report has yet been released. Today is the 48th day since his death and I feel that something may be very wrong within the Coroner’s jurisdiction. I feel that someone is retarding the autopsy report as a regular autopsy would never take so long to complete.

    I phoned the San Francisco Coroner’s office on January 12, 2012, the 45th day after Ilya’s death. The examiner’s assistant confirmed that the medical report had not yet been announced. My question is: Are Ilya’s autopsy results being delayed while the public forgets this very sad event? Another question: Could Diaspora’s competitors affecting the autopsy results and the delays? Bribes and threats can change autopsy results if the price is high eniough and the threat is frightening enough, so my prayer is that the Coroner and staff involved in Ilya’s autopsy not submit to coercion and threats if such are being applied.
    At the time of Ilya’s death he was not depressed according to friends who knew him well—(though their remarks were somehow not mentioned much in the media). The papers and the Internet quickly called Ilya’s death an alleged suicide. Perhaps the journalists should have called his death an alleged murder. Ilya was taking on some big social media sites such as Google, Facebook and others. His invention offered valid personal privacy options that competing social sites recognized as a very large threat to their commercial power and greed..

    Ilya had some minor cash flow problems which were aggravated by PayPal’s illegal delaying the funds pouring into Dispora—those “Go for it Ilya!” contributions for his social site project. Diaspora and Ilya were prepared to outclass the major social sites such as Google and Facebook . Somebody in the social site business may have been jealous and fearful that Ilya was on the road to success. May Ilya rest in peace.

    Sincerely, George W. Hunt

    – See more at:


    Another HERO ?

  13. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, Boris Johnson is a Well Known Bicycle Rider. But does he always use his own?

    Points to Ponder :-

    Was it Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks who had the secret affair? Or Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt? Nadine Dorries and Ken Clarke? Michael Gove and himself? William Hague and Nigel Evans? Or maybe it was a cross party affair between William Hague and Gordon Brown? Or even something a little close to home, like Boris Johnson and Samantha Cameron Downing Street Affair.


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