BBC knew about Savile, revealed tape shows

Revealed: Tape that shows BBC chief ‘did know of Savile probe’

  • MP Rob Wilson sent bombshell tape recording to BBC Trust chairman
  • Mr Wilson says tape proves there was a ‘cover-up’ over Jimmy Savile affair
  • On tape Nick Pollard, who headed inquiry, says director-general was aware of Savile accusations
PUBLISHED: 00:11, 17 November 2013 UPDATED: 01:41, 17 November 2013



Accusation: Tory MP Rob Wilson, pictured, has sent a bombshell tape recording to the chairman of the BBC Trust which he says proves there was a 'cover-up' over the Jimmy Savile affair

Accusation: Tory MP Rob Wilson, pictured, has sent a bombshell tape recording to the chairman of the BBC Trust which he says proves there was a ‘cover-up’ over the Jimmy Savile affair
A Tory MP last night sent a bombshell tape recording to the chairman of the BBC Trust which he says proves there was a ‘cover-up’ over the Jimmy Savile affair.
Rob Wilson has given Chris Patten a recording of Nick Pollard – who headed an independent inquiry into why the BBC’s Newsnight programme axed its investigation of Savile.
On the tape, Mr Pollard is heard admitting that he made a ‘mistake’ by withholding a key detail from his report. He says he was told that BBC head of news, Helen Boaden, had personally informed director-general Mark Thompson of the sex abuse allegations against Savile in December 2011. Mr Pollard added he received the information in a letter from Ms Boaden’s lawyer.
The assertion is at odds with Mr Thompson’s claim that he was unaware of the allegations against Savile until after he left the BBC in September 2012. In his final report in December 2012, Mr Pollard stated that he had ‘no reason to doubt’ Mr Thompson’s story. 
But during the tape-recorded private conversation, Mr Pollard adds: ‘It doesn’t particularly reflect well on me that I overlooked this [the letter] in the report.’
Now Mr Wilson has inflamed the long-running saga by telling Lord Patten, he must decide, ‘whether you wash your hands of this – or whether you listen to the evidence yourself.’
The £3 million inquiry was set up last year to investigate claims that Newsnight scrapped an investigation into Savile’s paedophile activities in December 2011 to avoid a clash with a Christmas tribute programme.

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TAP – The role of the entertainment industry has always been to procure children for sex for the powerful.  The BBC is merely the latest version of what has always gone on.   The problem is the internet –  people who didn’t know can now find out what Royalty, politicians and others get up to to entertain themselves.  The killing of victims is of course all part of the game.  The truth is so grotesque that Blair issued the D Notice to prevent the truth from spilling out over Dunblane.   Phillip Schofield had to apologise under duress for questioning Cameron about paedophile rings operating out of Number 10 Downing Street.  Cameron said any enquiry would be tantamount to a ‘homophobic witch hunt’.  He has to bury any media people who probe too deeply into this nightmare.

Savile procured victims for the Royal family, Edward Heath and many others.  This truth is gradually dawning on the world, but every inch of the way, the powerful cover up.  Chris Patten will never expose his patrons.  No one is allowed into a positions of power, such as he enjoys unelected,  unless they too are compromised.  The threat of exposure lies behind the control of all top politicians, musicians, actors and media.  Those who don’t comply are eliminated – like John Smith, Robin Cook who stood against war in the Labour Party.  Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston spring to mind – but there are hundreds of people who died in strange circumstances from the higher levels of fame.  They were the ones who wouldn’t comply any longer.  The emblem of the BBC above tells you the story.  They don’t even hide what they’re up to.

Rob Wilson is up against a vast network of vested interest running a multi-billion dollar child exploitation industry.  I wish him luck.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The BBC is a jewish run organisation, look at who is the list of direc tors and the kind of stuff it puts out.
    Lord Rothschild in the 1930s chose as his vanguard to bring communism to the UK, a team of sexually debauched anarchists
    similar to the Bullington club, the Camerons Cleggs and Boris Johnson and Toerag Blairs,
    who push for state control now, its not called communism with sexual debauchers by those at the top
    but its what we have got

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a fab article, and yes the Powers That Be will do everythng to bring down those who speak out.
    I am recently retired and learning by the day, and to think my grandsons school now has lessons teaching homosexuality to small kids

  3. Anonymous says:

    I Don’t believe any crap that they are putting out …..We all ready know its been covered up……..why hasn’t there been a public enquirie…. Or a Royal commission ….lol….we know WHY ……this will be swept under the carpet ….and Jimmy Savile ….Who’s he …know him?….he’s still out there only he looks different …guys &girls ………

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