Benghasi Consulate was another Sandy Hook – a totally fake event

I was completely right about Benghasi

By Jim Stone

In my original Benghasi coverage I stated the consulate never existed and the event never happened and that it was all just a CIA stunt to frame Arabs as terrorists. Looks like I was right.

CBS apologizes for airing fake Benghazi eyewitness: `We Were Wrong. We Made A Mistake`

CBS News apologized this morning for airing the accusations of a now-apparently-fake Benghazi whistleblower, Dylan Davies.
Davies is the author of a new bombshell book accusing the Obama administration of massive security failures leading up to the fatal attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya in September of 2012…
Or at least, that’s what Davies told 60 Minutes. What he reportedly told the FBI is another story entirely.
Benghazi attack “witness” Dylan Davies told FBI he was nowhere near the attack
According to a blockbuster story last night from the New York Times, Davies told the FBI that he was never anywhere near the US consulate in Benghazi during the firefight. He told the FBI that he didn’t get to the consulate until the next morning, long after the fighting was over
And now that we have a witness as a confirmed liar, I am saying it again – THEY ARE ALL LIARS, THERE IS NOT AND NEVER WAS A CONSULATE IN BENGASI, AND AMBASSADOR STEVENS NEVER GOT A FUNERAL.

After I pointed out Stevens never got a funeral, a fake “memorial” was hatched in California. But NOT A FUNERAL BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED.
What we had in Bengasi was an “attack” on a house the CIA was renting to front their false flag B.S. on the Libyan people, NOTHING MORE.
Read more about the B.S. whistleblower HERE And after doing so, consider this – Here we have a high profile Benghasi witness flushed out as a total liar. My guess? Benghasi was nothing more than a Sandy Hook, where the CIA rented and burned the home of an innocent Libyan to stage a line of B.S. to feed the press with an “arab spring” and subsequent bag of lies fronted by many people for the purpose of occupying the press with something fake and irrelevant while the nation was gutted from within.

There is not and never was a consulate in Benghasi. To this day, the state department web site PROVES IT. If an ambassador died, SHOW ME THE GRAVE – or was he “buried at sea” along with Osama?

And remember, I called them on this B.S. over a year ago!

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6 Responses to “Benghasi Consulate was another Sandy Hook – a totally fake event”

  1. Anonymous says:

    wel well, just as we expected wasnt it ?
    and what about the class action by all the small boys now grown men sexually abused by jimmy saville,
    collapsing ? how can this collapse
    and why were all the boys excluded
    by the authorities ?
    why should it be wrong to abuse girls and not boys ??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well in the UK all the top Elite attended the funeral of non existent Trooper Rigsby.
    The show went on in London, they got so many facts wrong it was laughable.
    The best expose was Chris Spivey, who was in the same regiment.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did Ambassador Stevens even exist in the real world in the first place? Oh & talking about Rigby, Rigsby, whatever, his publicity picture is fake as I distinctly remember seeing that exact photo over 30 years ago, before he was allegedly born.

  4. Anonymous says:

    what worries me is the people who bring us news like this are now classed ince August 2013 as “domestic terrorists ” and as such the law says they can be harassed have their reputaions pulled aprt even killed in some circumstances, We have all seen recently severl of those who bring us this news killed off.
    So i am concerned for the future of whsitleblowing generally

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anon 11:10.. That’s exactly what TPTB frighten everyone into keeping quiet. If whistleblowers give up TPTB have won. Once information is out they can shut up a whistleblower but they can’t shut up the masses. Whistleblowers are very brave and the people need them just like soldiers.

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