Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Eradicates Children, Not Polio

In the depths of cyberspace lurks a press release written by the CDC, confirming that the OPV, or oral polio vaccination, given to millions of children throughout the developing world, is causing them to develop vaccine-induced polio. Instead of banning the vaccination, as one would expect, the CDC has decided in its wisdom that the best way to tackle the problem is to maintain a high rate of vaccination in all countries!

Yes, that is correct. The CDC recommends maintaining a high rate of vaccination, vaccinating as many children as possible with a vaccine that causes polio.

The CDC Spills The Beans

In 2012, the CDC wrote a press release titled Update on Vaccine-Derived Polioviruses — Worldwide, April 2011–June 2012. They wrote:
“In 1988, the World Health Assembly resolved to eradicate poliomyelitis worldwide. One of the main tools used in polio eradication efforts has been the live, attenuated oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV). This inexpensive vaccine is administered easily by mouth, makes recent recipients resistant to infection by wild polioviruses (WPVs), and provides long-term protection against paralytic disease through durable humoral immunity. Nonetheless, rare cases of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis can occur both among immunologically normal OPV recipients and their contacts and among persons who are immunodeficient. In addition, vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs) can emerge to cause polio outbreaks in areas with low OPV coverage and can replicate for years in persons who are immunodeficient.”(emphasis added)
They continued:
“VDPVs can cause paralytic polio in humans and have the potential for sustained circulation. VDPVs resemble WPVs biologically and differ from most vaccine-related poliovirus (VRPV) isolates by having genetic properties consistent with prolonged replication or transmission. VDPVs were first identified by sequence analyses of poliovirus isolates.” (emphasis added)
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  1. mothman777 says:

    Excellent article. It gets worse. Studying a leaflet given out from my local doctor’s surgery on vaccinations, it is revealed by the WHO that anyone suffering paralysis from polio is only one in every 200 or those actually infected, so, in reality, 9.5 million Indian children were given polio by Bill Gates that year just in that one country (how many other countries is he operating in), when 47,500 were left crippled, so 200 times 47,500 paralyzed equals 9.5 million infected kids, which is about one in 17 of those vaccinated in India that year therefore having actually been maliciously and deliberately infected with polio.

    It stands to reason that genocidal maniac Gates must have been aware of what was happening, and still carried on, so that result is very obviously the intended purpose of the mass vaccination. Meanwhile orthodox yahoos are all under rabbinical instructions to have a minimum of 10 children per family, obviously for the coming 500 million NWO future population of this planet, whilst all other peoples get rubbed out. The Red Revolution was finaced by New York yahoo Freemasonic bankers, and 20 million in gold bullion was sent by train to Russia to fund the arming and recruiting, with several hundred New York yahoos accompanying it, as they were the leaders of the ‘revolution’, which was never intended to be any real revolution at all, since bankers instructed Lenin and Trotsky to leave only 1 in 10 alive as they swept through Russia, as proven by researcher Juri Lina, who provides documented proof, and they intended also to sweep through all of Europe and the United States and America also. They have the yahoo 1991 Noahide Laws there now, that authorize the execution of any or all non-yahoos in the US in the event of a national state of emergency being declared there and the constitution being suspended, and guillotines are installed on military bases throughout the US in readiness (see excellent articles by David Duke on this), along with billions of rounds of illegal dum dum hollow point ammunition to take down the rest of the Gentile population when they resist, the guillotines being intended for show trials of the leaders of any Gentile resistance to the forthcoming Stalinist purge of the US. The yahoos of the ‘red’ ‘revolution’ (racist genocide) are still coming; Bill Gates leading the depopulation agenda with vaccines, and several other depopulation agendas all rolling forward side by side. What fun for all the yahoos, whilst we are all made to suffer horribly.

  2. mothman777 says:

    It is another genocidal purge like that of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin, inflicted on the 66 million Christians and Buddhists in Russia. I would like to add here that Karl Marx stated that; “The only purpose of all other races and peoples, both great and small, is to perish in a revolutionary holocaust”. That is what Communism is really about. Rabbi Steven Wise stated “Some call it Marxism …, I call it Judaism” as the Talmud states that even the best of Gentiles should al be killed, and the Sephardic Torah also states that when the messiah comes, all Gentiles will be exterminated from this Earth, and their souls then sent to hell under the Angel Duma. This is prescribed because all Gentile souls are held to be irredeemably evil, having come from the substance of Satan, the polar opposite of living spiritual matter, thus all Gentiles are held to be non-living, and fit only for removal from this world. British PM David Cameron, another ‘Christian’, like the wife of Bill Gates, stated in discriminatory racist fashion before he was elected; “I will empower UK Jews” and STILL got elected (probably by the equivalent of the US Diebold machine). That is why these types of policies are moving forward unopposed by any real power, because all seats of real power in a lot of countries are occupied by yahoos who are thoroughly intent on promoting and ensuring these Talmud and Torah type edicts to effect the prescribed genocidal purges contained in them.

    And of course, all those those vaccinated Indian kids will have most likely been sterilized at the same time with sterilizing agents hidden the vaccines, as Bill Gates states that he intends to reduce the world population using vaccines and ‘family planning’, and we all know the butchery practiced on illiterate and semi-literate people who do not know what they are in for, often to be left without analgesia, post-op, and often left to lie in the dirt outside hospitals after the procedure; such has been reported, along with fatalities from botched operations and infections after surgery in filthy conditions.

    Also very unpleasant is the fact that out of every 200 people that are paralyzed, one person dies through having paralysis of the chest muscles that enable the lungs to fill up with air, and of course, this figure will be much higher in India because people do not get ‘iron lungs’ or their modern western equivalent to help them breathe for the rest of their lives, so Bill Gates has also joyfully murdered several hundred kids in India.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think Gates says it all when he talks of various measures, including vaccination being succesfull in reducing NOT protecting the worlds population. From the horses mouth.

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