Bob Geldof told Paula Yates – ‘I am above the law’.

Extract from Paula Yates wikipedia entry.

On 22 November 1997, Hutchence was found dead in a hotel room in Sydney. Paula Yates wrote in her police statement that Michael Hutchence was “frightened and couldn’t stand a minute more without his baby”. During their phone conversations on the morning of his suicide he had said, “I don’t know how I’ll live without Tiger”. Yates also wrote that Bob Geldof had threatened them repeatedly with, “Don’t forget, I am above the law”.[10] 
Yates became distraught, refusing to accept the coroner‘s verdict of suicide.[11] She eventually sought psychiatric treatment.
In June 1998, Bob Geldof won full custody of the couple’s three daughters after Yates attempted suicide.[12] Michael Hutchence’s father, Kell Hutchence, “launched proceedings in Australia seeking sole custody of [Tiger Lily] after concerns over a new relationship Miss Yates began while being treated at a clinic for a nervous breakdown earlier this year.” She met Kingsley O’Keke, 26, during her stay but the pair broke up after a six-week romance. O’Keke later sold his story to a tabloid newspaper.[13]
Yates’s dispute with the Hutchence family over Michael’s estate saw her struggling to bring up her daughter.[14]
While Yates was fighting for custody of Tiger, it was reported in the media that Jess Yates had not been Yates’s natural father. A paternity test proved that the talent show host Hughie Green, who died six months before Hutchence, had in fact been her natural father.[15]

TAP – The last person who told everyone he was above the law was Jimmy Savile.  Is he another SMOM and so on?

On 17 September 2000, her daughter Pixie’s 10th birthday, Yates, 41, was found dead at her home in London of a heroin overdose. The coroner ruled that it was not a suicide, but a result of “foolish and incautious” behaviour.[16][17]
Soon after her death, ex-husband Bob Geldof assumed foster custody of Tiger Lily with the willing consent of Hutchence’s parents, so that she could be raised with her three older half-sisters, Fifi, Peachesand Pixie. Her aunt, Tina Hutchence, the sister of INXS singer Michael Hutchence, was denied permission by the judge to apply for Tiger Lily to live with her in California.[18]
In 2007, Geldof applied to a British court for and was granted formal adoption of Tiger Lily and a change of her surname to Geldof, despite opposition from Hutchence’s mother and sister.[19] Since January 2008 her legal full name has been Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof.  (the little one)

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9 Responses to “Bob Geldof told Paula Yates – ‘I am above the law’.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bob Geldof was appointeda bodyguard
    who had to report in to MI5 daily, he also had expertise in Soviet Bloc assassination techniques, in case the Soviets tried to bump him of.
    Geldof is an evil man who was paid and put into position by the banks, the banks rule our government and all the people.
    Hutchence was murdered as he was collating material for a book exposing the NWO stranglehold.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hughie Green was also a supplier,
    he was a programmed asset, and loved anything to do with aircraft, and he wa sdrafted from this along with another guy whose son i knew.
    Rothschild owns the UK and its people so he says, but unless we fight back we really will be slaves, first thing protect whistleblowers second is help get the word out

  3. Anonymous says:

    the jews want no child protection laws, and its going that way now,
    when Jeremy Thorpe was caiught boy nobbing with norman scott and others
    the jew lawyers got him off, because they owned the law and the politicians, but be warned we want our country back

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is the new jerusalem, laws are only for the occupied peoples and not for their rulers. Geldof and Bono are political assets like all top people in “entertainment”. And like most in the top jobs they are also non Gentiles.

    Why Gentiles need to be “entertained” is a question we should b asking ourselves, perhaps this is what differentiates man from beast-maybe the zionists are the master race?. Lets face it while we sit in front of the tv worshiping our “entertainers”, the ones who are in charge do what they do, and that is rule us with contempt, I personally cant blame them when I hear neandertalls arguing about what colour shirt “their team” wore last year as if the world depended on the answer.

    The zionist takeover is complete, back in the 80’s they used to talk of ZOG (zionist oppresion governments), well just as everyone says we are “turning” into a police state, when in reality we have been for many years, then we are an oppressed nation ruled ny dual nationalists who are above the law and who own the surveillance and the security companies which are replacing the police.

    The one world government is zionist, not Jesuit nonsense. Follow the money to where the big players in the control system operate from.

  5. cmdr lewis collins says:

    bob geld off
    irish fuck off
    like bono ok whatever you jew son say.
    a pig with blood on his hands sure.
    much blood on his hands cock and feet.
    a man of means a gentleman about town and family man a charity man.
    a lover of the poor and godless.
    a strutting kings road ape all these things and so much vauxhall mi more.

  6. Anonymous says:

    As far as I’m concerned Geldof murdered both Hutchence & Yates & should be in prison for his actions.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Re 2.41 pm.

    Don’t ever allow yourself to think that “the Zionist are the master race,” otherwise you’re falling straight into the trap of being exactly where they want you.

    Sure, their day is now only by means of wickedness, corruption, usury and usurption simply because there’s not an ounce of decency in them toward mankind. Note; I didn’t say “fellow mankind” because Zionists and Jesuits are not of mankind, they are a breed apart, alien in nature and demonic in spirit, totally unlike the average kind-man, mankind.

    While your right in saying that the mass are more interested in watching their football, Eastenders, Corrie and the like instead of being more focused on the weightier matters ongoing behind the scenes being counselled by Zionist (and Jesuits) to rob us of our liberties, rape us of our wealth and bastardize us of our spiritual inheritance, be of good cheer in the knowledge that their days are numbered by one greater than they, you or I and it will be He alone who will ultimately bring an end to their hellish reign.

  8. Edina Német says:

    Famous designer Marc Jacobs cruelly tortures and stalks a young girl. Read the truth at:

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